The Channel

In a year that saw the return of the black bike short in a major way, an element which is equally important when channelling this lewk is the right accessory  or two.  Which lets be honest is always my favourite part .. lol. So you may ask, what is the most ideal accessory to pair with

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Black Midnight

  Celine Resort collection got us like Ahhhh… velvet cami top: Racil  .  logo sweatshirt: Balmain  leather pouch: Comme Des Garçons  .  leather ankle boots: Gucci   .  wide leg pants: The Row SHOP LO-FO:

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How come and in most occasions the only variable of importance is time?     There is either too much, so the most miserable uncreative moments seem like ages, or there’s not enough and you are trying to squeeze everything in 24 hours. Then you end up with the satisfaction that you managed to visit all …

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Off Beat

It wasn’t rocket science but it certainly grabbed our attention and made us wonder why we hadn’t already thought of it ourselves.   You know the moment I’m talking about .. that moment when Demna Gvasalia’s updated Balenciaga girl strode down the catwalk in puffer jackets and coats, slung ever so nonchalantly off the shoulders. […]

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Ghost Town

There is something about this time of year that plays tricks on you… I find myself spending the evening wondering where the day went, but not before realising that my to-do list seems to have been replaced with a new to-do list where the phrase ‘complete original list’ sits right at the top. It’s in […]

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Spoken Words

I remember having a conversation 12 months ago with one of my best friends in regards to our complete disinterest in cropped flares.  ‘I don’t get it’ she said to me and I return commented ‘I don’t think I’ll ever go there, I just don’t see myself pulling it off”, well .. as they say, […]

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Killing Time

You know how you have a friend who always has the best shoes? Or a friend who is known for her collection of ridiculously good sunglasses?  I’ll admit that these are the kind of friends you need, especially if you’re own sunglass or shoe collection is looking a little homogenous and you have the type of friends […]

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Going Nowhere

On location in the south of France, nothing could seem better than some of my favourite black classics after a long day discovering the secrets of the Cote D’Azur.  It’s all about minimal layering, a stand out shoe.. and oh just the right amount of Mediterranean breeze to achieve the kind of hair flick that […]

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Boy Meets Girl

At the risk of sounding cheesy,  this is me sartorially speaking on ‘date night’.  The quintessential evening ensemble for a girl who likes to dress like a boy, who likes boys who dress like boys .. catching my drift?  The very first time I met Sam (aka Mr Oracle Fox) I was wearing a lemon […]

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Black Lash

Cropped Flares .. tick, Vetements sock boots .. tick , we’re loving statement pieces in noir at the moment .. black sweater: T by Alexander Wang  .  black mesh triangle bra: Fleur Du Mal   .  black sunglasses: Oscar & Frank Eyewear  .  ck2 perfume: Calvin Klein  .  silver watch: Larsson & Jennings  .  shoulder bag: Alexander Wang  […]

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We are going through this time of the month, when the weather hasn’t decided its style yet, therefore nor have we! Sunny days, followed by non-stop rainy days, followed by all-time clouded and moody ones. This allows us to have many options, though, like showing some skin under layering.     I had actually forgot …

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Cheers to unearthing new obsessions and my new found lust for one of Australia’s hottest fresh talents Elissa McGowan.   With a focus on creating luxe womenswear backed by an appreciation for art and nature, this lady has got our undivided attention.  Not that long ago I was lucky enough to come across Elissa’s work when I attended […]

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Savoir Faire

While walking the cobble stone streets of Paris, it may or may not be advisable to wear a heel.  However, speak to any French woman and she will tell you otherwise.   There is something about the way that a French woman smokes her cigarette, tells the rude taxi driver to f$@ck or even perfects the […]

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I am not feeling like talking too much about this photoshoot. I guess the imagery speaks for itself. This has been a project that I ‘ve been planning for a while now, and I was really excited about, just because I really wanted a perfect outcome, an editorial and professional essence, interesting light, background and …

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Circle Work

We all love a classic clean look but this season it’s all about the addition of just the right mix of hardware.  Take a cue from Stella McCartney or Chloe to enable you to stand out from the crowd.. sometimes it’s ok to be a square peg in a round hole .. black blazer: Topshop  . […]

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Bloglovin Awards 2015

Ok so you may or may not catch me on my days off with a messy bun or even a comfortable pair of slides but the incredible team at Bloglovin don’t seem to mind.  For the second year in a row now myself aka Oracle Fox, has been nominated in the ‘Best Personal Style’ category and I couldn’t […]

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Pyjama Party

Maybe it’s because of the lack of sleep that I’ve been having lately and thought of wearing a slinky silk 2 piece is just too good not to resist.  Or maybe it’s just the fact that only a designer with the sophisticated foresight of Kym Ellery could create a satiny twin set that would have us all […]

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Vested Interests

This season I might be all about the flare but I’m hear to tell you that there’s another key player on my radar.  Never shying away from boxy silhouettes, the perfect trans-seasonal piece, both functional and yet with a hit of Parisian cool is the oversized vest.  In my recent collaborations with Myer, I’ve had the honour of trawling […]

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Slide Tracked

Ok so I might be a little over excited by the fact that my Givenchy slides just arrived, but sometimes you have to celebrate the little things.. good things always come in small packages .. x

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Midnight Express

All black doesn’t need to be boring ..   Dior ‘So Real’ sunglasses  .  Madewell Black Camisole  .  Balmain ‘Double Breasted’ Blazer  .  Stella McCartney ‘Clementina’ Lace Bra (On Sale)    .   Alexander Wang ‘Prisma’ Black Clutch  .  MIH ‘Marrakesh’ Black Flare Jeans     .  Mode Collective ‘Square Toe’ Heel   .   black watch: ‘Nixon’   .  Tom […]

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    This Australian fashion week the ‘bell’ was back, although the Aussie’s weren’t the first to toll that bell.  Funnily enough while I’ve been discussing bell trousers this week with some of my friends, they’ve expressed their doubts that bells aren’t for them, mainly because they’ve been worried that they’re not tall enough.  You don’t have to opt in […]

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Studio Report

The tuxedo suit shouldn’t be something just left to the boys, after all why should they have all the fun.  Let’s be honest ladies what better outfit could you annihilate ever hors d’oeurve in at the cocktail party, remaining comfortable and still feeling incredibly chic!  In my opinion every girl should own a black suit and […]

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Mr Love Lace

Like all things 70’s lace is making a comeback, although if you were really a believer like moi, it never actually went away in the first place.  It would seem that I’m not the only one who’s always found a place for lace.. the master couturier himself Mr Elie Saab is know for his abilities in […]

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Clean Cut

Thirty five degree’s on a work day .. no worries.  It’s all about clean and classic pieces with minimal fuss details and let’s not forget a metallic pair of the perfect Acne slides .. black jacket: Ellery  .  black top: Ellery  .  shorts: Ellery  .  metallic slides: Acne  .  black bag: Saint Laurent  .  sunglasses: Celine […]

The Vanguard

A boot load of Givenchy and all black everything, Fashion Editor Julia von Boehm knows how to get our motor started,  pair that with model Anna Ewers who has the ability to make a paper bag look good and you’ve got a match made in motor head heaven .. Vogue Germany March 2015  .  model: Anna Ewers  . […]

Off Duty

Somewhere back in the past I have memories of high school culottes that might be enough to scar you for life .. almost.  The association between the shin length short and authority have since faded away and given in to a much cooler version .. think off duty models in culottes and sneakers .. just […]

Midnight Oil

Textured bucket bags and the perfect affordable coat among other things right now high on our radar ..  coat: Freda  .  bandana knit: R13   . bra: Maison Close  .    .  sunglasses: Pared Eyewear   .   motorcycle bucket bag: Saint Laurent  .  double bar chain ring   .  denim jeans: Topshop   .  black loafers : Stella […]

On Point

As you may have figured out by now that there is nothing I love more than a sleek, all black outfit, just add some leather along with some favourite timeless accessories and you have my essential daily uniform. If you ask me, all black is never boring as long as you have a few chic wardrobe essentials […]

Suit Yourself

I have a vague memory of a teacher I once had in high school who would wear suits to class.  As you can imagine it’s the kind of memory that is best left undisclosed, those slightly scarring double breasted power suits burnt into my mind.  Through time women and suits have had a love hate relationship, […]