A New Wave

I like to keep it on the down-low but I do like to surf, not just the net but in the ocean on a surfboard, the original form of surfing.. the saltier kind.
Films like Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures conjure images in ones head of shaggy haired grommets rambling off catchy one liners about getting barrelled and gnarly right handers, but for me these terms bring a flutter to my heart and a twinkle to my eye.
The same feeling goes for my latest acquisition, The Louis Vuitton New Wave Bag.  It may not be a wave of the saltwater variety, but it’s dusky blue goodness brings feelings of joy comparable to snagging a crystal clear reef break on a faraway island.
Thank you Louis Vuitton for arousing the stoke factor in this girl .. now it’s time to go catch a New Wave

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