Burberry Sundance

  Welcome to 2015! With a holiday tan and a midriff that saw one too many mojito’s what else does a girl wear but a Burberry LBD.  You see we all know that the Burberry brand is famous for it’s trench coats but something I need to share with you is the magic of a […]

White Christmas

It’s the night before christmas down here in the Southern Hemisphere.  Wishing y’all a very merry christmas and I hope that you’ve been good for Santa and if not don’t worry you know what they say .. If you can’t be good be good at it .. xx style.com  .  wildfox  .  tumblr  .  oracle […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Swedish Solstice

  There’s something about the Swede’s, they just always get it right.  We’ve obsessed with this light filled apartment, the black and white artworks and the soft grey furnishings, just a few tips to pick up from the nation that owns white interiors like no other.  Oh and the addition of our favourite lluminate Z1 lantern light […]

Second Guess

Lately this outfit has been my uniform .. kind of appropriate when you think about the military connotations since I’ve always liked a man in uniform..no offence Sammy, high vis vests can be sexy too I guess.. xx military coat: Saint Laurent  .  shirt: Asos  .  leather pants: Isabel Marant  .  bag: Givenchy ‘Antigona’  . […]

Open & Shut Case

An organised life is always easier when you travel light, and besides .. you know what they say good things come in small packages .. sunglasses: Celine  .  rings: Alex & Ernest  + Sarah & Sebastien +  Ford & Harris  .  studded purse: Saint Laurent  .  bag: Proenza Schouler PS 11 Mini   .  perfume: Prada […]

Oracle Fox 2014-12-17 12:05:45

Somewhere between New York and Paris I met a girl with a fierce set of eyes and the kind of style that you envy, not because she necessarily has the best wardrobe you’ve ever seen but just in the way she put it together.  You know that girl I’m sure.. she doesn’t always brush her […]

Love Lost

Somewhere between New York and Paris I met a girl with a fierce set of eyes and the kind of style that you envy, not because she necessarily has the best wardrobe you’ve ever seen but just in the way she put it together.  You know that girl I’m sure.. she doesn’t always brush her […]

Language Skills

  Just be sure to know that if you were a shirt that says you speak French that everyone in Paris is going to talk to you like you know you stuff and don’t worry if you don’t speak the language good old fashion charm and a pair of  Isabel Marant leather pants speak enough French for […]

PFW Show Highlights

Every season Paris Fashion Week seems to know how to step it up just that little bit more and this Spring Summer 2015 was no exception.  With the added honour of being the MATCHESFASHION Guest Buyer for PFW 2015 this season was going to be a big one, not just in the amount of appointments but […]

Sunday Sanctuary: The Line NYC

  The folks at The Line NYC know a thing or two about being sleek, ‘The Apartment’ is not only the kind of home that dreams are made of, but actually a showroom where you can purchase all the incredible treats you set your wide eyes upon. Where better to spend your hard earned dollars than this beautiful […]

Femme Fatale

I have a sister from another mister and her name is Barbara Bui.   You see Barbara isn’t just one of Paris’ favourite contemporary designers but her laid-back rock chic vibe speaks to girls like moi all around the globe.  Since I was recently in Paree I thought it only too fitting to team up […]

Paris Rooftops

Is there no better rooftop in the world than the rooftops of Paris?  If you’re answering yes then I strongly advise that you climb those B&B 10 flights of stairs the next time you decide to visit Paree.  Let’s be honest it’s always quite a climb to get to the top floor of any Paris […]

Lust List

After a blurry last six months I’m finally back in my office again, the domain where creativity always seems to flourish and I’m so happy to be able to put together some beautiful content for you guys.  I know it might sound like a lie but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t actually even […]

Close Call

We all know the saying ‘keep it simple’,  however with the world at our fingertips these days it can be easy  to forget, sometimes all you need is bare feet, soft silhouettes and perfectly cast shadows to create the most beautiful of images .. Of course a dose of the Magdalena Frackowiack never goes astray either. model: Magdalena Frackowiack  .  photographer: Ward […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Sheer Genius

Filtered natural light, parquetry floor board and the most beautiful collection of simple art pieces .. we’re obsessed with the contemporary apartment and it’s understated charm .. Studio Oink  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr

Heart Breaker

  In the words of Led Zepplin .. ‘hey fellas have you heard the news, our favourite girl is back in town’.  You see it’s not that Australia’s most eponymous brand for the best basics around Country Road, had forgotten our need for accoutrements, it’s just that it was finally time to put the wheels in motion. […]


Off duty is a word we throw around all to often, to be honest I don’t believe that there is a day in this industry that you could call off duty.  I can think of the days that I’ve allocated to sipping lychee martini’s on the sand and have ended en route to an airport for some […]

She’s Like The Wind

It’s been a long time coming and I’m so excited to share with you that the love child of Oracle Fox, the ORACLE FOX JOURAL, is now live!  For some time I’ve wanted to put together a site that sits within Oracle Fox, purely as a curation of exclusive editorial content from some of our favourite photographers, […]

Midnight Oil

Textured bucket bags and the perfect affordable coat among other things right now high on our radar ..  coat: Freda  .  bandana knit: R13   . bra: Maison Close  .    .  sunglasses: Pared Eyewear   .   motorcycle bucket bag: Saint Laurent  .  double bar chain ring   .  denim jeans: Topshop   .  black loafers : Stella […]


It’s not just that Nadja is an out an out babe, photographer Nick Dorey is a creative genius, thank you Twin Magazine it’s a match made in heaven .. model: Nadja Bender  .  photographer: Nick Dorey  .  Twin Magazine #11 Fall Winter 2015

Sunday Sanctuary: Illuminate

An obsession with these lights has lead to me recently purchasing 3 of them .. I know for some reason the Shad can never do things in halves.  The Ay Illuminte Z series are a favourite around here and they don’t just look good in the day time, trust me.  Putting a whole new spin on the […]

Michael Kors Escape

ESCAPE or to ‘Escape’ and break free from confinement or control as per the Oxford Dictionary, is a term that Michael Kors knows best.  Who else but MK and his band of jet setting devotees would have a better handle on escaping reality to get away from the everyday rat race.  When I was recently approached by this eminently […]

The Classics

There are 3 things that I believe every girl should own, actually there are many things although just 3 that I believe  she shouldn’t live without.  Firstly a classic button up shirt that can take you from beach hangs to lunch at your favourite restaurant, a leg flattering pair of ankle boots and a duffle bag for carrying […]

Lazy Days

It’s 37 degrees c today,  just one of those days to roll around the bed in minimal clothing and heat things up .. model: Louise Mikkelsen  .  photographer: Henrik Adamsen  .  Nowearland 


So It Goes magazine has become on of my new favourites delivering beautiful and original editorials in a clear voice that is distinctly it’s own. While I am currently sweltering under an unseasonably warm sun,  I wouldn’t mind being this girl, on this beach underneath THOSE white cliffs… too good x model: Zoe Huxford  .  photographer: James Perry  .  So […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Brooklyn Base

Chandeliers, parquetry floors and bright natural light, the perfect surroundings for the creative mind.  We can all take some simple ideas from this Brooklyn apartment firstly don’t throw away those old issue’s of Russh and secondly your boyfriends guitar can come in handy for more than just music.. we love .. Line T. Klein  . […]

Rolling Stone

I’m guilty and I know it.  It’s been a while since I’ve put together a shoot for you my beautiful friends, and thanks to your feedback I know that you’ve been anticipating something special.  With all of the collaborations and travel in recent months I thought it was time for some creative output and to get […]

The Getaways

When the going gets tough the tough go to Byron Bay.  I don’t know how it could be possible but this year seems to have gone faster than any year before and it was time to make a run for it.  With the end of the year not nearly close enough in site, I recently […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Paulina Arcklin

I’m sure you would have seen some of these beauties floating around the pinterest-sphere, the beautiful work of interiors photographer and stylist Paulina Arcklin stands out amongst the crowd in the best way possible. Paulina is welcome to come over to place anytime and add some of her minimalist wonder to my floor space, we can […]


Anya what can we say.  It’s been some time now but the last time I worked with Anja Konstantinova was too much fun, this chic is not only one mega babe but moves like the wind.  Thanks to the team at Marie Clair UK for this editorial and the beautiful raw beauty of one of […]

Sheer Force

Bonded, belted, tied up and layered not matter how you choose to wear your leather there’s something here for everyone.  Take stylist Calyan Atinc’s advice and experiment.. you just never know your boundaries until you try .. model: Stephanie Cook  .  photographer: Koray Parlak  .  stylist: Caylan Atinc  .  XOXO The Mag

Reverse Psychology

  Trust Vivienne Westwood with her unique style of creativity to create a button up shirt to be worn backwards.  Only Vivienne and perhaps Tom Green could pull off the ‘backwards man’ approach and totally get away with it.  You see sometimes we have to remember to keep business at the front and the party out the […]

Duty Calls

  I have to admit and I know that you will too.. we like to shop..girls that is, the female species.  You see it’s almost as though something was planted deep down in the DNA of our double helix well before man (ah hem humans should say) even held one of those small plastic cards that are the […]

On Point

As you may have figured out by now that there is nothing I love more than a sleek, all black outfit, just add some leather along with some favourite timeless accessories and you have my essential daily uniform. If you ask me, all black is never boring as long as you have a few chic wardrobe essentials […]

The Saint

As far as I’m concerned, the Saint Laurent ‘Le Smoking’ Tuxedo is one of fashions greats, an icon that I don’t think will be matched any time soon. Minimal, chic, androgynous and perfectly tailored, this puppy will never go out of style.  It’s always strange the first time that you wear a head to toe […]

One & Only

I know that I’m not the only one that’s identified a current obsession with the oversized single earring.  Next on the radar this spangled baby from Celine.. we can always trust Pheobe to set our hearts racing .. Illustration: Amanda Shadforth

Sure Thing

Mondays for me are all about relaxed workwear, thanks to Anja Rubik for reinterpreting the perfect tailored suit this might need to become part of the weekday outfit rotation .. model: Anja Rubik  .  photographer: Collier Schorr  .  stylist: Sissy Vian  .  Flair Magazine October #13 2014

Sunday Sanctuary: Mirror Mirror

We all love a good mirror let’s be honest, and I swear it’s not even about vanity.. there’s just something magical about the right mirror that can change the entire look of a room.  Vintage, Art Deco, super modern or grouped in a collection on the wall, we hope that you’re inspired .. happy Sunday […]

The Thick Of It

Oversized knitwear never goes out of fashion, who wouldn’t say no to a slouchy cashmere cardigan on a cold and windy day.  Even if you’re in the northern hemisphere I suggest that you always keep a good knit by your side, you just never know when you’ll find yourself in need of a pair of […]

Merve Ozaslan – Collage Artist

Turkish born Merve Ozaslan has a way of seeing things that none of us would usually see.  There is something magical about an artist who can take the everyday or in the case yesterday and interpret it to represent something else all together.  I’m especially a fan of the buildings embedded with seascapes, I wonder […]

Je Parle Francais

A day off in Paris should consist of certain things … brunch at L’Avenue (I strongly recommend the berry pancakes), an afternoon spent at the Louvre followed by some people watching in the Tuilleries (even though those green lawn chairs are slightly uncomfortable they’re equally conveniently instagrammable) and lastly drinks and dinner by candlelight in one of […]

Desert Storm

There’s something simple and beautiful about these images by photographer Cameron Hammond.  Simplicity can sometimes be the key in good story telling, leaving the observer to descipher their own meanings to the images.  Add all those ingredients and the super babes Lola McDonnell and another favourite Jana Kruger who I once styled and creatively directed […]

High Expectations

There was a time when I felt like the ‘pleat’ conjured images of girl guide uniforms or even Britney Spears, don’t deny that you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Well if it’s possible, aversion has turned to affection and the pleat is currently on high repeat. Crimpy, boxy and even leathery there is all kinds of […]

After The Fall

Luxurious wool layering, patent platforms and THAT Celine earring.. say no more ..  photographer: Laurence Ellis .  stylist: Joanna Schlenzka .  ‘Luxury’ Telegraph Magazine 


There is something to be said for a good coat, no?  I don’t know what happened but in the last 12 months this area of my wardrobe quadruped in size literally.  Perhaps it was the return of  nouveau-grunge laying or just the fact that I realised that I only had one coat in my whole […]

Matches- Fashion Bloggers

There is something to be said for a good coat, no?  I don’t know what happened but in the last 12 months this area of my wardrobe quadruped in size literally.  Perhaps it was the return of  nouveau-grunge laying or just the fact that I realised that I only had one coat in my whole […]

Elle Style Awards

It’s hard to believe but it’s now just on 4 years since I began Oracle Fox.  My very first workspace was probably similar to so many of you, a card-table sized desk facing a wall covered in aspirational tear sheets and magazine images.  Naturally based on the fact that I was still currently a visual […]

Sunday Sanctuary: Tiny Spaces

After spending the last 2 weeks in Paris in the heart of the 1st arrondissement you quickly grow a solid appreciation for space in terms of style.  Here’s some inspiration for anyone that has ever shared a tiny apartment with either one too many flatmates or speaking from experience anyone that’s ever rented a room […]

Spin Off

There is never an end to my love for the all in one monochromatic outfit, particular when it comes to layering knits and oversized coats.  Thank you L’Officiel you always deliver the most incredible inspirations .. model: Crista Cober  .  photographer: Laurence Ellis  .  L’Officiel October 2014 

Hello Mademoiselle

Bonjour, hello and how do you do!  From the banks of the River Siene I bid you a warm welcome and I’m sorry that I haven’t personally touched based in a little while.  You see .. it’s true what they say about Paris, it’s certainly a place where you can loose yourself,  just be sure that  it’s […]

The Debrief

A suitcase full of Saint Laurent, plenty of implied nudity and the perfect tasselled hair.  Thanks to  stylist  Tereza Ortiz and her fine eye for just the right balance of polished rock chic we’re totally feeling the vibes of this beautiful editorial, besides Hedi Slimane always seems to know what a girl wants ..

Into The Wild

Always one of my favourite combinations.. Anja Rubik working the autumn knits styled by Geraldine Saglio for Vogue Paris .. model: Anja Rubik  .  photographer: Lachlan Bailey  .  stylist: Geraldine Saglio  .  Vogue Paris

Dress Down

There’s nothing like beautiful a hit of black and white photography to get your week started .. model: Theres Alexandersson  .  photographer: Jesse Laitinen  .  S Magazine

Sunday Sanctuary: Concrete Jungle

Concrete and I haven’t always been friends, you see when I was young the road and driveway were responsible for countless grazed knees, sore arms and bike stacks. I’m not sure if it’s because I put the BMX away so many years ago, but somewhere along the line the painful memories have subsided and this industrial surface […]


Relaxed Spring vibes with easy styling and no fuss.  Thanks to the dream team of photographer Emily Abay, stylist Irina Martyn-Zyznikow and mega babe Anja Konstantinova magic will always happen ..


Torrents of storm swept seas hand painted in infinite detail on the grandest scale imaginable.  San Franfransisco born Alaskan raised Ron Ortner paints magnificently  moving images of the sea where boats are void and people are but a distant concept.  Ron’s heritage is reflective in the mountainous sea scapes highlighting  impossible nature and let’s be honest some […]

Street Cred

Artist Edgar Degas once said “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.  As a former fine artist I couldn’t agree more, there is something so magical about creating beauty from nothing with the simplest things like a pencil and paper.  Art and illustration have flowed always through my veins, much […]


Military jackets and tailored trousers, the perfect hit list items for a Northern Hemisphere winter .. model: Olga Rudnicka  .  photographer: Ward Ivan Rafik  . stylist: Darcy Backlar  .   Vamp Magazine No.2

Suit Yourself

I have a vague memory of a teacher I once had in high school who would wear suits to class.  As you can imagine it’s the kind of memory that is best left undisclosed, those slightly scarring double breasted power suits burnt into my mind.  Through time women and suits have had a love hate relationship, […]

The Weekend Muse

Only 2 more days until  the weekend so here’s a little inspiration to get you excited about the lazy sunday outfits and as you’re know we’re always a sucker for super babe Carolyn Murphy model: Carolyn Murphy  .  photographer: Dan Martensen  .  Muse Fall 2014 

The Enigma

If only my wardrobe could talk .. ohhhhh the secrets it would tell.  Stories of how at least once every year my closet gets so messy that you cannot see the floor, how some new things still hang with the price tags still attached, and even more embarrassingly how there has been the odd occasion […]

Sunday Sanctuary: The Little Cabin

   If you’re a pinterest lover you will recognise some of these beautiful photos and with much investigating I’ve been able to finally dig up the source.  The funny thing is that I always felt as though it looked like it might be an Australian home, there was just something that I couldn’t put my […]

Island Lux

Let me begin by divulging that even though it may not look like it, this trip for me was all about work.  No seriously I promise, there was a lot of late nights enjoying fine wine  working late on my computer, sweating under the cabana with a cocktail  from all the stress, and basically trying to make the most […]

The Faint Hearted

Those charcoal eyes and 60′s vibes, always a fan of Glen Luchford’s beautifully natural photography and let’s say no more about our girl crush on Anna Ewers.. model: Anna Ewers  .  photographer: Glen Luchford  .  Vogue UK October 2014