5 tips to own your street-style pose at NYFW

What to prep for NYFW

It’s that time of the year again… NYFW I’m looking at you!

It’s been a year since the last time we attended our first fashion show at NYFW, and I must say I still get excited and nervous about it at the same time. Some of you have told me, but it’s so fun! Yes it is, but what you don’t see is how much work, time and stress go into the equation.

That’s why I teamed up with Nataliya of Style Tomes to get you prepped for fashion month!

Those of you who are first timers, I wrote a post on how to attend NYFW. This time, we’re digging deeper, and focusing on how to get noticed by street style photographers. And ladies and gentlemen, let me break it down for you, your poses are everything! This area is something I need to improve on myself, getting used to the camera, especially with strangers is no easy task.

Photos by Nataliya

How to own your street-style pose during NYFW

Without further ado, here are some tips to work on your posing game out there.

1. Feel your outfit
This is the most important one to me. If I really love a look I’m wearing and feeling comfortable in it, I look as good in the photos. So make sure the looks you pick is a reflection of you and feel confident in them.

2. Practice practice practice
Practicing poses in front of a mirror is a great way to get better at posing. Know your angle! If there’s a pose you love, save it for inspiration to try.

3. Bring a friend
Bringing a good friend will not only help you get noticed out there, you’ll feel more relaxed which makes posing so much easier.

4. Relax
You may have heard this many times, but it’s s true. Take a deep breath, and be your self. You personality will only shine when you’re relaxed, and it’d be so much easier to connect with the photographer.

5. Move around
The more things you try/do, the more like you will have a good photo taken out there. Try to move your arms and hands, by adjusting your hair, outfit etc. Or pretend to cross the street, or walk towards a cab, but don’t try to hail one.

Now that you know how to own your street-style pose, want to get noticed at NYFW? Find out how on Style Tomes by Nataliya.

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