5 inspiring minimalist new year’s resolutions

5 inspiring minimalist new year’s resolutions that will really make a difference this year

The champagne fuzz has worn off, the glitter has settled and the first light of the new year is shining delightfully – or inconsiderately, as the case may be – through the open window. As we ease back into the routine of daily hustle and bustle, the euphoria fueled resolutions made at 11.59pm on a certain night last week have now fallen to be tested against reality (and our imperfect selves). But those mundane resolutions like love your however-obnoxious co-workers, and losing a couple, might again leave you in a rut by February. Here’s a little inspiration for minimalist resolutions that will really make a difference this year.

1 Design a minimal home 
I once read if you are in control of your immediate surroundings, so too you will your life. I am yet to read or experienced quite what being in control of one’s life entails but I’ll let you know when I do. In the meantime, let’s make a resolution to decorate a minimal home which gives calmness and comfort. Clearing the clutter in your home office so you can do what you need to do. Once the clutter is cleared and inspiration categorised, decorate without clutter. Choose a single focus piece and build on it using accents of colour. You’ll be in control of the new year in no time.

2 Build a capsule wardrobe
We can thank 1970’s London fashionista and “Wardrobe” owner Susie Faux for coining the term capsule wardrobe. According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, like skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be added with seasonal pieces. The perfect capsule wardrobe can grant you power over your daily outfits like you have never imagined, so do like Faux and make a resolution to create a basic capsule wardrobe for every day. Learn to make a small wardrobe go further by finding creative ways to wear one dress three ways. Once you’ve mastered this, take it to the next level by building a work capsule wardrobe and shoe capsule wardrobe too.

3 Go on an adventure
Nothing quite marks a calendar year in our memories like an adventure, an overseas trip of a lifetime or even a romantic mini-break for two. Some of the best years of my life are catalogued by where I went and what I experienced (2011= China, 2012= London, 2014= work in the South Pacific for example).  This year, make a resolution to go on an amazing adventure. Our tips – plan smart for a stress-free trip, then make sure to pack light and pack for comfort. But above all make a point of not over planning because the best adventures are often spontaneous.

4 Hone your personal style
There is something revitalising about New Year resolutions that allow us to refresh parts of our lives that perhaps weren’t working so well or were looking a little dull this time last year. Our personal styles are one of those parts, so it’s not a bad idea to make this one of your resoultions. There are some simple things to do right now to instantly refresh your wardrobe. Learn how to dress as a minimalist and the secret to being effortless. Make a wish list and collecting less, but better, and build a personal collection that will be (literally) worth its weight in gold.

5 Simplify your life
We minimalists realise that often, it is not necessarily what we don’t have in our lives that keep us from happiness, but those things we don’t need nor want that only complicate our lives.Therefore, declutter not just your space, but also declutter your life too. Make a resolution to be honest with yourself and identify what truly makes you happy, and surround yourself only with those things.

Photography: Jiawa Liu

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