A new Swedish shop sells limited editions for those who want unique art in their homes!

The Ode To is a new shop out of Stockholm, founded by Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins as a platform to provide people with an art source with a twist. Rather than the typical print shop that might sell large batches of prints (and you may end up seeing…

The Nordic Version of the Classic Shaker Kitchen

News from Nordiska Kök, a new take on the old shaker style kitchen with styling by Annaleena Leino.

A new hanger in the most subtle yellow

Annaleena’s metal rails are a must have if you like minimal accessories. Her range features simple geometric shapes and she just debuted this fast yellow version, the first colored version in a collection of white and black. I’m not a huge fan of brigh…

All the right tones

I found this image last week while looking for some photos for another post and its just stuck with me. The warm grey tones and minimal styling is just perfect, the more and more I look at it. The sofa, by Mass Productions, is called Dandy and the gorg…

A storage essential: clothing rails by Annaleena

The talented Annaleena whose studio and rails I’ve blogged about before, has a limited edition rail (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to the it) that I adore. And while we’re at it, her store is expanding and now features other interior accessories …

September cravings

A new month brings a new wishlist, or cravings as I have apparently begun calling it. A little of this and a little of that, cravings are items I’m liking at the moment for the home, to wear or to use personally. A button down shirt dress from COS / F…

Apartment Rådmansgatan 70B styled by Annaleena for Alexander White

Designed by Paul Hedqvist and built in 1957, a renovated home with large windows and kitchen from Kvänum gets a new style. Thanks to Annaleena who employed the help of some of her own products in the form of candleholders and tables, the space has a unique style that’s modern and lush. The warm cabinets in the kitchen against the steel backslash is surprisingly lovely.

Tables and candleholders from her shop, the beautiful Gubi Stay sofa, mirrored table from Perspective Studio, Fritz Hansen Series 7 chairs, Hem’s Key side table, Taccia lamp by Flos (which I’ve been seeing so much of lately) the Mantis wall lamp, and the beautiful suede boxes and trays by Nordstjerne.

tour a brand new studio, just 20 mins from Stockholm

You mentioned that opening your own showroom has been a long time dream of yours, now that your dream is coming true, what does this finished space mean to you?

Dreams must take time and allow themselves to be worthy of the anticipation. This has been my dream to open a studio. A studio that is bursting with energy and creates interior innovation. That’s exactly what I want it to mean to others. You must allow dreams to take time, hurry slowly. I want my studio will be an incubator for what other creative dreams can be.

Besides housing your amazing past and forthcoming design pieces, what other purposes do you intend to use the studio for?

My previous answer covers this issue. If everything within my creative path was only about me, I would not leave seeds for others. That’s what I believe everything in life is about, giving further. I want to create a path for others to walk through.

Can you tell us a bit about the location and why you chose it?

The studio is located a bit outside Stockholm city in a harbor and marina, which is perfect. It is right next to the water with a large roof terrace and is the optimal place for creative activity and creative work. We are as far from a busy urban environment as can be yet only it takes 20 mins to Stockholm city centre. I think that is the future value, peaceful environment. We have fantastic natural light in the studio that we can rent it out for photo shoots and will offer even greater daylight studio in the spring and summer months. More about that later though!

Along with your own creations, will you be carrying any other selection of items?

Absolutely. My design complements the others, vice versa. A Swedish saying goes, alone is not strong. The best way to show your own design is to place it next to the others. I have already begun to choose brands that I believe will be a nice complement to my studio and to present for my interior decorating clients. I can only hope that others love the result as much as I do.
You can visit Annaleena and her collection at:
B R Y G G A V Ä G E N 1 3 1 E , E K E R Ö


A bit of pink in this flat styled by Mimmi Staaf for Fantastic Frank. Pink stairs print from Annaleena Karlsson available at The Poster Club.