I feel I ‘ve got too much to say, but I can’t stand on the balmaination ‘s way. I happened to have an exclusive invitation of the pre-shopping event so I just couldn’t but make my way into the madness!     I’d been eyeing this sleeveless coat since the first presentations started, so I …

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Last week I’ve received a huge box with the entire Balmain Luxury Care & Styling product line, such a treat! The packaging is just too beautiful to store away in a closet, so I’ve created a little beauty corner in my bedroom. I’m such a sucker for minimalistic beauty packaging. <3

First Impressions

Even though it may look otherwise I promise that I hardly ever run late.  The secret to this is being organised, which I must admit is harder for a Libran like me than declining a VIP invitation to a Barney’s Sale in New York.  Well thankfully in this instance I don’t live in New York and secondly when […]

Between The Lines

Let’s be honest I don’t wear a lot of colour, chambray shirts and khaki are about as exciting as it gets around here in the colour department, but I think it’s an exciting new step considering in the past I was all about black and white. So 2015 will be a new year for this lady […]