Blog Planning for 2018 and Combating Instagram algorithm failure

I posted the photo above on my instagram a couple of weeks ago when I got my new 2018 planner ( I always buy my next years planner around October due to already arranging meetings/travelling/work with clients for the next year ), but I thought it was very relevant to the post I wanted to make today : my blogging plans for 2018.
:: New Branding || I have long decided on the concept of how I want this space to look like in the near future ( hint : think online bookazine with curated content ) , while at the same time I am also considering changing the name completely for my brand. I picked Only Deco Love a long time ago without thinking too much about it, and it has reached a point now that I feel I need something to represents me more. Stay tuned for all the realization of my plans through 2018!

:: Consistency || Looking back at my posts this year I noticed that months in and out have been numerically very inconsistent. To combat that I will be introducing some new columns that will not only bring more consistency back to the blog, but also new, fun and useful to read content!

:: Instagram and blog || One of my most important plans ( and the reason it was on the header) is to find a way to combat Instagrams algorithm failure. I have tried to find ways to fix this internally and I have seen good results (hint: this will be one of the new monthly columns), but when it comes to the best thing I can do, is to bring more of instagram on my blog. For other bloggers out there, we control our blogs completely, that is something that no algorithm can change. And I have to be honest, I really miss the days that people used to comment on blogs, connected through blogs. In that regard I will try to bring more of instagram on the blog, or to say it better, more of what used to be great about instagram on the blog. The spontaneity , the connection, the simple need for a timeline of events as they happen.

There is more I want to do for this space but I don’t want to reveal too much, I think it will be more fun to share as I go, I hope this peaks your curiosity a little bit and trust me, you wont have to wait long for it!

Have a happy New Year and my wishes for a wonderful and creative 2018! Lets make this the best year yet!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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