Sunday Sanctuary: Casa Modesta

Welcome to Portugal and the magical Casa Modesta, which might I add speaking from personal experience is a pure slice of heaven.  Recently my team and I travelled to the south of Portugal to photograph this instal-drool worthy location which has long been on our travel buck list. Casa Modesta is not like any other

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A Lazy Weekend In Byron Bay

I’m just going to put it out there, change is great but a getaway to Australia’s eastern most destination, dripping in white sandy beaches, artisan markets and healthy gourmet bistros has got my vote any day.   Whoever said ‘change is as good as a holiday’ has possibly never travelled to one of my favourite

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So Frenchy So Chic: Part 2

Eat, Sleep, work repeat, eat, sleep work repeat… Welcome to Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018. For those not on the ground PFW looks like a magical fairy tale broken up with long lunches at insta-worthy restaurants and the kind of fashion shows that one would swap a kidney to attend. Well let me clarify,

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Mid Week Uniform

  Its Wednesday 7:30 am. Your starring blankly into your wardrobe looking for some sort of inspiration… We have that inspiration right here, right now.. earrings: Leigh Miller  .  blouse: Balenciaga  .  faux fur bag: Pixie Market .  trousers: Topshop  .  mules: Balenciaga  .  hand cream: Aesop   SHOP LO-FI:      

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Marcel Breuer Harnischmacher Villa: Sunday Sanctuary

  Clean, white and tonal furnishing, an absolute winning combination in our eyes, and this Sunday Sanctuary has the lot. Back to basics as I like to call it… Villa Harnischmacher is this beauty’s name, after the World World II bombings destroyed the first version, the German family commissioned Marcel Breuer to re-build. The result received […]

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Floating On A Cloud

The 1st of October 2017 for me was not just any old birthday, it was also the day that I was honoured with the privilege of attending my first Céline show inside of the cloud like bubble installed at the Tennis Club of Paris. Late 70’s and early 80’s references featured strongly throughout the show, hitting […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Formula

It’s fair to say that it’s in our nature to sometimes overcomplicate things, but I think you’ll agree that often times, simpler is best. The clean lines, open space and understated interiors in this beautiful home in India are a nice breath of fresh air… Add to that, just a surprising touch of something a […]

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Loewe AW 2018 Ready To Wear

  Leaving the noise behind and embracing calmness, is what Mr Anderson set out to achieve with the Loewe Fall 2018 Ready To Wear Collection. And that he did. This season the Loewe woman came across as the kind of girl you would meet in one of those chic underground art galleries on the Lower East […]

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Modern Romantic

If Jane Austin, Emily Bronte or Shakespeare were to write a modern day romantic tale, I imagine our heroine would be dressed in something like this… Our character is independent and ambitious, and prefers her garments to be of the soft, structured and dreamy kind. While this modern work of fiction may include a love interest […]

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Miu Miu AW 2018

  As Elle Fanning lead the the procession of bouffant beehive wearing Breakfast Club-ish bargirls for Miu Miu AW 2018 RTW, it was clear to see the this season Mrs Prada’s intention for the Miu Miu muse was a certain kind of girlish rebellion. Shiny belted puffer jackets in shades of 1980’s drugstore lipsticks were among some of my personal […]

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Head First

Day four PFW .. and let’s just say no makeup no problem.  With a dam fine oversized sleeve, a classic pair of mum jeans and a ‘cult’ worthy basket bag there’s no guilt to be had in rushing out the door without your full face on. And let’s face up to it, it’s funny how a […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Crisp

  Herringbone floorboards, ornate wall mouldings and the type of Parisian apartment that we at Oracle Fox dream of, is all right here in one sweet little package my friends. A poetic union of 19th century details and an urban aesthetic of minimalist functionality, this space is homed to Paris-based, Peruvian architect Diego Delgado-Elias. The apartments combination […]

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The Aforementioned

This girl is never not on the hunt for the perfect dress, alongside the other unicorn in my life .. the perfect French onion soup (cue ad-lib trip to Paris anyone?). Anywho, where the latter may require further searching tbc stay tuned to my friends out there with like-minded quams in the cuisine department, something different can […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Neutral

  A minimalist apartment with just the right amount in character to catch our interior eye… Scandinavian interiors have been a long time love here at Oracle Fox, which comes down to a number of fabulous things. It’s the thoughtful and artistic placement of furniture, the purposeful spaciousness of certain rooms, the collection of simple, […]

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  Need a bag that will match every season… Drum roll please  –  we have your solution. Trademark’s garden bag in olive. Match with a pair of white jeans for summer, or mans trousers for winter… xx garden bag in olive: Trademark   SHOP  BAGS:

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Knifes Edge

Monday life hack … When you’re running late and cannot work out what to wear, let alone begin to entertain the thought of executing an outfit with any real co-ordination … solution ‘the suit’. One entire outfit that comes packaged in a head to toe ensemble and requires no conscious aesthetically speaking thought process .. much like a […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Klein House

  A mid century dream… Selkrik Klein House, located on the Scottish Boarders. A somewhat reminiscent of previous interior tours this baby is sure to get the creative juices flowing. The design of the single storey house is essentially a rectangle subdivided into eight foot modules, talk about open spaces. The interior highlights the use of natural materials […]

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The Weekend

I had lunch with a friend last weekend, it was a Saturday morning and I ordered my usual … avocado on toast with a side of lemon.   The thing about the weekend is that I’m a creature of habit, which I might add I was reminded of by my breakfast date.  She’s a little bit more […]

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Ellery Fall 2018 Ready To Wear

Ellery’s first haute couture show…
Thoughts? Voluminous proportions and cutout shapes were familiar territory, a territory which is much loved btw.
The collection, was inspired by the notion of collecting and the curation of …


  Anyone keen for a mid week read? We certainly are… Shop this mix of hi-lo outfits below xx ribbed roll neck top: Topshop  .  bonded crop wide trousers: Topshop  .  cherie cut out handle bucket bag: Topshop  .  leather ankle boots: Vetements  .  pebble earrings: BY NYE  SHOP:

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The Patriot

If you’re not the girl who lives in Paris, you’re most likely me … yep that’s right that girl who imagines that she lives there. On the weekends I order croissants, when I leave my makeup on at night I like to reason that it’s ok because it’s so very French no? And I can […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Maison Kamari

Drum roll please… Let me introduce the dream minimalist summer house on the island of Paros in Greece. Maison Kamari was designed by Athens based architects React Architects who have einterpreted the cubic cycladic architecture with a modern and minimalist twist.  The design of the house is complimented by the decorated interior, a curated mix of mid-century […]

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Lightmaker Studio

Lightmaker Studio has one simple principle at their core – to make beautiful objects.  As you can see, this is something at which they excel.  Each object is carefully designed and assembled in their Toronto studio which takes the nostalgic chandelier and updates it with a modern 21st century twist. Drawing inspiration from elements such […]

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Creature Comforts

Just out of shot there was a curious crowd assembling… Tourists and Venetians alike walking along the canal wondering what kind of creature was creeping along their walkway, or perhaps they were asking themselves why that person was acting in such a way? Well, there may be no particular rhyme or reason for this behaviour […]

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                          Despite the fact that I live in one of the warmest parts of the world I seem to have acquired a coat collection that could clothe a small village. You see the coat, although no doubt a practical essential for most, semaphores the […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Casa No Tempo

  Casa No Tempo aims to connect the past with the future, leaving out the marks of time. Resulting in the most peaceful and timeless place. And we totally agree! It may be the vast white walls or the minimal yet very effect furnish styling but this little baby ticks all the boxes. All floors […]

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Girl: off-duty

Feeling those off-duty vibes… Affordable outfit inspiration
cali big button linen top: Pixie Market  .  check trousers: Topshop  .  mid heel shoes: Topshop  .  macrame bucket bag: Staud  .  face and body oil: everyday oil  .  camille earr…

Star Gazing

Of the many highlights from our trip to Paris earlier in the year for the 2017 Fall Winter shows, being in the bleachers for the Chanel show is something I won’t ever forget. As we sat in The Grande Palais in the presence of the ‘Gabrielle Chanel Agence Spatiale’ rocket, we knew we were about to witness […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Synergy

  This weeks Sunday Sanctuary is in the hand of Raphaël Van Gend, Belgian-born designer with an impeccable taste for paid back minimal interiors. Mmm sounds like something we have in common. This space holds the perfect combination of old and new and rough and smooth, with minimal furnishings, where the absent is peaceful. I’m feeling those […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Ivy

I couldn’t let tonight go by without a little nod the festive season and a holiday themed Sunday Sanctuary for you this Christmas eve. This beautiful home goes to show that decorating for December can lean a little to the minimalist side and still be full of charm. Perhaps neutral tones, a pulled back table […]

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The Look

The perfect December holiday outfit…
The Cropped Cocoon Painters Shirt: Michael Lo Sordo  .  Hush Tire Earring: Ellery  .  The Fossiled Long Skirt: Christopher Esber  .   Book: Eero Saarinen  .  Regard Gift Kit: Aesop  .  Slingback Ikeban…

Sunday Sanctuary: Neutra House

  In 1959 Richard Neutra, the famed architect designed the 1,300 square foot glass house. Best known as one of modern designs architectural gems. Today the space is home to David Neto and his family, who have filled the interior with a collection of vintage designs, midcentury pieces, art and sculptures… and we only a little […]

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Before working in fashion, back in my days as a full time artist, paint was my medium of choice. It was in my studio that a love of colour blossomed and experimenting with different shades, tones and combinations became part of my everyday. While working with colour was easy for me on the end of […]

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Tangerine: Sunday Sanctuary

  All about the off vibes as of late… Quiet, still and serene. Three words that adequately describe this beautiful space and one that I can’t seem to look away from. It may be down to the masterfully edited tangerine sofa, or the tonal colour palate, a known Oracle Fox favourite. Bravo Bravo! Kinfolk  . YellowTrace  .  Pinterest  . […]

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My mum has always said to me ‘there’s no such thing as being overdressed’. But for the most part, I find a uniform of denim and t-shirts to be the perfect all event outfit. However as we know, mums know best… So when the beautiful team at Valentino make your dreams come true and kindly dress a […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Times Two

On the island of Zhoushan in rural China lies a house that can only be described as extraordinary, with a story to match. Laying abandoned for over 70 years, two neighbouring houses have received the ultimate makeover by being combined into one, despite a 4 metre difference in elevation. The architects & designers of such a […]

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Lust List: $300 and under

I can hardly believe it… But guys, tomorrow is December. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere the arrival of December rings in a solid few months of beach time, mangoes and swimwear. For our cold friends in the north that may be a little hard to hear, but please know that it’s this […]

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Eye Candy

eye candy                              noun – visual images that are superficially attractive and entertaining but intellectually undemanding. No matter how you ‘look’ at it, it doesn’t need to be sunny for us to want to whip out a good looking lens to finish […]

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Île Saint-Louis

When a friend of mine recently asked what time of year is best for a holiday in Paris, she may have thought it was curious that my advice was to travel in Winter when it’s cold and rain is never too far away. I can’t quite put my finger on it exactly, but I’ve always […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: History Repeating

You guys, this is how it’s done. This lust-worthy Le Marais apartment is taking us to interior design class and I’m a very willing student. If only we could all get our hands on a Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge or a Jean Prouve Daybed. While we’re at it, some digs in Paris would be mighty fine too. Sunday dreaming […]

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Valentino Spring 2018

In between the endless deadlines, emails, travel time and general wonderment that is Paris Fashion Week, a select few moments tend to stay with you, so fresh in your memory your that you feel as though they are happening all over again. As I sit here half a world away from the Paris runways, I […]

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Mellow Yellow

  New to the mellow yellow vibes, of fizzy sherbet and pastel mustard. This colour platte has me looking sunny side up… xx earrings: Ellery  .  t-shirt: Vestments  .  trousers: Ellery  .  ankle boots: Acne Studios SHOP LO-FI:

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Sunday Sanctuary: The Scarlet

To fans of bright interiors, dark walls can sometimes be the enemy… A moody addition that can dramatically change an interior and darken the atmosphere. But stop the presses ladies and gents, as you can see from the above, deep colours deserve big respect and I can feel my hand reaching for the paint bucket […]

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Acne Studios Spring 2018

As I walked through an enormous translucent shower curtain, the other side did not resemble the inside of my shower at all, but the Acne Studios Spring 2018 runway show.  As the music began and the shower curtain rose I had a sudden feeling I was about to be taken on a journey of Saturday Night […]

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Power Suiting

    Power dressing – noun – the practice of dressing in a style intended to show that one holds an important position in business, politics, etc. Now lets get down to business… prince of wales-checked wool jacket: Ellery  .  shopping tote: Balenciaga  .  cat-eye sunglasses: Celine  .  wide leg wool trousers: Jacqeumus  .  white square toe […]

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, we all love a good power duo right? Well it may not be hip hop but it’s just as good baby, one of my latest obsessions is dream team Laura Taylor and Ryan Holliday-Stevens the design team behind Solace London. With […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Code Red

One of the biggest trend’s for 2017 was red. Red shoes, red bags, even a red leather skirt, to name a favourite. From the runway, Balenciaga red puffer jacket to the street with Dorateymur Red Patent boots we couldn’t help but embrace it. And embrace it we did, bringing it right into the sanctuary. Above we have […]

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Summer With Calvin

Your love affair with Calvin Klein may have started with a well cut denim clad Justin Beiber artfully intertwined with super babe Lara Stone for the 2015 #mycalvins campaign, or perhaps a 15 year old Brooke Shields wrapped in her Calvins during the early 1980’s, but for me the most iconic moment was the 1992 imagery featuring a […]

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So Frenchy So Chic

Honey I’m home… and the reality of what was Paris Fashion Week SS 2018 is slowly fading, although thankfully some memories will last forever.  Take for instance that moment when I walked into the Céline show on my birthday into what looked like a giant marshmallow, how did Phoebe Philo know that marshmallows are my favourite […]

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  I feel utterly obliged to share with you my must have shoe of the month… Let me introduce to you a simple yet radical brand know by the name Neous. Designed to fit seamlessly into the modern women’s life… I’ll take one in black and red please xx SHOP NEOUS BELOW

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Beige: Sunday Sanctuary

  According to the Urban Dictionary, beige is variously described as a pale sandy fawn colour, a grayish tan, a light-grayish yellowish brown, or a pale to grayish yellow. It goes on to say that beige refers to a person that is normal, with minimal style and works a 9-5 job. I can most utterly confirm that […]

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Chanel Spring 2018

    Walking into the Grand Palais is always an experience in itself,  let alone the location for the Chanel Spring 2018 Show. As I walked through the large entrance I was greeted by the sounds of water gently cascading down the side of a giant, moss laden cliff.  At that exact moment I knew I […]

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Summer Of Love

The timing couldn’t have been better when I think about it.  Under immense pressure to change up the fashion stakes in the bedroom (let me please clarify that I’m speaking purely aesthetically in this department), I had exhausted all efforts in preparation for a girly weekend in the country. A rendezvous well rounded with the sipping of long island iced […]

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Maison Kimhekim

At the moment undertaking a mission to outer space and beyond doesn’t sounds like such a bad idea. You could say it’s a more of an enlightening  thought considering the amount of work piled up on my desk this week… Currently we’re all in belief that KIMHĒKIM is one of our favourite fashion escape plans.  Previously of Balenciaga heritage designer […]

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Louis Vuitton Spring 18

  On your average Tuesday evening at the Louvre, where history and art run deep,  Nicolas Ghesquière’s Spring 2018 collection for Louis Vuitton came to life. The ever so clever Ghesquière combined the modern with the historic. The medieval ground floor of the Louvre, contained walls lined with exposed bricks, highlighting the aspects of a fortress […]

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The Fundamentals

  If you’re a regular to our Sunday Sanctuary interior tours, you’ll know I am partial material palette selection of wood, steel, concrete and marble  And let’s be honest how can a you go wrong with those fundamentals.  Add some Hans Wenger furniture and some homogenous art and you have yourself a winning combo. This winning combo of […]

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The Peninsula Paris

When you’re half way around the world, have just stepped off a 24 hour flight and a broken luggage carousel holds your suitcases hostage upon arrival… There’s no better feeling than finally arriving at your accommodation and knowing that your home for the next little while happens to be one of the most beautiful hotels in […]

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Martini With A Twist

We hear about it all the time and it’s one of my favourite elements of fashion week… ‘Off duty style’ is here baby and I think you’ll agree, it’s here to stay. But if you ask me off duty doesn’t just apply to our favourite models in their downtime, it’s about having a go-to uniform […]

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Modernist Minimalist

Scandinavian, mid-century modernist, minimalist, three words that accurately describe Louise Liljencrantz. And we totes agree. Liljencrantz background is in the fields of graphic design and fashion design… Which explains alot. Only entering the interior design game officially in February Liljencrantz has made a name for herself with in the epicentre of Scandinavian  minimalism- Stockholm. So without further […]

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The top three trousers for October. Each making a strong case for the 1970s-inspired suiting… who’s on board this kick-flare trouser bandwagon, we certainly are. cropped patent trousers: Ellery  .    checked kick-flare wool trousers: Zimmerman  . oversized cotton-corduroy trousers: Vetements SHOP LO-FI TROUSERS HERE:

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Celine Spring 2018

Entering a marshmallow-cloud-like tent within a Parisian Tennis Club felt somewhat comforting. And this comfort was further enhanced by wooden benches covered in Céline printed sleeping bags. Now that’s what I’m talking about, good ol’ fashioned camping…  But I knew this was going to be a camping experience that I was neither previously accustomed to, nor had encounter before.The bespoke Céline […]

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Double Shot

A google search for alternative names for brown will have you uncovering a plethora of stupendous options  .. Caramel, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Pecan, Syrup just to name a few, sounding like ingredients that one would use to make a christmas cake much? Now that your mouth is watering and I’ve got you just a little bit intrigued […]

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Dior 2018 Ready To Wear

In awe I stepped into a white domed shaped runway, with a roof consisting of shattered mosaic glass. As a long time admirer of the one of the most historic fashion brands, I sat eager at the edge of my seat for what Maria Grazia Chiuri and the entire Dior team had created. Carefully crafted stories have become […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Back to Basics

Pared back with minimal styling, this week’s Sanctuary is drawing back to the basics… Hidden away in Mumbai, India lies a space that beautifully entwines the lush, green surroundings into a breath-taking, timeless home. With a focus on architectural structure and minimal furnishings, the beauty lies in the smaller, yet not un-noticed details. The use of hardwood timber on […]

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Celine Me Now

My headmaster once summonsed me to the head office, my friends and I had been requested to attend an award ceremony in regards to our artistic pursuits.  Woo hoo, to say that we were excited was an understatement.   The headmaster was also impressed with our creative endeavours, however was not overly excited at the fact that outside […]

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Good Advice

  The good advice everyone needs right now… earrings: Fay Andrada  .  top: A.W.A.K.E  .  sunglasses: Le Specs  .  belt bag: Off-White  .  trousers: Balenciaga  . ankle boots: Balenciaga  .  tote: Modern Weaving  .  card holder: Prada SHOP LO-FI:

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Partner In Crime

She’s one of those girls that reveals herself every now and then on your Instagram discover page, and where you puzzle yourself with the question… who is she? Is she a model, a stylist blessed with exceptional genetics, or maybe she’s a designer?  The answer is the latter and if you haven’t guessed already we’re talking about Giorgia Tordini one […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: 101 Spring Street

This week’s Sanctuary lies on the corner of 101 Spring Street, New York – and is none other than the restored residence of the late, Donald Judd. Formerly Judd’s private home and work space, the 19th century cast iron building is now open for guided visits providing a unique insight to the designs, art and vision of […]

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The Go To

As a teenager I incurred several sports related injuries, which by chance were all on the right hand side of my body.  At some point in time since then I visited a physic who told me that this was due to the fact that the right side of ones body is masculine, the left side is feminine […]

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Electric Air

In a world that is quickly becoming homogenised with the over saturation of generic content, I’m always looking for inspiration.  Inspiration in destinations that I’ve never seen before, inspiration in the undiscovered designers with big ideas, and inspiration in photographers and artists who look at the world through different eyes. Thanks to the power of social […]

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