Sunday Sanctuary: Paris En Vue

As you know, I have a little love affair with Paris… The fashion, the architecture, the creativity and let’s not forget the pastries. Paris Fashion Week is in full swing and the rush of appointments, shows and meetings can mean that the days  get swept away before I have a chance to take in the beauty […]
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Stone Roses

Nothing is ever what it seems, well that’s what they say anyway.  I have two examples, one is in the perception in the way that we should wear clothes and secondly is this super babe and rising star Jennifer Gilmore.  I recently had the opportunity to photograph Jen for the Oracle Fox Journal and with a […]
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Ones To Watch

Well it’s that time of year again and I’m currently in transit with the Oracle Fox team on our way to Paris for the Autumn Winter 15-16 shows. Paris for me is always a hectic schedule of crazyness, in all of the right ways of course.  I’m hoping to keep you guys a little bit […]
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Sunday Sanctuary: The Dreamer

 Monochrome and timber sit against the perfect white backdrop all in the one place, this home seems to tick all the boxes if you ask me… Chanel bags in the closet included.. x Stylizm0  .  Domaine Home  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr
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Before Long

So, as we speak I’m packing for my trip to Paris for the Autumn Winter shows.  Things are a little hectic around here and I’ve been on the run since Monday, meaning it’s all about workwear this week and practicality.  Since when you might say have I ever been practical?  I know, I know.  The […]
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Silver Linings

Silvery grey’s and stormy navy’s, it’s all about the elements now for us around here and being inspired by the dusky night skies of the change of season.  Neutrals are high on our radar .. rain, hail or shine .. tortoise shell sunglasses: Karen Walker   .  crop top:  Shaina Mota  .  grey coat: Max Mara  . […]
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When most of us think Italian, we’re thinking pasta, good wine and let’s be honest  well dressed men looking for love.  However ask me personally and I may answer the later (I won’t lie),  but firstly my allegiances will go to Versace, fashion first always right?  Donatella and her team understand women like no other, how to dress […]
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One Track Mind

Taking the 2 piece suit to a whole new level and adding one more member to the band. Well it seems as though Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana wasn’t the only 3 piece success story, thanks to Anna Quan for stepping up to the challenge we now have another trio worth dancing to.. coat + bralette + trousers: Anna Quan […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Easy Does It

If you ask me, sometimes the best things come in the simplest of packages and this incredible Swedish abode is no exception. Clean lines, an effortless colour palate and the perfect choice of tiles make this dream home one to remember… I can definitely see myself putting my feet and enjoying the surrounds here at the end of […]

Soft Pinks

Soft dusty pinks in layers, landscapes and details .. no matter where you find them we’re obsessed with the power of the right shade of pink right now.  Just remember the more pastel the better, you don’t want to have too much of a good thing .. pinterest  .  Oracle Fox tumblr  .  . […]

The 6 Most Affordable Leather Jackets

Whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern right now it’s always a good time for a leather jacket.  I’ve put together my pics for the most affordable leather jackets that you can get your mitts on.. and don’t worry girls they’re all under $500 .. Topshop Authentic Washed Biker Jacket  .   Goosecraft Leather […]

Lost In Time

Layers of summer whites and the backdrop of the Australian bush.. there’s nothing like the perfect girls day out, thank you Vogue Australia .. Vogue Australia March 2015  .  models: Pheobe Tonkin & Teresa Palmer  .  photographer: Will Davidson  .  fashion editor: Petta Chua  .  hair: Sophie Roberts  .  makeup: Kellie Stratton 

Clean Cut

Thirty five degree’s on a work day .. no worries.  It’s all about clean and classic pieces with minimal fuss details and let’s not forget a metallic pair of the perfect Acne slides .. black jacket: Ellery  .  black top: Ellery  .  shorts: Ellery  .  metallic slides: Acne  .  black bag: Saint Laurent  .  sunglasses: Celine […]

The Vanguard

A boot load of Givenchy and all black everything, Fashion Editor Julia von Boehm knows how to get our motor started,  pair that with model Anna Ewers who has the ability to make a paper bag look good and you’ve got a match made in motor head heaven .. Vogue Germany March 2015  .  model: Anna Ewers  . […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Golden Days

We’ve all heard that old chestnut ..  ‘The beauty is in the details” well today it’s all bout gold.  A metallic suspended gold lamp, an antique gold bedhead or even a bowl of gold jewels sitting on the bench, it’s amazing what a hint of gold will do.. Lambert & Fils Studio  .  Domaine Home  .  Artek  […]

Modern Romance

Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of Ryan McGinley, he always creates such magic..x Porter Magazine  .  model: Natalia Vodianova  .  photographer: Ryan McGinley

Pure Logic

Some of my favourite black everyday pieces at the moment and of course a hit of Alexander Wang barcode .. put it this way .. you’ll never get lost at the shopping centre. Celine Geometric Sunglasses  .  Wonderland Stateline Sunglasses  . black sweatshirt: Alexander Wang  .  bag: M2Malletier  .  gold necklace: Gorjana  .  black watch: […]

Find Wonderful

There’re not many places in this world that have been left undiscovered, but we all know that somewhere out there sits a beach that no-one’s ever laid on, a shipwreck untouched and in this instance the most spectacular inner city roof top previously never photographed.  First’s are hard to come by in the era that we now […]

Pheonix Rising

Words cannot describe the levels of anticipation emanating from this office right now for the newest instalment of the Mad Max saga ‘Fury Road’.  Well we’ll have to wait May but in the meanwhile we have this latest editorial from the upcoming Feb/March to draw upon with leading lady and epic Australian icon Abbey Lee […]

First Impressions

Even though it may look otherwise I promise that I hardly ever run late.  The secret to this is being organised, which I must admit is harder for a Libran like me than declining a VIP invitation to a Barney’s Sale in New York.  Well thankfully in this instance I don’t live in New York and secondly when […]

Sunday Sanctuary: The Collector

Beautiful art meets the perfect subdued colour palate in this dream Danish interior, there is a lot to be said for just the right amount of clutter and bright natural light. And as we know, a splash for indoor greenery doesn’t goes astray either…Xx Stadshem  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr

Givenchy Dust

  The colour pink and I have never been friends.  I may have been the girl in school that chose green, blue or yellow over the rosie tones of pink.  Blame it on the old cane farmers daughter cliche but happiness for me surrounded bmx bikes and the colour blue.  Well some leopards can change their […]

Manhattan Blues

The Vogue Paris dream team strike again, always obsessed with the Bailey/Saglio duo .. utter perfection .. Vogue Paris February 2015  .  photographer: Lachlan Bailey  .  fashion: Geraldine Saglio  .  hair: James Pecis  .  mua: Marla Belt 

Making The Cut

When Neiman Marcus recently asked me to put together some of my favourite keys pieces from this season’s trends it was a no brainer.  You see I’ve had a lot of experience at shopping online  .. uh hem .. product testing and trend forecasting, so I would hope that by now I can officially add ‘Professional Shopper’ to my […]

A Fine Line

We have all heard the old saying that sometimes less if more… and i’m not just talking about clothing, when it comes to accessories it’s the smallest pieces that can pack the biggest punch. If you ask me nothing completes a look like the perfect stack of fine rings or the simplest of necklaces, just throw in […]

Back To Bassike’s

  Turning up the heat literally , the temperature here has been in the high 30’s this week and it’s been hot enough to fry an egg on top of your leather duffle bag..not that that will be happening any time soon.  In times like this I  like to head to wearing pieces that are […]

Kohei Nawa

Forever a fan of visual artist Kohei Nawa I thought it was time to share some of his beautiful work.  Kohei is most known for his ‘Pixcell’ series in which he encrusted animals and objects with millions of tiny glass beads, referencing computer screen pixels and the molecular structure in which they’re comprised of.  One of my favourite […]

Double Denim

Fresh clean whites and trans-seasonal denims, we love a relaxed double denim combo.. so fresh so clean ..  denim shirt: Saint Laurent or affordable option here  .  white bralette: T by Alexander Wang  .   shark tooth necklace: Givenchy   .  aviator sunglasses: Ray Ban  .  jeans: J Brand  .  perfume: CK one by Calvin Klein  .  watch: Michael […]


Taking the Parisian chic to the street thank you very much Andreea Diaconu and Vogue Spain .. model: Andreea Diaconu  .  photographer: Benny Horne .  stylist: Sara Fernandez  .  Vogue Spain

Off Duty

Somewhere back in the past I have memories of high school culottes that might be enough to scar you for life .. almost.  The association between the shin length short and authority have since faded away and given in to a much cooler version .. think off duty models in culottes and sneakers .. just […]

Mistaken Identity

There’s nothing better than relaxed suiting and the perfect balance of boy meets girl.  We’re forever in love with this Tomboy style chic and there’s no better way to start the week ..  model: Violette D’Urso  .  photographer: Scott Trindle  .  Miss Vogue December 2014

Sunday Sanctuary: White Out

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘creativity needs space to breathe’, and for me there is no better space for creating than a beautiful white room filled with bright natural light. If you ask me, this kind of Sanctuary shouldn’t just be kept for Sundays…Xx Houzz  .  Monoqi  .  Le Fashion  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr

By Chance

 There’s magic in a good knit, oversized and slouchy or fitted and slinky we’re all obsessed around here by the textures and feel of a good knit.  Thanks to one of my favourite stylists Sarah Smith for putting this story together for Elle Australia we can’t wait for winter .. model: Louise Mikkelsen  .  photographer: […]

Force Of Nature

You might already recognise this face but if you don’t already meet the beautiful Louise Mikkelsen. We’ve all heard the phrase Great Dane and now you know where it comes from.   Denmark’s 2013 Next Top Model winner has been in Australia of late and picking up some incredible gigs.  Amongst shooting for Elle Australia […]

Pistol Whipped

The concise Oxford Dictionary considers a ‘Saint’ as one who is acknowledged as being holy or virtuous, regarded highly by others and worthy of religious worship.  It would only appear fitting then that the atelier’s of  Yves ‘Saint’ Laurent be the mastermind creators of the kind of mini dress that could make a French man blush. […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Sea Bed

After a long and very hot weekend here .. 37 degrees C and counting, we could think of nothing better than curling up in one of these tubs and soaking up the refreshing views.  There’s something to be said for a little saltwater therapy .. Zucchetti. Kos  .  Le Sirenuse  .  Sharyn Cairns  .  Pinterest  […]

Chanel N˚5

As Gisele Bunchen paddled into the surf with a black Chanel surfboard underneath her in the most recent Chanel N˚5 campaign by Baz Luhrmann, all that we could think was that’s “The one that I want”.  With this magnificent campaign in mind I recently put pen to paper to create an illustration for Chanel featuring their model […]

Lions Share

There’s something said for a picture speaking a thousand words.. or was that a T-shirt?  Either way the object of today’s look is about keeping things short, sweet and simple.  I happen to almost live in these Acne trousers, in the day time it’s with slides in the night it’s with a sleek pump, the […]

Well Balanced

Our current obsession .. those New Balance 410’s in this season’s updated cloudy grey and our favourite Mansur Gavriel reworking the perfect leather backpack.. Thursday’s never felt so good ..  grey coat: Rika (on sale)  .  silk cami: Acne ‘Alec’  .  silk bralette: Saint Laurent  .    aviator sunglasses: Ray Ban  .  nail polish: Essie   […]

Shadow Dancer

Only the forces of nature could create a backdrop this perfect and the same mother of creation may be held responsible for our long limbed beauty Suzy Woo who you might remember meeting here  once before.  You see where I come from may be slightly isolated and a technically a little uncool in the fashion stakes but […]

The Trio Effect

Sometimes you just wake up and don’t want to have to think too much about serious farshun.  Jane Birkin, Daria Werbowy, Caroline De Maigret .. some of my favourite ladies in the fashion stakes have mastered the art of the off duty look.  Trousers are always a O.D staple and let’s not forget a large pair […]

Between The Lines

Let’s be honest I don’t wear a lot of colour, chambray shirts and khaki are about as exciting as it gets around here in the colour department, but I think it’s an exciting new step considering in the past I was all about black and white. So 2015 will be a new year for this lady […]


Just the right amount of Isabel Marant and Celine to get us excited.  We’re in love with the editorial from Elle Croatia mixing the perfect selection of winter coats with the best of winters wooly knits .. Elle Croatia January 2015  .  model: Alison Nix  .  photographer: Djamel Boucly


This is where I would normally insert the emoji for the running man, highly appropriate for the images above and additionally for my life in general now that I’m back in the Oracle Fox drivers seat.  People always wonder what I wear on a normal working day, well if I was to be honest we […]

Up Front

Anything that’s good enough for Kate Moss is good enough for us around here.  It doesn’t take an army of genetically blessed amazonians to work out that CK rock the best everyday smalls in the business.  The tightey whitey’s with the power to cover all of your ‘bases’ we’ll be rocking these babies all summer long.. thank […]

Burberry Sundance

  Welcome to 2015! With a holiday tan and a midriff that saw one too many mojito’s what else does a girl wear but a Burberry LBD.  You see we all know that the Burberry brand is famous for it’s trench coats but something I need to share with you is the magic of a […]

White Christmas

It’s the night before christmas down here in the Southern Hemisphere.  Wishing y’all a very merry christmas and I hope that you’ve been good for Santa and if not don’t worry you know what they say .. If you can’t be good be good at it .. xx  .  wildfox  .  tumblr  .  oracle […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Swedish Solstice

  There’s something about the Swede’s, they just always get it right.  We’ve obsessed with this light filled apartment, the black and white artworks and the soft grey furnishings, just a few tips to pick up from the nation that owns white interiors like no other.  Oh and the addition of our favourite lluminate Z1 lantern light […]

Second Guess

Lately this outfit has been my uniform .. kind of appropriate when you think about the military connotations since I’ve always liked a man in offence Sammy, high vis vests can be sexy too I guess.. xx military coat: Saint Laurent  .  shirt: Asos  .  leather pants: Isabel Marant  .  bag: Givenchy ‘Antigona’  . […]

Open & Shut Case

An organised life is always easier when you travel light, and besides .. you know what they say good things come in small packages .. sunglasses: Celine  .  rings: Alex & Ernest  + Sarah & Sebastien +  Ford & Harris  .  studded purse: Saint Laurent  .  bag: Proenza Schouler PS 11 Mini   .  perfume: Prada […]

Oracle Fox 2014-12-17 12:05:45

Somewhere between New York and Paris I met a girl with a fierce set of eyes and the kind of style that you envy, not because she necessarily has the best wardrobe you’ve ever seen but just in the way she put it together.  You know that girl I’m sure.. she doesn’t always brush her […]

Love Lost

Somewhere between New York and Paris I met a girl with a fierce set of eyes and the kind of style that you envy, not because she necessarily has the best wardrobe you’ve ever seen but just in the way she put it together.  You know that girl I’m sure.. she doesn’t always brush her […]

Language Skills

  Just be sure to know that if you were a shirt that says you speak French that everyone in Paris is going to talk to you like you know you stuff and don’t worry if you don’t speak the language good old fashion charm and a pair of  Isabel Marant leather pants speak enough French for […]

PFW Show Highlights

Every season Paris Fashion Week seems to know how to step it up just that little bit more and this Spring Summer 2015 was no exception.  With the added honour of being the MATCHESFASHION Guest Buyer for PFW 2015 this season was going to be a big one, not just in the amount of appointments but […]

Sunday Sanctuary: The Line NYC

  The folks at The Line NYC know a thing or two about being sleek, ‘The Apartment’ is not only the kind of home that dreams are made of, but actually a showroom where you can purchase all the incredible treats you set your wide eyes upon. Where better to spend your hard earned dollars than this beautiful […]

Femme Fatale

I have a sister from another mister and her name is Barbara Bui.   You see Barbara isn’t just one of Paris’ favourite contemporary designers but her laid-back rock chic vibe speaks to girls like moi all around the globe.  Since I was recently in Paree I thought it only too fitting to team up […]

Paris Rooftops

Is there no better rooftop in the world than the rooftops of Paris?  If you’re answering yes then I strongly advise that you climb those B&B 10 flights of stairs the next time you decide to visit Paree.  Let’s be honest it’s always quite a climb to get to the top floor of any Paris […]

Lust List

After a blurry last six months I’m finally back in my office again, the domain where creativity always seems to flourish and I’m so happy to be able to put together some beautiful content for you guys.  I know it might sound like a lie but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t actually even […]

Close Call

We all know the saying ‘keep it simple’,  however with the world at our fingertips these days it can be easy  to forget, sometimes all you need is bare feet, soft silhouettes and perfectly cast shadows to create the most beautiful of images .. Of course a dose of the Magdalena Frackowiack never goes astray either. model: Magdalena Frackowiack  .  photographer: Ward […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Sheer Genius

Filtered natural light, parquetry floor board and the most beautiful collection of simple art pieces .. we’re obsessed with the contemporary apartment and it’s understated charm .. Studio Oink  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr

Heart Breaker

  In the words of Led Zepplin .. ‘hey fellas have you heard the news, our favourite girl is back in town’.  You see it’s not that Australia’s most eponymous brand for the best basics around Country Road, had forgotten our need for accoutrements, it’s just that it was finally time to put the wheels in motion. […]


Off duty is a word we throw around all to often, to be honest I don’t believe that there is a day in this industry that you could call off duty.  I can think of the days that I’ve allocated to sipping lychee martini’s on the sand and have ended en route to an airport for some […]

She’s Like The Wind

It’s been a long time coming and I’m so excited to share with you that the love child of Oracle Fox, the ORACLE FOX JOURAL, is now live!  For some time I’ve wanted to put together a site that sits within Oracle Fox, purely as a curation of exclusive editorial content from some of our favourite photographers, […]

Midnight Oil

Textured bucket bags and the perfect affordable coat among other things right now high on our radar ..  coat: Freda  .  bandana knit: R13   . bra: Maison Close  .    .  sunglasses: Pared Eyewear   .   motorcycle bucket bag: Saint Laurent  .  double bar chain ring   .  denim jeans: Topshop   .  black loafers : Stella […]


It’s not just that Nadja is an out an out babe, photographer Nick Dorey is a creative genius, thank you Twin Magazine it’s a match made in heaven .. model: Nadja Bender  .  photographer: Nick Dorey  .  Twin Magazine #11 Fall Winter 2015

Sunday Sanctuary: Illuminate

An obsession with these lights has lead to me recently purchasing 3 of them .. I know for some reason the Shad can never do things in halves.  The Ay Illuminte Z series are a favourite around here and they don’t just look good in the day time, trust me.  Putting a whole new spin on the […]

Michael Kors Escape

ESCAPE or to ‘Escape’ and break free from confinement or control as per the Oxford Dictionary, is a term that Michael Kors knows best.  Who else but MK and his band of jet setting devotees would have a better handle on escaping reality to get away from the everyday rat race.  When I was recently approached by this eminently […]

The Classics

There are 3 things that I believe every girl should own, actually there are many things although just 3 that I believe  she shouldn’t live without.  Firstly a classic button up shirt that can take you from beach hangs to lunch at your favourite restaurant, a leg flattering pair of ankle boots and a duffle bag for carrying […]

Lazy Days

It’s 37 degrees c today,  just one of those days to roll around the bed in minimal clothing and heat things up .. model: Louise Mikkelsen  .  photographer: Henrik Adamsen  .  Nowearland 


So It Goes magazine has become on of my new favourites delivering beautiful and original editorials in a clear voice that is distinctly it’s own. While I am currently sweltering under an unseasonably warm sun,  I wouldn’t mind being this girl, on this beach underneath THOSE white cliffs… too good x model: Zoe Huxford  .  photographer: James Perry  .  So […]