Enjoying the Summer Outdoors

I am participating in an influencer program on behalf of Claritin®.This program is paid for by the makers of Claritin® and I have received compensation for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own.We could not be happier that the frigid mont…

Sustainable magnetic toys for the little builder

Minimalism is a common theme across my blog, sharing lifestyle ideas that lean towards a more minimal perspective has been one of my focal points over the years. The way minimalism can benefit your style, your home, your recipes and even with children …

The tree is up!

Over the weekend we brought home our Christmas tree. We could have brought home a taller tree but I think I prefer a medium-isa tree so that it doesn’t overwhelm the entire room. We used the ornaments I mentioned in last week’s post for 5 Days of Chris…

Transitioning into Fall clothing

The spaces in between seasons can sometimes be the most awkward to dress for. For myself I’ve been working on creating a sort of capsule wardrobe for the Fall that will help me be better prepared and not be tempted to make impulse buys.For the kids I’m…

A paper roller that’s ideal for the tiny artist

Having kids is a messy endeavor, even for those who are incredibly organized and neat freaks, often kids are naturally more untidy. It’s in their nature to explore, to experiment, to become easily distracted, thus leaving a trail of upturned and half examined objects in their wake. My kids love to draw and color but sheets of paper and strewn crayons aren’t half as simple as this wall versatile mounted roller from George & Willy. Named the Studio Roller because it can be used in commercial or private spaces for list making, sketches and notes, the smallest size also lends itself well as a vertical drawing pad for children.

If you have really small kids this might not be a great idea yet as they could very easily write on the walls however mine are just old enough that they can contain their creations to the paper. I’ve found that it also promotes less paper waste as a single sheet of paper can be discarded more easily and with this broad roll they tend to go more for a large scene that is added to over time. They recommend a piece of plexi or thin plywood fixed to the wall behind the drawn paper if you have a textured surface, but I haven’t gotten to that just yet.

My hope is that this serves as an alternate idea for parents who want to streamline some of the mess from your kids’ favorite activity without sucking any of the fun out of it.

*this post was sponsored by George & Willy, are words and opinions (and photos) are my own

A bedding favorite, for kids

At home sometimes it can be challenging to find the right balance. I’m not talking school schedules or work or things like that, I’m talking about in your personal home design. Achieving that right combination of things, colors, textures, and placement…

My tiny ballerina / Tutu du Monde

Elin is wearing another beautiful garment form the wonderful Tutu du Monde, who makes some of the most extraordinary garments, capes and accessories for little girls. For her birthday last month we had a ballerina themed party and she began ballet clas…

At home in Minimalisma

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my ‘Story’ about the snow. We’ve had lots and lots of it in December and now into January. For our region we haven’t had this much snow since 1984-85! Right around the time I was born.Ill prepared and not…

French clothing line for children, mixes earth tones with comfort

Le Petit Germain, created by Camille Chandèze Longuépée has mastered the union of wonderful colors with comfort. With an emphasis on offering children clothing for everyday use that gives a comforting tactile experience, Le Petit Germain is full of designs that compliment the essence of being a child.

Today we received a lovely gift from Camille at LPG and Elin wears a thick knit, high stretch pant with pockets and quilted cardigan in warm, earthy tones. As her mom I find her irresistible in this outfit but even when she’s not being cuddled I appreciate that she is free to move and play in such beautiful clothing.

The collection includes sizes from birth to 8 years.

All images taken by me.

childhood dreams

As a child I love very feminine things. Give me ruffles, tiny details, glitter or pink and I was happy. Funny enough the older I’ve grown the more masculine my tastes have become, yet my childhood love of intricate details and soft color, ruffles and f…

spring bloomers

Both of the kids are quite ready for Spring weather to arrive. They’ve been restless inside so we’ve been spending most of our free time in the yard, chasing balls and drawing with chalk even though there’s still a little chill in the air. The changes in season also signals mom browsing online for sandals and tee shirts in lighter colors because soon their Winter clothes just will not do.

For Elin however we are so fortunate to have received some Spring knits from one of our most favorite brands Misha & Puff. There are few things sweeter or nicer looking that finely knitted kids clothes and M&P has released with these irresistible knits in cream and sand colors, you can see just a peek of the creamy colored bloomers in the bottom photo. Elin’s dress though is something she will get loads of wear from under jackets, over pants or all alone.

Bring on Spring.

Elin’s rug

A little bit ago we moved Elin to her own room. She had been sleeping in our room (my husband and I’s) since she was born. Our bedroom had enough space for our own bed, her crib and a wardrobe but actually she slept in bed with me so the crib was never…

S u n d a y

Today has been so quiet and the sky is dark, it has me feeling like I’m in a bit of a fog . These days can be a drag but they can also be a much needed mental break from the fast paced week. Catching up on some reading or flipping through that magazine…


I am so glad to have been introduced to Fondly, owned by a team of designers with daughters of their own and based in Los Angeles with backgrounds in fine arts, fashion, and design. Their designs are made by hand with a vision for creating classic piec…


Post nap, Elin just wanted to play with toys in her crib. She was so sweet and busy playing only pausing to flash me a little toothy grin before continuing her work of playing music and banging her toys against the plastic bin.

me + two

Life with these two is challenging but also completely full of love and reward. It’s a broad spectrum of emotions to be a mom and in one day I feel it all. Frustration, fatigue (not an emotion, I know), bliss, joy, pride, impatience, lots of stretching…

Elin turns 1

Last week Elin turned one, I never do well with getting good photos of parties. I find myself busy with food, picking up last things around the house, putting something not food-stained on, you know. I was able to get these, soon before guests arrived. Of course I didn’t get anything of the food, we made sweet & savory crostini and cupcakes. In these photos she’s still in her pajamas but I bought a cute outfit from Bonton, I’m still kicking myself for not getting any photos of her in that. Oh well! It still floors me that a year has gone by since her birth and yet I’m enjoying this age so much. Her baby talk, sweet laughter and curious personality keeps me busy and smiling all day. Her & Israel love playing together, it’s really great to see how well they get along and how he looks out for his little sister. Wow, I sound old talking about the kids like this. Time flies!

a silver diamond / Prospect Goods

I’ve kept Elin’s crib area pretty plain since we moved into the new place but it definitely needed something to make it feel well, special. Her bedding is a grey cover from Oeuf with a small heart pillow from Numero 74, a pink/taupe one from Muuto and …