my edgy valentine

Because we had a chance to slip off to Vegas for an early Chinese New Year’s celebration, I wanted to throw together a Valentine’s Day inspiration for you guys! At this point in my life, I feel lucky to be in a long-term relationship with the hubby, which means I get to dress for myself and really explore my personal style. It’s a life journey to find genuine self-inspired style (because at the end of the day, you’re sharing your point of view), but when it comes around, you can feel it in your bones. In true Fashion Mews, it’s all about bringing out a comfort pick from my wardrobe – the denim, but add a more flirty date-night on top of it. I call this one my edgy valentine. I added the neck tie and Givenchy heels for more edge and chic. Special shout out to Christina Aguayo for the amazing make up. Thank you for reading as always! xx Melis Photos by Abel. Let’s connect on Instagram and Bloglovin. the outfit: Revolve top | J Brand denim (value find here) | Givenchy heels (value find here) | Neck tie | Bag: Chanel

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Hong Kong travel journal pt. 2

As we prepare for our next adventure, I wanted to look back at the last part of our Hong Kong travel journal and share some more photos with you. It’s been over a month since we traveled to Asia, and putting together this travel journal gave me a serious case of wanderlust. The first part of Hong Kong is here, and the Taipei travel journal is here. One of the best perks of traveling for me is to be able to shop at local stores. Like this cozy sweater dress for instance. I got it at a small boutique in Taipei for $25! It was super fun to style it with a pair of faux leather pants and the Isabel Marant knot belt. Photos were taken in Hong Kong. A few Hong Kong tips: If you’re a coffee lover, check out my favorite coffee shops 18 Grams and The Coffee Academics. If you’re a high tea lover, the afternoon tea service at The Peninsula Hotel is also a must. Thank you for reading! xx Melis Check out my Instagram and Bloglovin. the outfit

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casually edgy 2016 goals

Happy new year! January has become the month to focus, and work on some very exciting projects – can’t wait to share more details soon, stay tuned. But I want to talk about something more important today, three new year goals that I came up with for this year. Without further ado, here they are: Get more organized. Make lists and stick to them. Or try your very best! For instance, if you have 10 items in your to-do list, prioritize. If you get the top 3 key items, you’re doing great. And keep a journal next to your bed, this will help you get your thoughts down before you sleep or even in the middle of the night. Be more positive. Because the world is so negative as is and it’s up to you to change that cycle. The only way to dream is to keep the negativity out and be more thankful about what you have. Yes, there’s always someone who will be doing better, and something going wrong, but this is your life. Focus on yourself and your dreams. LOVE more, fewer people. One of the most important things I’ve learned from 2015 is to find a good […]

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Taipei travel journal

It was an amazing experience to see Taipei in person after listening to so many stories from Abel. This city is filled with amazing food, history and latte/nail art. Can’t get better than this! We walked a lot during this part of the trip – over 10 miles on one of the days, probably a good thing since we ate so much. So a simple white tee or a cozy cardigan and denim became my go-to uniform. To me, comfort is #1 priority in these kinds of situations. Highlights: In% Cafe (accidentally discovered the cutest 3-D latte art place), Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei 101 panoramic views, Shilin Night Market. Thanks for reading! xx Melis Photos by Abel. outfit details

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