David Jones

Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished in sea foamy hues reminiscent of the salty ocean.             Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished

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Pierre Augustin Rose

  Pierre Augustin Rose’s showroom images have been floating around my feed for sometime now, the intriguing yet simple design furnisher has made its way to the top of my to furnishing wish list. This collection has been described as timeless aestheticism, with very clean lines and finishes of uncompromising demand… And that it is.

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Atsuko Mochida creates revolving floor and walls in abandoned house

This captioned movie shows an installation by Japanese artist Atsuko Mochida, who has cut a volume out of an abandoned house and rebuilt it on top of a revolving platform. The piece, titled ‘The Revolving House of T’, is located in Mito city in Ibaraki prefecture in central Japan. To create the installation Mochida cut a

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Earth Layers by Erik Jørgensen & Pernille Vest

The showroom of Erik Jørgensen at Bredgade 76, 1260 Copenhagen K has turns one year old this month. One the one year anniversary however they have opened their doors to share a new holistic experience with visitors that feels earthy yet artistic.The fo…

Not Vital’s Bataan Chapel

Situated in a remote town just 50 kilometers west of Manilla, Swiss artist Not Vital has completed a chapel that expertly blends the lines between art and architecture.
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Forensic Architecture shortlisted for Turner Prize 2018

Investigative agency Forensic Architecture has been shortlisted for this year’s Turner Prize, the UK’s most important art award. The research group, based at Goldsmiths University in London, has been recognised for its investigative exhibitions, which recreate events using spatial analysis to reveal human rights violations. Founded in 2010 by Israeli architect Eyal Weizman, the architectural investigative agency is currently working to

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A new Swedish shop sells limited editions for those who want unique art in their homes!

The Ode To is a new shop out of Stockholm, founded by Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins as a platform to provide people with an art source with a twist. Rather than the typical print shop that might sell large batches of prints (and you may end up seeing…

A home with dark stained wood and oversized artwork

This apartment is like a feast for the eyes, so it’s really no wonder to hear that it belongs to architect Andreas Martin Löf and styled by Lotta Agaton and photographed for Residence Bookazine. The darker wood is seen throughout the home, in tables, l…

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners begins work on Louvre art store in northern France

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners has started building a new concrete-framed art storage facility in Lievin, France, for the Louvre museum, which will be covered by a large green roof. The centre designed by the British architectural firm will be equipped to store 250,000 art works as well as conservation and study areas. Set entirely on one level, the Louvre collections facility

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Sunday Sanctuary: Code Red

One of the biggest trend’s for 2017 was red. Red shoes, red bags, even a red leather skirt, to name a favourite. From the runway, Balenciaga red puffer jacket to the street with Dorateymur Red Patent boots we couldn’t help but embrace it. And embrace it we did, bringing it right into the sanctuary. Above we have […]

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The Fundamentals

  If you’re a regular to our Sunday Sanctuary interior tours, you’ll know I am partial material palette selection of wood, steel, concrete and marble  And let’s be honest how can a you go wrong with those fundamentals.  Add some Hans Wenger furniture and some homogenous art and you have yourself a winning combo. This winning combo of […]

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Green and pink stripes colour undulating walls of Swiss house

The signature stripes of artist Daniel Buren cover the curved walls of this timber-framed house by architect Davide Macullo, which functions as a piece of public art in a picturesque Swiss valley. For Swiss architect David Macullo, working with the French conceptual artist Daniel Buren was a lifelong dream come true. “It was a big help to someone

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Erwin Wurm’s Fat House installed outside baroque palace in Vienna

An “obese house” by Austrian sculptor Erwin Wurm has been installed on the lawn outside an 18th-century palace in Vienna. Wurm first created the Fat House in 2003, as a commentary on middle-class consumer culture. It is now on show outside the Upper Belvedere, one of Vienna’s most important examples of baroque architecture. The seven-metre-high sculpture is similar in

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Tied Together

How to combine minimal style in old character house. German Altbau apartment. Minimal home decor inspiration. All white monochrome home. Minimal style blog

That Light Though

How to combine minimal style in old character house. German Altbau apartment. Minimal home decor inspiration. All white monochrome home. Minimal style blog

100,000 forbidden books used to construct Parthenon replica on Nazi book-burning site

Argentinian artist Marta Minujín has used thousands of prohibited books to construct a replica of the Parthenon in ancient Greece on a Nazi book-burning site in Kassel, Germany. Taking a stance against censorship, Minujín designed the Parthenon of Books to echo the classical Greek temple, which remains a major icon of the democratic Athenian polis. Metal scaffolding mimics the form of

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Sunday Sanctuary: Belle Chasse

  Herringbone floorboards, ornate wall mouldings and the type of Parisian apartment that we at Oracle Fox dream of, is all right here in one sweet little package my friends. A name known throughout the design and architecture communities, Joseph Dirand is the one behind this beautiful classic yet modern French apartment. Located in the […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Tuscany Calls

In Eastern Tuscany lies the province of Arrezo, a place famous for churches dating back to the 13th century, and being the birthplace of some of Italy’s most famous poets, painters and composers. With a history as rich as this, it comes as no surprise that architect Roberto Baciocchi was inspired to restore and style his […]

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The Living Room

How to combine minimal style in old character house. German Altbau apartment. Minimal home decor inspiration. All white monochrome home. Minimal style blog

Lara Almarcegui

El spaniard born artist Lara Almarcegui has us dreaming of indoor moon scape locations fit for a fashion editorial, especially one for the Journal. Lara explores the relations bewteen  architecture and urbanism, focusing on abandoned spaces that are usually regarded as commonplace, spaces in the process of being demolished and construction materials. And the result, an […]

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Mehdi Ghadyanloo’s surrealist utopian paintings feature in London exhibition

Monolithic volumes against gradated backgrounds and staircases that lead to nowhere are depicted in the architectural paintings of Iranian artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo, which are set to go on show in London next month. Ghadyanloo’s solo Spaces of Hope exhibition is organised by Shoreditch-based Howard Griffin Gallery, and will take place at the Ambika P3 space

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Poster Club X Atelier CPH

New print designs as a collaboration between Danish print store The Poster Club and design studio Atelier CPH.Stay tuned for a great giveaway you’ll want to be a part of, where you can win a print from the new collection! More details coming soon.Photo…

Sunday Sanctuary: Brittany France

On the dunes of Sables d’Or, France lies the home of antique dealers Yves and Victor Gastou, and it is certainty one to inspire. Completely surrounded by floor to ceiling glass, the house explores the relationship between architecture and nature. An interior focus on neutral, natural elements including timber, hardwood, and stone finishes perfectly furthers the notion of bringing the outside […]

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The start of the year has us feeling fresh and inspired. Stumbling across these images we decided to create a mini moodboard with six of our favourite images. Tumblr  .  Pintrest .  Balenziaga  . Amomento  .  Tumblr  . Into the Gloss  .  Oracle Fox Tumblr SHOP OUR FAV MOODY ITEMS THIS WEEK

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Create Your Own Art Gallery Wall

This is a clever and easy idea courtesy of IKEA’s Livet Hemma using small floating shelves (called LACK) in an arrangement that mimics a gallery wall. A nice way to display decorative vessels or souvenirs in a super inexpensive but minimal way.

Styled by Alicia Sjöström
Photogrpahy by Ragnar Omarsson

Ricky Swallow

  Ricky Swallow’s sculptures address fundamental issues that lie at the core of who we are.  Large brass cicada-like pieces command the attention of the room and could sit quite nicely in the Gallery of Modern Art or in an ideal world our office .. if we only had more space and expendable income. In […]

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Relaxed Definition, inspiration from COS

Feeling inspired by the loose and soft shapes in this collection from COS.

the poetic home of Claes Juhlin

There is a feeling about this Stockholm home that reads like poetry to me. The thoughtful and artistic placement or purposeful spaciousness of certain rooms, the restraint, the soul. Or maybe it’s the soft putty colors and shadows that make up the home…

Transformation By Moriyuki Ochiai Architects

Japanese firm Moriyuki Ochiai Architects transformed a botanical garden in Hakone area into a museum’s multi-purpose space and named the project “Waterscape/Memory of Spring“.
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What a great feeling it is to offer, to others or to yourself, little pleasures that resonate with your values. Pushing this thought a little further, learning the stories which lie hidden behind these objects makes gifting them even more … Continue reading

The Sacred Museum by Fernando Menis Architects

Designed by Tenerife-based architect’s office Fernando Menis architects, the Sacred Art Museum and Plaza España is a preservation and enlargement operation. The plot is located on a intricate site in Adeje, Spain, on the edge of the Barranco del Inf…

The Fashion Artists

When it comes to Viktor and Rolf a picture speaks a thousand words .. literally.  Inside the Gallery of Victoria, one of Australia’s most prestigious National Galleries lies and exhibition of Fashion Week worthy proportions. Whoever said that it was rude to draw on the walls may want to think again, as 4 large illustrative […]

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clay inspiration

These clay slab sculptures created for Apartmento magazine by Spanish artist Ana Domínguez immediately captivated me. Such beautiful colors and organic shapes, they look like accidental creations and I love their simple imperfection.

Difference Makes Us

Perhaps it’s because I grew up with a love of mud between my toes, the sugar cane farmers daughter, wild (barefoot) and free.  Or perhaps it’s because when I was 12 my mum put me in after-school art classes, the artist studio workshop fragrantly thick with the musky smell of oil-paints set out in the […]

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A Conversation With Viktor & Rolf

In the lush manicured gardens of Victoria’s National Gallery I sit alongside Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren… “Fashion Artist’s”, more recognisably known as Viktor & Rolf.   Yellow butterfly’s float between us, along with the soft subtle hum of bee’s.  Spring is in full force and you can sense that there is something in the air.  Perhaps […]

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The Crown House by 81.WAW.PL.

Modeled and rendered by 3D visualization artist Michal Nowak, the Crown House is a residence with the concept to create a home featuring stark minimalistic lines and clean modern looks. The house was designed by polish architectural practice 81.WAW.PL. and is defined by the sharp and strict geometric forms with a bold, creative vision. The […]

Rock & A Hard Place

Laddie John Dill has been creating masterpieces since the 1970’s and has been a central figure of what is known the Light & Space movement throughout his career. Working with elements such as light, concrete, glass, metal and sand to create vast installations, sculptures and wall pieces, Dill’s creations are distinctly earthy and perfectly minimalist. […]

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Free The Minimalist Nude

In you. Or just free the Scandinavian minimalist art lover in you and surround yourself with the beauty of the human silhouette, single lines, ink prints and abstract faces. Thanks to whimsical designs of jewelry artists like Anissa Kermiche or Open House and painter Christiane Spangsberg or illustrator Frédéric Forest, I’m lusting after all forms of abstract minimal art lately, especially nudes. image sources: paloma wool, sunga park behance, joanna chimka saatchi, sight unseen, christiane spangsberg, kinfolk, my scandinavian home, anouk yve, etsy Save Save

The Bündner Kunstmuseum By Barozzi Veiga

Spanish architect’s office Barozzi Veiga designed the cubical building to create a new wing for the Bündner Kunstmuseum in the Swiss city of Chur. With the appearance of a grid-type cube, the 4,000 square meter extension is located alongside Villa P…

The Tianjin Binhai Library by MVRDV

Designed by the Dutch company MVRDV, the extraordinary library in Tianjin, China, is nearing completion. The 34,200 m2 building is part of the new Binhai Cultural Centre, which was designed by German architects GMP, and connects four other buildings th…


How to find the right art for your home. Framed poster inspiration for a minimal interior. Black and white photography. Rohrschach Test art. Juniqe Berlin

A Tiny Mobile Shelter

Designed by dutch artist Rob Sweere, the “Sledge-Project” was developed together with danish Ann Andreassen, René Kristensen and kids from the Uummannaq Children’s Home to build a residence to shelter people in different locations within the…

Sunday Sanctuary: The Art Collector

When living and exhibiting coincide in the best way possible… This art collectors apartment is not only an art lovers dream come true, but a perfectly curated space showcasing a diverse collection of art and sculpture, not to mention that very impressive collection of Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume in the smaller living area. While […]

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The Side Table

How to style the HAY tray table. Marble home decor pieces. Black & white photography in minimalist home. Berlin Altbau apartment with minimal interior style

Nancy Lorenz

Cubes dripping in gold are just some of our favourite pieces from artist Nancy Lorenz.  Inspired by traditional Asian Art after a stint living in Tokyo, combined with an interest in  Post War abstraction, Nancy’s work is both organically elegant and aesthetically beautiful. We can only imagine one of her geode embedded boxes sitting neatly […]

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Nicole Wermers

Anyone who spends a serious amount of time on tumblr with recognise the work of Nicole Wermers.  Her fur cloaked chairs are a favourite amongst pinners and tumblr fanatics alike .. including yours truly. Nicole’s work even though it may be simplistic in the execution is uber effective and has us thinking that maybe running out […]

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A Lighthouse Among The Dunes

Surrounded by the fantastic dune landscape on the northwest coast of Denmark, the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse suffered serious damage back in 1968. This Spring, after a refurbishment by BESSARDs’ STUDIO and JAJA Architects, it offers a scenic staircase …

Tippet Rise Art Center opens on a cattle ranch in rural Montana

Massive earthen sculptures and a wooden concert hall form part of the new Tippet Rise Art Center, a vast performance venue and park in a remote area of Montana (+ slideshow). The art centre is located in Fishtail, a town situated about 65 miles (104 kilometres) from Billings – one of the state’s largest cities. It was More

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Katharina Eisenkoeck

If you’re a Pinterest fanatic much like yours truly here, you may have drooled over Katharina Eisenkoeck’s sculptural artworks before without even realising it.  I personally can see one of these beautiful suspended quartz babies taking centre stage inside the front door of my house, but I’m sure you don’t need an excuse to own an artwork […]

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Kinfolk’s Reform exhibit

Kinfolk, originally from Portland, OR has relocated its headquarters to one of my favorite cities, Copenhagen. The offices also offer space for dinners and a gallery which opened June 4, and is currently hosting an exhibit entitled Reform which is host…

(Im)perfect Home

Scandinavian style inspired home. Marble home decor. Industrial lamp inspiration. Minimalist guide to gallery wall. Minimal living room. All-white apartment

modern art with white balloons

Beautiful DNA-like balloon installations by artist Charles Pétillon. Also check out his installation for Covent Garden Market.

Alyson Shotz

When we came across the images of Alyson Shotz on Instagram earlier this year we were obsessed right from the word go.  Her use of industrial materials, mirrors and stainless steel had us melting in our Céline slides and I’m sure if you’re scrolled through the above, you’ll feel the same.  As a former student […]

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A Look Back At Our Favorite Serpentine Gallery Pavilions

Every summer since 2000, London’s famed Serpentine Gallery has invited leading international architects to design a temporary pavilion for its lawns.
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Minimalist Mood #2

Minimal interior inspiration. Minimalist jewellery. Levi’s 501 inspired denim jeans outfits. Babouche mule trend. Minimal style blogger. Scandinavian style.

gather & sphere

New works entitled “GATHER” & “SPHERE” from Danish artist Kristina Krogh, meticulously made by hand of a thousands of golden dots. She was also recently listed in Dwell’s “Young Guns” list which is wonderful recognition, congrats Kirstina!

Zaha Hadid retrospective announced for Venice Architecture Biennale

Venice Architecture Biennale 2016: a retrospective of work by the late Zaha Hadid will take place during this year’s Venice Biennale, including early paintings, models and photos of past and future projects. The show will pay tribute to the Iraqi-born British architect, who passed away earlier this year, showcasing completed and under-construction building from throughout her 40-year career, as well as unrealised projects like the Cardiff Bay Opera House More

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Sunday Sanctuary: An Education

You guys… This is how it’s done. This lust-worthy apartment in Copenhagen is one of those homes that effortlessly mixes the traditional with the contemporary and leaves a girl dreaming about those Herringbone floors. There are so many takeaways from this amazing interior, so why don’t we break down the top 3. Lesson 1: Large […]

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Minimalist Mood #1

Minimal interior inspiration. Concrete and marble home. Denim and white shirt outfit. All-white monochrome loft. Minimal style blogger. Scandinavian style.

Botanical Garden

Minimal interior inspiration with cacti and succulents. Plant inspiration. Cactus and plant photographs. Where to go in Berlin. Minimal monochromatic outfit

sunday sand

I’ve saved this image for months now and why? Better to share it with the world than have it clutter my desktop. It’s been so long now but I believe the ceramicist’s name is Cassie Griffin, though I can’t find the source of this exact photo.Ready for t…


Minimal wardrobe inspiration. Marble floors. Wardrobe essentials. People Magazine photography.

museum date at the Broad

If you haven’t heard by now the hype is gathering around downtown LA’s The Broad, a contemporary art museum by the philanthropist Eli Broad. Though you can get reservations on their online ticketing system, it’s booked out for weeks. We ended up waiting for about an hour strolling in 10:30am on a Sunday. From the infinity Room (get there early) to their Warhol/Hurst/Koons scattered through the rooms, it’s a VERY pop art-heavy collection. You can call it the Whitney equivalent of LA. But you just have to see it to see the amazing shots you can pull off across its humungous “honeycomb like” exterior. Inspired by the funky architecture of The Broad, I put together a look with volume and structure. Thank you for reading, hope you had an amazing holiday weekend! xx Melis Photos by Abel. the outfit: Fashion Bunker tunic (c/o) | Shopbop culottes (on sale here) | Saint Laurent booties (similar here) | Levis Denim jacket | Bag: Chanel

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Sunday Sanctuary: Focal Point

 I love the way that each room in this beautiful Australian home has it’s own unique focal point… Eclectic pieces of art take centre stage in one space and mix perfectly with the marble features in the next, and I think you’ll all agree with me that there’s no getting over that fireplace… x O’Connor […]

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Photo I took of Yuri on our road trip to Big Sur. 

Today I want to share a very special project I’m proud to be a part of. I’m in an amazing group of creative women in Los Angeles called Untitled Mondays. Our first collaborative effort will be an exhibition called Notes To A Friend: by Untitled Mondays.
Notes To A Friend began as a personal project by our friend Yuri Chung. A few months shy of her fourth year in remission from breast cancer, Yuri found out that it had returned in the form of metastasized Stage 4 cancer. Her response was “Notes To A Friend” — a series of notes she had started writing and sending to a friend about her experience throughout both cancers. Our show will feature original work by 50+ contributing artists (myself included) in response to the note they found most personally meaningful.
If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I would love to invite you to come see the exhibit which will include an art marketplace as well as live performances. All work will be available for auction to benefit a fundraiser for Yuri. See her story here.

Sunday Sanctuary: Elsewhere

Quite often when I’m looking at interiors, it’s the small spaces that leave the biggest impression… and I can’t quite seem to get this space out of my mind, which may or may not have something to do with that closet full of ACNE pieces.. x Janne Olander  .  Stadshem  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr

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Sunday Sanctuary: Paris, Je T’aime

Having only just departed Paris after another incredible Fashion Week, it’s safe to say that I’m already feeling a little bit homesick for my beloved adopted city. This beautiful space seems to mix all the of my favourite things about the city of lights into one incredible interior; beautiful art, sleek design and that somehow perfect […]

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Twisted art museum by BIG to be built across a Norwegian river

Bjarke Ingels’ firm has won a competition to design an art gallery for a Norwegian sculpture park, with plans for a building that twists across a river (+ slideshow). Described by Ingels as an “inhabitable bridge”, the Kistefos Museum will span the Randselva river that winds through the centre of the Kistefos Sculpture Park near Oslo. The sculpture park was […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: The Darker Side

As you may know, I have a thing for bright white interiors… a serious thing that is. But sometimes, it’s the darker details that catch my eye the most. This beautiful Scandinavian space plays with contrasts so perfectly, it has me suddenly thinking about an update of the midnight coloured kind..x Kristopher Johnsson  .  Sasa Antic […]

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