Beautiful Snow

Soft snow is falling out of my window since I woke up today. I couldn’t help but step out for a few minutes with a cup of hot chocolate and inadvertently my camera, so I could share with you my view. I am not a very summery person although I should really say I am just not into horrible temperatures when it comes to heat. Here in Norway there is a saying. There is no bad weather just bad clothing (roughly translated), so I will take cold anytime over heat when it comes to being outdoors. In fact, I can think of nothing better right now than armoring up with my new thermal undergarments plus training gear and head out for a brisk walk. I love Kari Traa undergarments 100% merino wool, Nike running tights and Nike 4.0 running shoes . Then I only need to accessorize with gloves scarf and a beanie and I am ready to go! There are so many options for those I have at least 3 drawers dedicated to them in any color combination.See you later!Follow me on Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook | Bloglovin | Feedly▲© 2013-2014 ONLYDECOLOVE.COMALL RIGHTS RESERVEDPhotographs taken by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.