favorite summer color (hint: it’s not white)

While we may be still a little sun drunk from our trip to the Hamptons last week, I haven’t forgotten about the blog.. What is your go to color for the summer? I can’t help but gravitate towards darker colors *ahem* all year long. Think dark nails, and naturally dark clothing, namely my favorite color black. I’ve been guilty of putting together all-black outfits summer long, but you know what they say right.. wear what you feel comfortable in. So here’s an all black look, for a night out in the Hamptons. First grab some dinner at Tutto Il Giorno accompanied by some brut Champagne. And the rest, well that’s for you to decide. Until next time.. xx i’m wearing Zimmerman romper Givenchy heels vintage Chanel bag Let’s connect on Instagram and Bloglovin.

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experimenting with hemline

Photography by Abel If there’s such thing called blogger’s block, I’m going through that right now. You see, my mind is already on vacation, but we haven’t even left [yet], not until Wednesday at least. *shameless plug* You can follow what we are up to realtime on Snapchat: melotones!  But let’s talk fashion for a minute.. I’ve been admiring the Vetements jeans uneven hemline for some time now, and to be honest couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on a trend. And voilà, I found the next best thing, a pair I could afford! Yes NYC is boiling hot right now, but it felt right to put together a more fall inspired look. So here’s a quick strut while I pretend I wasn’t melting in the photos. Thank you for reading! xx Special thanks to Laura and the Kennaland team for fresh color and styling. i’m wearing off the shoulder top denim jeans Issey Miyake bomber jacket (similar here) MM6 booties Proenza Schouler bag Let’s connect on Instagram and Bloglovin.

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summer staples

Photography by Abel I’m not one to follow trends, but I still indulge from time to time. For instance, here’s a post on exaggerated sleeves from a couple of weeks earlier. If I were to name some of my favorite summer staples, I’d definitely start with a pair of denim shorts. I just can’t get enough of them, because let’s be honest, you can never have too many… Pair it with another favorite summer trend, lace up heels and you’re good to go. Since you guys have been encouraging me to challenge myself and style more, I’ve been experimenting with more prints, and while I love and collect all kinds of white shirts, switching it up with this silk star print was so fun! I can’t be the first one saying that silk shirts are perfect for summer as they’re light and airy. And wearing a shirt that is not white for the first time in forever felt…refreshing. Are there any summer trends you can’t get enough of lately? Share it below! xx i’m wearing Silk print top denim shorts Saint Laurent heels jewelry Let’s connect on Instagram and Bloglovin.

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how to stay original

Photography by Alex Pines Lately, a lot of you have been asking me on how Fashion Mews found its point of view. While there isn’t one simple answer to this question, the turning point for me was when I stopped paying attention to what others doing and concentrate on my POV. One of the ways I’ve been trying hard is to not [unintentionally] get too influenced by what others are putting out there. It’s true that creatives feed off of each other. Sometimes we subconsciously get inspired by something we see on social media, end up writing a caption or posting a photo and think that it was such an original idea. Then ultimately realize or not that we copped someone else after all. It could be a one off success thing, but at the end you lose yourself trying to follow someone else’s path. So how can you avoid getting too influenced by your peers and come up with your own ideas? Tip 1#: Avoid looking too much at what others are doing! Of course, give your favorite people some love, but try to not read too much into what they’re writing. Especially during the times you’re working on new content, […]

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on taking risks

Photography by Alex Pines There comes a time when everyone should challenge themselves to take more risks. For me, it was to wear this all blush ensemble. I’ve never been a pink person my whole life. Yet, when one day a girl sees the right shade pink *ahem* what I really mean is blush, a girl needs to take the risk. And boy did it pay off. I felt like a complete new person in this look. Getting out of the routine can seem scary, the benefits are priceless. The worst case scenario is you fail, but you learn something new. Does this mean next time you’ll see me in red? Probably not, but maybe. What’s your way of taking risks in your life? Would love to hear more tips! xx Hair by Jennifer Nast. i’m wearing Aritzia top (similar here) culottes Miu Miu shoes Chanel bag Let’s connect on Instagram and Bloglovin.

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my summer skincare regimen

As you already know, I’m skincare obsessed. I have combination skin, but due to constant running AC in our apartment and the city heat, my face’s been feeling really dry. So I started looking for a summer skincare solution that can keep my skin moisturized but not feel too heavy and oily when applied. Then I was introduced to the Orogold Nano line which targets all my concerns. I’ve been using the 24k Nano Hydra Silk Mask and 24K Day Recovery and I’m already very impressed with the results. Not only does my skin feel moisturized, it has that healthy glow back. Lastly, I had the chance to check out the Orogold Madison Ave. location and received an amazing facial by Gisella. She’s leveled up my skin game, for instance I finally learned the proper way to apply eye cream (hint: use your ring finger aka the weakest one). Gisella also recommended that I leave the 24K Nano Hydra Silk Mask overnight, and I’m loving it! Hair by Jennifer Nast. In collaboration with Orogold, all opinions are my own.

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As you may have already know, I’m all about collecting white shirts, they make any outfit elevated and chic not to mention it’s so versatile. But since there are more and more oversized silhouettes popping out, I’ve decided to continue my experimentation as I’m a big fan of loosely fitted clothing – sorry hubby! Given I’m not the tallest person on the planet, how does one pull off the this look without looking short and stuffy? It’s all about balancing of course, pair it with a pair of skinny denim or even leather pants (well too hot for that in NYC at the moment) and finish it off with a pair of killer heels. Which brings me to my next point, I could write a poem for these Acne heels I found on sale. I’m not kidding, the whole site went on SALE, as I was browsing. It was as if fate was calling my name, or you know consumerism gone wild. Lastly, how gorgeous is this vintage Chanel — many thanks my better half for the most thoughtful birthday gift. Feeling thankful af at the moment. Thank you for reading! xx Photos by Alex Pines. i’m wearing oversized shirt denim […]

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how to stay zen in the city

Stay zen. One thing Abel and I promised ourselves before our move back to NYC was to maintain our California chill even in NYC. If you already have been to NYC you’d know that this city can get intense at times. With the city’s hustle bustle and constant need to keeping up with the Joneses, you may find yourself all overwhelmed and unsatisfied. Rihanna’s Work is our city soundtrack. So here are some tips we’ve been practicing to keep ourselves centered in this concrete jungle. Reflecting is key. With social media taking over our lives, we find little time for ourselves to reflect on where we are in life. The constant struggle of keeping ourselves “busy” on our phone during downtime can get toxic. The best way to live a balanced life is to keep a clear mind. Take a walk. Walking is one of the best things you can do to your body and mind. Not only you’re getting a healthy amount of exercise, it also promotes creativity. Try to go for a walk at least 30 minutes a day without looking at your phone and you can thank us later! Journal. Keeping a journal is a healthy way to put your […]

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NYC vs SF style

NYC vs SF style Ever since our move back to NYC, my personal style has been on a tilt, but I’d like to see that in a good way. In SF, a lot of times I struggled being the most dressed up person in the room. And believe me most times, I wasn’t even wearing heels. I’m not sure what it is about NYC, but people here always dress to impress. Yes, the style is a bit more relaxed these days, and sneakers are acceptable [on occasion]. However, when it’s past 6pm on a Friday night, you won’t see a woman out without heels, even in Lower East Side. So as you can imagine, while I love keeping my California cool, I’ve been getting a bit dressier. Bomber jacket trend has taken over the whole planet, and I obviously took my time to find the one. This Issey Miyake number was love at first sight, dressy yet cool. The pleats structure kind of reminds me of NYC architecture. Plus, it takes me back to the days I used to wear a bomber in high school. Mix nostalgia with modernism, and good things will happen. Thank you for reading xx i’m […]

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Nepal travel journal

Road less traveled. Nepal has been a country I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, and lately I’ve been itching for a unusual destination. After the earthquake, we’ve been hearing non stop rumors about how Nepal isn’t a safe destination to travel, which resulted in postponing our travel plans indefinitely. However, when I pitched this idea to Abel a couple of weeks prior to our trip, we were both shocked to find out not only Nepal is listed as a safe place to travel, but the tickets were super cheap (yay pre-monsoon season)! We started our first day in Kathmandu, visiting the Boudhanath Stupa (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). But one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences was the five-day trek we took to the Himalayas up to 3,200 feet, and walked over two marathons! We lastly finished the trip at a yoga + meditation day retreat. Nepal was a total reset to not only body, but our soul. This country has very little, but the people are so kind, and the land is just dangerously beautiful. One of the ladies we met at the retreat from Boston called it timeless. Many times, Abel and I found ourselves talking […]

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spring awaiting

It’s been some moody city weather, which is why I put together a look that’s hopeful for spring but WARM! Also, we booked a last-minute trip to Nepal to get our trekking on. Although I’ll be missing some amazing snaps, posts, and memes, there’s something cathartic about being unplugged for a week. But until the next internet cafe, thanks for reading! Special thanks to Alex Pines for the inspiring images. i’m wearing Aritzia top Denim jeans (similar here) Stella McCartney platform brogues Acne Studios denim jacket Céline bag

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NYC eats + style guide for lower east side

Ever since our move to NYC, we’ve been non-stop exploring the food scene in our area. Needless to say, we haven’t even scratched the surface, but here’s some of our favorite NYC eats we’ve enjoyed so far! almond raspberry croissant + avocado toast at Ludlow Coffee Supply a new local coffee shopa zen coffee moment at El Rey brunch time at Freemans, an LES classicavo toast love at Dudleys, a personal favoritematcha bubble tea float at Vivi Bubble Tea, I mean need I say more? 🙂 Thank you for reading! xx i’m wearing Aritzia sweater Alexander Wang shorts (similar here) Olive trench Acne Studios sneakers Chanel bag

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quality over quantity

First of all, I want to start of with a big thank you for those of you who recently took to time to give me feedback about the blog. You have no idea how much it means to me. YOU are the reason I keep going down this crazy path, so thank you once again dear kind people from the bottom of my heart. Long post incoming, but I want to touch upon my silence lately. To tell you the truth, I’ve been in this creative rut. And I’m not the only one who’s said that before. When I first started blogging I wondered where some of my peers disappeared. They would be gone for a week or two, some of them actually never returned. Some I miss dearly, their positivity lit up the whole place, funny how that mindset is almost not sustainable. I didn’t quite get why in the beginning, but as I’ve clocked in for over a year worth of time and sweat in it, I get it more than ever. One way or the other, social media can be toxic, you probably already read that part on the news or experienced it in person. For that very same […]

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pop of color in SoHo

I can’t figure out whether it’s the move back to NYC or the reuniting with 4 seasons (yes, my first true spring in many years), I couldn’t help but add a little more color into my life. When I saw this Acne Studios cardigan, I knew it was the perfect add to my wardrobe – blue has always been a favorite color of mine after all. If you haven’t been to lower Manhattan, you’re in for a treat. From SoHo to LES, every neighborhood is filled with history, fashion, art and lots of character. Hubby to this day makes fun me because how well I know SoHo. I did spend most my NYC days there back then, and *AHEM* now. People watching FTW. i’m wearing Acne Studios cardigan strappy top (restyled here) Aritzia shorts White Sneakers Céline bag Chanel sunnies Let’s connect on Instagram and Bloglovin. Photos by Abel.

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all black rooftop hangs

 When in New York, I can’t help it but go back to all black for a minute even if it’s spring. I’ve been dying to wear these Keepsake pleated pants, so special thanks to the nice weather for allowing me style them! Finished the look with an oversized blazer, my favorite knot belt and platform booties to give the right amount of edge. Rooftops are optional, of course. Thanks for reading! i’m wearing Zara blazer (similar here) Keepsake pants Thakoon booties Céline bag

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the unspoken rules of Instagram and blogging

Many of you have asked me how I built my Instagram audience. There are a lot of technical posts out there I’d highly recommend reading, google is your friend. That being said, I want to dive deeper about the unspoken rules of Instagram and the blogging world. At the end of the day blogging isn’t just about getting a bunch of followers, and if you approach it the right way, you’ll succeed faster. Rule #1: Good content is king.  Don’t focus on followers, focus on producing consistently high quality content. Good work is the top consistent trait I find in my favorite bloggers. Luck/money and other x factors may help, but hard work is never missing from the equation. Rule #2: There are karma politics. Sometimes you need to give more without expecting anything in return. When you’re first starting out, I’d highly recommend being generous. That’s the whole point of blogging anyways, being able to share and encouraging of others. If you want to show that you care, try to read what they’re saying. Don’t just comment on people’s posts with one liners. Make a thoughtful comment. Get to know people, you’ll never know what kind of doors they […]

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last one in SF

By the time you’re reading this, we’ve already moved in to our new place in NYC, but I’m excited to share one last post from SF. This rocker chic outfit is my take on a little bit of SF and a little bit of NYC. Because deep down, I feel connected to both coasts and feel lucky that we get to experience these two amazing cities! Last but not least, I got the best makeover from Acher Salon in San Francisco right before our move. I don’t trust just anyone with big changes, but this one just felt right. Many thanks to Gari, CK for color, Mari for cut, Bianca for brows, Charlie for hair styling and Margarita for nails. The whole team there is just amazing, and I’m obsessed with my new hair. Special thanks to Angie for the amazing photos! As always, thanks for reading. xx i’m wearing Reformation top Acne Studios sweater Acne Studios jeans Givenchy heels Chanel bag

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top 5 SF coffee shops

So before we moved from this beloved city, we’ve literally tapped out the entire coffee space in San Francisco due to our remote-work schedules (visited approximately 50+ coffee shops). We did not focus on the wi-fi or location factors. The coffee, supporting menu, decor, and atmosphere were determining factors to our list. Without further ado, here’s our top 5 SF coffee shops that inspired us, fed us and most importantly helped us build Fashion Mews…   1. Wrecking Ball: It’s not big and sparse seating, but then there’s that pineapple wallpaper that’s become its welcoming trademark. The founding team has incredible barista cred (I mean, just check out co-founder Trish Rothgeb’s rap sheet), and they’ve taken their spin on iced cappuccinos to some next-level n wave. Bonus points for killer latte art game even with almond milk!   2. Sightglass: An incredible tech legacy in itself, add some b. patisserie and fruity, creamy bean flavors, and you have THE SOMA coffee shop experience. The story goes while Jack Dorsey was still hanging around Mint Plaza, he broke off into Sightglass as an investor and business partner with the then-fledgling Square. Nowadays, all you overhear is VC/startup gossip which we tend to block out, otherwise our twitter […]

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my personal skincare regimen with bareMinerals

“Always wear an extra layer!” is a local San Francisco saying, having moist, mild winters and notoriously cold, dry summers. Throw in constant cool winds with Karl the Fog, and you’re in need of a flexible skincare system to adapt for any given SF day. That’s how I discovered the bareMinerals Skincare 3 step beauty ritual. I’m personally impressed by the transparency about the natural ingredient sources and how you can create your own unique skincare regimen because they have such a diverse selection for all skin types. That said, here is my own personal step-by-step. I start off with the Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser, which contains mineral-rich sea salts. I love the clay to cream consistency that is gentle and detoxifying. But it’s the SkinLongevity Vital Power Infusion that really gets you that glowy skin. At its core, this serum features the patented Long Life Herb Extract and I’m already seeing amazing results. Finally, I finish off with the hydrating Bare Haven Essential Moisturizing Soft Cream. I love opting for more moisturizing creams during spring due to dry weather conditions. In the end, you owe it to yourself to practice healthy living, eating right and taking care of your skin because it needs to last for a lifetime.   Thank you bareMinerals for sponsoring this […]

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spring neutrals

Another spring neutrals inspired post! I went through the internets looking for something interesting to share about this season, but apparently children actually grow faster in the spring than during other times of the year. What. When I don’t wear black, I love opting out to neutrals. Like this khaki trench, for instance. It’s the perfect finish over neutrals shirt and skirt.  Can’t think of a better time to do it other than spring, just in time for Easter. Thank you for reading, wishing you an amazing weekend! xx i’m wearing Iro shirt Aritzia skirt Acne Studios sneakers Reformation trench Chanel bag

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finding inspo in Berlin street art

Fashion is literally IN Fashion Mews, but we love to venture outside of the space for inspiration from time-to-time. It’s not everyday you’re spraying stencils in an abandoned Lichenberg district butter factory spinning disco house. We were checking out Alternative Tours, a local artist group that wanted to show “respectful and open-minded people the raw and artistic side of [Berlin]. To support the places we love and which we felt needed our help before they were swallowed up and changed forever.” Fashion Mews has a natural inclination towards street art for a few reasons. 1) It’s a genuine act of rebellion. 2) It’s art that gives to the public, free of charge. Is graffiti art? We think it reflects what the youth and local artists are seeing and feeling. Hearing the stories of the causes behind some of these enormous (and quite hidden!) murals made us felt we saw a secret social code out in the open. The sheer rawness of the street expressions and neighborhoods traveled in was art voyeurism at its best. For anyone looking for a half-day to explore the Berlin street art scene, we’d definitely recommend Alternative!

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casual chic in Munich

What to wear to a nearly thousand year old castle aka the former royal palace of Bavarian monarchs? In my case, casual chic it all the way. Details are a cozy sweater layered with a white tee, distressed denim and a pair of Valentinos. Thank you for reading! xx Melis i’m wearing Aritzia sweater T by Alexander Wang Citizens of Humanity jeans (similar here) Valentino heels Céline bag  

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top 5 things to do in Paris

We were inspired to write this post as we had trouble finding a guide with top things to do in Paris including tips and tricks. Hope this guide will help you plan your next trip to Paris better! Neighborhoods:  The Marais: Akin to West Village NY, this neighborhood is filled with shops, bars, and a pretty diverse restaurant scene. The pre-revolutionary buildings, cobblestone alleys and the cutest doors are all ready for your Instagram. Coffee shops:  We wrote an entire article here dedicated to this. But we find coffee shops inherently pick up a lot of the city culture. People watching FTW. Museums:  Buy tickets online or on your smartphone to skip the long lines. Use coat check (it’s free), and we highly recommend the guided audio tours. You should survey what every floor has and pick out artists you’d want to focus around; there’s too much for just a day. And try to go early/later. We were “off season” but it still felt really crowded.      1. The Lourve: It’s got something for everyone, but the Napoleanic Apartments and Mona Lisa were the highlights for us.      2. Musée d’Orsay: Van Gogh/Post-Impressionist and Impressionist work is what you’re […]

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edgy minimal in Berlin

We may be back in SF, but I’m still in full swing editing photos from Europe. One of the favorite parts of this trip was Berlin. While Berlin is quickly changing, it’s still one of the go-to cities for all types of artist around the world. Street art is big here – more to come on that later. This post is about how we survived the incredibly spontaneous and moody weather of Berlin. I may sound like a weather reporter here, but when you’re dealing with quite cold and snowy weather conditions ( it snowed twice that day), everything else becomes unimportant. Primal instincts take over and you just want to cozy up in the warmest clothes you can reach. Edgy minimal all the way. I’m thankful I packed all my Acne goodies. Minus the beanie – cause I forgot mine, it was thoughtfully donated by hubby. Street art. Acne Studios. Need I say more? Thanks for reading! xx * * * * * Acne Studios cardigan T by Alexander Wang tee J Brand Denim Acne Studios sneakers

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monochrome dreams in Paris

One of the must-visit spots in Paris for any monochrome loving person is the famous Palais Royale. What I hoped to achieve in these photos was mostly to avoid showing that I was freezing in whopping 30 degrees Fahrenheit (around -1 Celcius) weather. Not to mention Abel’s hands were dying from carrying around a super cold DSLR camera; he forgot his gloves. Thankfully neither of us got too sick! Just some facts that most bloggers won’t share, it’s a hardcore job at times. As an homage to this gorgeous monochrome palace, I also created a monochrome look. I’m so glad I got this Céline trapeze bag right before this trip. Not only she goes well with most of my looks, she can fit so much! Thank you for reading as always! xx the outfit Maurie & Eve top + bottom | Valentino heels | Céline bag

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minimal in Amsterdam

One of the favorite purchases I made before this trip was this Acne Studios coat. A little Darth Vader like, I feel so warm yet cool in it. My first go-to option as we continued our trip to Amsterdam which has been significantly colder than Paris. Thank you for reading! xx the outfit Acne Studios coat (sold out, similar here and here) | Acne Studios booties | Céline bag

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most photogenic coffee shops of Paris

Bonjour from Paris! We’re already wrapping up our first part of the Europe trip, and this past week has been quite magical. We have a ton of photos to show you, but I wanted to kick things off with a list of most photogenic coffee shops of Paris we visited during our trip. This is not a ranking by any means as we didn’t get a chance to check out all the coffee shops in the city, though we wished we did! It’s simply a list curated by Abel and I, the coffee shops that stood out to us in terms of good coffee and tasteful decor during our research. Without further ado, here we go: 1. Ob-la-di: By far the most San Francisco like coffee shop, Ob-la-di is the only one that serves almond milk. Bonus points for serving tea all the way from Samovar Tea – SF represent! Oh and they have avocado toast too. But most importantly, can we talk about those beautiful tiles? TLDR; I’d definitely go again.   2. Télescope: If you want to experience a more local joint, Télescope is exactly what you need. Order a shot of espresso and people watch like a Parisian. Plus […]

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5 winter essentials

Bonjour! We may be traveling our way through Paris, but we didn’t forget about the blog. Today I want to talk about what’s getting me through this winter, my very basic winter essentials. I try to incorporate the same elements over and over again and try to create different looks. But you may have already noticed that from my previous posts. For those of you who are not as familiar, I wanted to break down my 5 simple essentials I love wearing for the winter. Hat: Since I love simple looks, I like to incorporate a hat that will elevate any look. White tee: I love layering white tee over pretty much anything. It’s the casual upgrade. Denim: Living in California has definitely its perks. I get to wear my distressed denim all seasons! Turtleneck: I mean, you already know by now how many turtlenecks I’ve invested in this winter. I can’t seem to get enough of them, cozy, chic, and a little Steve Jobs. Ankle boots: They turn any outfit from casual to chic. Heels, flats, I’ll take them in any form! And that’s it! What are your go-to essentials for winter? Thank you for reading! xx featured items: […]

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oversized in Alcatraz

Now you may ask me why we chose to shoot at a former high security prison which inhabited the most infamous criminals in American history. Abel believes it’s one of the few San Francisco tourist traps actually worth going. I’ll get to that part in a minute. But first let’s talk about this Maurie & Eve oversized coat. Scored on sale – I’m on a roll lately, this is the perfect coat for our upcoming travels to some place cold today (hint hint: stay tuned!). Unfortunately it’s sold out, but I’m listing a few more favorites below. Back to Alcatraz. If you’re ever in SF, I’d recommend skipping the overcrowded Fisherman’s Wharf, and do the Alcatraz night tour – pro tip book it in advance! We left the scene appreciating our freedom more than ever and how we take it for granted. Not to mention the beautiful views of SF from the island! Thank you for reading! xx Melis the outfit Maurie & Eve coat (similar here, here and here) | Citizens of Humanity jeans (value find here) | Acne Studios boots | Acne Studios beanie (similar here)  

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Vegas style journal for CNY

Happy Chinese New Year! We had a really fun early CNY celebration with friends in Vegas last week. Hope you enjoyed the photos! xx Melis featured items: black dress | Aquazzura heels | denim shorts (similar here) | white tee | black tights | adidas originals sneakers

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my edgy valentine

Because we had a chance to slip off to Vegas for an early Chinese New Year’s celebration, I wanted to throw together a Valentine’s Day inspiration for you guys! At this point in my life, I feel lucky to be in a long-term relationship with the hubby, which means I get to dress for myself and really explore my personal style. It’s a life journey to find genuine self-inspired style (because at the end of the day, you’re sharing your point of view), but when it comes around, you can feel it in your bones. In true Fashion Mews, it’s all about bringing out a comfort pick from my wardrobe – the denim, but add a more flirty date-night on top of it. I call this one my edgy valentine. I added the neck tie and Givenchy heels for more edge and chic. Special shout out to Christina Aguayo for the amazing make up. Thank you for reading as always! xx Melis Photos by Abel. Let’s connect on Instagram and Bloglovin. the outfit: Revolve top | J Brand denim (value find here) | Givenchy heels (value find here) | Neck tie | Bag: Chanel

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marble grey

This is Fashion Mew’s 100th blog post, can you believe it? Thankfully it doesn’t take days to prep a blog post like back when I first started. To be honest, I never thought I’d come this far, but it sure feels to good to be here! As you can already tell from here as well, when I don’t wear black, I’m defaulting to lots of monochrome grey looks. Another amazing item I scored on sale was this Alexander Wang skirt. I just love the adjustable zipper detail, adds the right amount of edginess and fun to the look. I layered my favorite grey turtleneck with a simple white tee to give it a more casual feel. Finished with platform booties and PS11 bag, ready to take over the marble grey world. Signing off with some inspo for the new week: Keep choosing the road less traveled. As always, thank you for reading! xx Melis Let’s connect on Instagram and Bloglovin. outfit details Alexander Wang skirt (sold out, similar here) | Grey Turtleneck (similar here) | Thakoon Booties (similar here) | White Tee | Proenza Schouler Bag

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all things winter skincare

When it comes to skincare, you could say that I’m pretty obsessed. It’s important to start while young. Understanding what your skin needs is a must as well. For instance, I have combination skin (a mixture of oily and dry areas), but it gets on the drier side during winter time. Lately I’ve been making an effort to convert to more natural brands as well as experimenting with the latest beauty trend, Korean skincare. For this post, I wanted to break down my winter skincare routine and share some of my current favorite products. The Basics: Aesop Toner – This is toner that caters to more sensitive skin. My first time using Aesop products, I’m a fan, although I’m also a big fan of this toner. Vitamin C serum – Vitamin C is a must for my daily routine. I like to use it before applying any serums or moisturizers on my face and neck. Not only it has so many anti-aging benefits, it’s very helpful to use it along with SPF. Avéne moisturizer – My go to day time moisturizer. It’s light, absorbs really fast and hydrating. Bonus points for smelling amazing. Shisedo UV protector* – Can’t stress enough how important SPF is for your […]

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simplicity at work

What is your go-to office look? I have been lucky to work at creative workplaces most of my life where office wear is super casual. Lately my day-to-day looks consist of PJs on work from home days and lots of coffee shop looks like this one. The idea of office wear should be simple and utilitarian. Who wants to get up in the morning to contemplate what to wear anyways? Pro-tip: plan the night before to avoid being late. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t show any personality. Distressed denim is a daily uniform for me given how comfy and easy to style it is. Paired with a polka dotted top to beat the Monday blues and black booties to give the right edgy feel. Choker is optional, but recommended. Throw over a leather moto jacket and you got yourself a simple office look. Thank you for reading, have a wonderful week! xx Melis Let’s connect on Instagram and Bloglovin. the outfit top: Comme Des Garcons | denim: J Brand, similar here and here | booties: Acne Studios | Watch: Larsson & Jennings

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Hong Kong travel journal pt. 2

As we prepare for our next adventure, I wanted to look back at the last part of our Hong Kong travel journal and share some more photos with you. It’s been over a month since we traveled to Asia, and putting together this travel journal gave me a serious case of wanderlust. The first part of Hong Kong is here, and the Taipei travel journal is here. One of the best perks of traveling for me is to be able to shop at local stores. Like this cozy sweater dress for instance. I got it at a small boutique in Taipei for $25! It was super fun to style it with a pair of faux leather pants and the Isabel Marant knot belt. Photos were taken in Hong Kong. A few Hong Kong tips: If you’re a coffee lover, check out my favorite coffee shops 18 Grams and The Coffee Academics. If you’re a high tea lover, the afternoon tea service at The Peninsula Hotel is also a must. Thank you for reading! xx Melis Check out my Instagram and Bloglovin. the outfit

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Fashion Mews year in review

Oh you know winter is in full swing in SF lately, but I wanted to throw an all white look for this blog post for a special occasion. First of all, a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Fashion Mews thus far. I want you to know that I read every single comment/like/response, and it means the world to me. When I first started this blog a year ago, I had no idea how much my life was going to change. It’s been an incredible year full of challenges and growth. To highlight a few: we attended NYFW, traveled to many awesome locations around the world, and created an inspiring community on our Instagram. If I could give one advice to anyone who is trying start doing their own thing is that I would say, work hard and surround yourself with people who inspire you. Well that makes it two, but you get the point. Lastly, I’m loving these Maison Margiela booties I found on sale during the holidays! Their arrival made it a perfect opportunity to create a look with softer hues. With an edgy twist of course. Thank you for reading as always! xx […]

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casually edgy 2016 goals

Happy new year! January has become the month to focus, and work on some very exciting projects – can’t wait to share more details soon, stay tuned. But I want to talk about something more important today, three new year goals that I came up with for this year. Without further ado, here they are: Get more organized. Make lists and stick to them. Or try your very best! For instance, if you have 10 items in your to-do list, prioritize. If you get the top 3 key items, you’re doing great. And keep a journal next to your bed, this will help you get your thoughts down before you sleep or even in the middle of the night. Be more positive. Because the world is so negative as is and it’s up to you to change that cycle. The only way to dream is to keep the negativity out and be more thankful about what you have. Yes, there’s always someone who will be doing better, and something going wrong, but this is your life. Focus on yourself and your dreams. LOVE more, fewer people. One of the most important things I’ve learned from 2015 is to find a good […]

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museum date at the Broad

If you haven’t heard by now the hype is gathering around downtown LA’s The Broad, a contemporary art museum by the philanthropist Eli Broad. Though you can get reservations on their online ticketing system, it’s booked out for weeks. We ended up waiting for about an hour strolling in 10:30am on a Sunday. From the infinity Room (get there early) to their Warhol/Hurst/Koons scattered through the rooms, it’s a VERY pop art-heavy collection. You can call it the Whitney equivalent of LA. But you just have to see it to see the amazing shots you can pull off across its humungous “honeycomb like” exterior. Inspired by the funky architecture of The Broad, I put together a look with volume and structure. Thank you for reading, hope you had an amazing holiday weekend! xx Melis Photos by Abel. the outfit: Fashion Bunker tunic (c/o) | Shopbop culottes (on sale here) | Saint Laurent booties (similar here) | Levis Denim jacket | Bag: Chanel

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LA photo journal

Hello from Los Angeles! Whenever we come down here, it’s always to a treat to discover new coffee shops. This LA photo journal post is dedicated to the amazing coffee scene as well as the calming beaches here. A little side inspo: Holidays can be stressful and hectic with shopping for loved ones and all, but don’t forget to take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come this year and your goals for the next year. Speaking of reflections, we’re at a crossroads as well. Can’t wait to give you more updates soon. Happy holidays from the Mews family! Featured coffee shops: Urth Cafe | Menotti’s Coffee Shop | Verve Coffee Roasters Photos by Abel. outfit details

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his & hers holiday style

Holidays are upon us, so we wanted to surprise you with another his & hers holiday style post. Special thanks to Abel for letting me experiment my photography skills on him! He’s looking mighty fine in them, isn’t he? I should be encouraging our readers the spend more money during the holidays for a new dress, but why not utilize a dress you already have in your closet instead? Lately, I’ve been trying to simplify things in my life and get rid of the clutter in my closet. It’s still a work in progress, but meanwhile I try to only buy things that I can style for different occasions. Like this black dress. Previously posted here, and some even thought that it was a skirt! This time I paired it with a faux cur coat to glam it up, platform booties (on sale) and Chanel boy. We also put together a holiday inspired look for Abel, SF version of course. Abel’s style super laid back but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress him up with a John Varvatos coat. It’s all in the details! Thank you for reading! xx Melis Melis’ outfit Abel’s outfit

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Taipei travel journal

It was an amazing experience to see Taipei in person after listening to so many stories from Abel. This city is filled with amazing food, history and latte/nail art. Can’t get better than this! We walked a lot during this part of the trip – over 10 miles on one of the days, probably a good thing since we ate so much. So a simple white tee or a cozy cardigan and denim became my go-to uniform. To me, comfort is #1 priority in these kinds of situations. Highlights: In% Cafe (accidentally discovered the cutest 3-D latte art place), Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei 101 panoramic views, Shilin Night Market. Thanks for reading! xx Melis Photos by Abel. outfit details

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