Tiffany & Co.

With sand under her feet, salt on her skin and the warm breeze of the ocean in her hair, the modern Oracle Fox for Tiffany muse, reclines in the sun to enjoy a day off from a life that leads her to far away destinations to enable her creative pursuits.  Jewellery is not an accessory to her but […]

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Sun Escape

Back at the beginning of 2011 I was booked to style a shoot for an Australian Designer, it was only the second styling job that I had ever undertaken so you can imagine I was feeling a little nervous but quietly excited.  Luckily on the call sheet were a few familiar names, but one person […]

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Gold Dust

With the temperatures rising in the Southern Hemisphere and our need for keeping things ‘cool’, it’s all about reworking your casual wardrobe basics and updating the vibe for 2016.  Take your que from models off duty, like our friend here Talia and mix your boyfriends shirt with a vintage scarf a sentimental delicate gold jewellery.  Lightweight […]

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Summer High

There are few people in the Australian Fashion Industry with as much respect as the beautiful Jennifer Hawkins.  A girl after my own heart, CEO, business woman, model and muse Jen has had a long running and illustrious career that’s stretched beyond the permitters of Australian soil to be known as one of the most […]

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When I was 7 my mum crocheted me a set of bikinis, sounds pretty cool right? Mmmm not so much.  The crutch was .. let’s just say ill fitting, the triangles sat 5 centimetres above their appropriate destination and well it all looked ok from a ‘distance’.  It’s needless to say that there is an art […]

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Age Of Aquarius

Meet Noam.  With eyes like fembot razor beams, a body svelte enough for tomb raiding and a wicked sense of humour that would crack an expression on even the most staunch of catholics, this girl is more than just a triple threat.  As a mini tsunami wave encroached our Israeli born muse, nothing fazed her determined spirit from […]

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Paradise Cove

  Ahhh sometimes you just need to get away, even if getting away mean submerging yourself deep into tumblr and pinterest rather than deep into the Pacific Ocean.  You see not all of us have the privilege of ocean at our doorstep so for this reason and I guess a whole bunch of others I recently teamed up […]

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By Chance

 There’s magic in a good knit, oversized and slouchy or fitted and slinky we’re all obsessed around here by the textures and feel of a good knit.  Thanks to one of my favourite stylists Sarah Smith for putting this story together for Elle Australia we can’t wait for winter .. model: Louise Mikkelsen  .  photographer: […]

Force Of Nature

You might already recognise this face but if you don’t already meet the beautiful Louise Mikkelsen. We’ve all heard the phrase Great Dane and now you know where it comes from.   Denmark’s 2013 Next Top Model winner has been in Australia of late and picking up some incredible gigs.  Amongst shooting for Elle Australia […]

Shadow Dancer

Only the forces of nature could create a backdrop this perfect and the same mother of creation may be held responsible for our long limbed beauty Suzy Woo who you might remember meeting here  once before.  You see where I come from may be slightly isolated and a technically a little uncool in the fashion stakes but […]

Burberry Sundance

  Welcome to 2015! With a holiday tan and a midriff that saw one too many mojito’s what else does a girl wear but a Burberry LBD.  You see we all know that the Burberry brand is famous for it’s trench coats but something I need to share with you is the magic of a […]

She’s Like The Wind

It’s been a long time coming and I’m so excited to share with you that the love child of Oracle Fox, the ORACLE FOX JOURAL, is now live!  For some time I’ve wanted to put together a site that sits within Oracle Fox, purely as a curation of exclusive editorial content from some of our favourite photographers, […]


So It Goes magazine has become on of my new favourites delivering beautiful and original editorials in a clear voice that is distinctly it’s own. While I am currently sweltering under an unseasonably warm sun,  I wouldn’t mind being this girl, on this beach underneath THOSE white cliffs… too good x model: Zoe Huxford  .  photographer: James Perry  .  So […]

Rolling Stone

I’m guilty and I know it.  It’s been a while since I’ve put together a shoot for you my beautiful friends, and thanks to your feedback I know that you’ve been anticipating something special.  With all of the collaborations and travel in recent months I thought it was time for some creative output and to get […]

Sure Thing

Mondays for me are all about relaxed workwear, thanks to Anja Rubik for reinterpreting the perfect tailored suit this might need to become part of the weekday outfit rotation .. model: Anja Rubik  .  photographer: Collier Schorr  .  stylist: Sissy Vian  .  Flair Magazine October #13 2014


Relaxed Spring vibes with easy styling and no fuss.  Thanks to the dream team of photographer Emily Abay, stylist Irina Martyn-Zyznikow and mega babe Anja Konstantinova magic will always happen ..