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Rima Vaidila wearing 
Lack of Color Hat (previously here)
Leather Converse
Photos by Valentina 

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  My dad‘s blazer | Tarin Thomas rings | Tao of Sophia top | Reebok classics I still have a lot of things to do today, so I’m gonna keep it short. To make your to do list a little … Continue reading

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ACNE STUDIOS Blazer (Similar here and here/ J BRAND Jeans and Sweater / ADIDAS Sneakers

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Menu is doing great. Their new collection is looking simple and beautiful.. and the photography is amazing. We love the fact that they keep on growing and that they work with the most great designers.Can’t wait to see the products in real!MENU A/S&nbsp…


House Doctor by hand bowl | Åhléns knit throw | Muji humidifier | Zara wide lapel coat | MAZE anyone stool | nature toolbox | Merci shopper bag |

cropped grays

  A tailored gray mini skirt with slits on the sides, (not-so-tailored) jersey crop top and chunky black details. Fitting into the background perfectly, I’d say. As you may notice, I completely refuse to acknowledge that summer is slipping away and that fall is already knocking on our closets’ doors. Although the desire for knits […]

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Suit Yourself

I have a vague memory of a teacher I once had in high school who would wear suits to class.  As you can imagine it’s the kind of memory that is best left undisclosed, those slightly scarring double breasted power suits burnt into my mind.  Through time women and suits have had a love hate relationship, […]

The Weekend Muse

Only 2 more days until  the weekend so here’s a little inspiration to get you excited about the lazy sunday outfits and as you’re know we’re always a sucker for super babe Carolyn Murphy model: Carolyn Murphy  .  photographer: Dan Martensen  .  Muse Fall 2014 

Dream Weaver Elle US, August 2014

Some wintry inspiration from Elle US’s beautiful editorial with Franco-Spanish actress Àstrid Bergès Frisbey. More images here:

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proper: in the desert

If you follow me on instagram, (ummm helloooo,) you know that I spent the past few days flexin in the desert with cool peeps.  Not even gonna lie, it was really f-ing hot. Stayed at the Ace hotel and ventured out to Joshua Tree to try and catch some pretty sunset light yesterday. It totally rained on us, but obviously not enough to deter our five-look plan. Here are some quick inbetween shots in one of my favorite looks of the day. Can’t wait to share the official sets with Jared & Ben! Now excuse me while I drown my cracked lips in vaseline. 
Rima Vaidila wearing 
Blouse by Myne (similar here)
Pants by Vince (similar)
Photos by Dee Larsen 

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The Enigma

If only my wardrobe could talk .. ohhhhh the secrets it would tell.  Stories of how at least once every year my closet gets so messy that you cannot see the floor, how some new things still hang with the price tags still attached, and even more embarrassingly how there has been the odd occasion […]


The new season has begun! There’s so much lovely pieces in the stores right now. This fall I’ve chosen to focus on basics with good quality. Quality’s better than quantity. This weekend I found this perfect T-shirt at COS so I bought me a couple! Filed under: FASHION, INSPIRATION, PHOTOGRAPHY

the white shirt

I’ve already written about a men’s button-up as an essential part of my summer favorites, but let me put an emphasis on it once again. I am unsure as to why it’s so appealing but it most certainly has an almost magic quality to it. The crisp whiteness looks insanely good against slightly bronzed skin […]

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Wearing: Melissa Araujo Cut Out Dress, Oak and Fort Shirt Dress, Adidas Superstar, Alexander Wang Marion Bag, THP SHOP Bound Cuffs.My prayers for a good September have been answered so far. The weather has been insanely nice for this time of the y…

back with a fashion video

I’ve been gone for a while now. We are officially moved in, though there are some lingering boxes in the office and a few projects that need to be finished. I am however glad to be back online (it took 2 weeks to have internet connected at this house!!…

Island Lux

Let me begin by divulging that even though it may not look like it, this trip for me was all about work.  No seriously I promise, there was a lot of late nights enjoying fine wine  working late on my computer, sweating under the cabana with a cocktail  from all the stress, and basically trying to make the most […]

The Faint Hearted

Those charcoal eyes and 60′s vibes, always a fan of Glen Luchford’s beautifully natural photography and let’s say no more about our girl crush on Anna Ewers.. model: Anna Ewers  .  photographer: Glen Luchford  .  Vogue UK October 2014

black accessories

Sometimes I like to spice up my daily attire with a pop of color and sometimes I like to keep everything sleek and monochrome. The latter is what I’ve been into these last couple of weeks. Hot days and breezy nights demand simplicity, both in color and the amount of pieces one adorns oneself with. […]

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We’ve started looking for a bigger apartment now. We’re aware that it may take a long time to find what we’re looking for now that we’re really happy with our current apartment. I would say that the light flow is almost the most important thing. A bigger apartment with big windows letting that studio light in. And of course a few other […]

praying for sweater weather

This past weekend I took full advantage of the cooler Santa Monica breezes and was able to run around in this super comfy sweater, sans-pants obvi. Unfortunately, I may have jumped the “sweater weather” gun looking at this coming weekend’s weather report (90’s?? Seriously?!??!!?) I feel like a mean elementary school kid but honestly…can you just go away now summer? No one likes you anymore. 
Rima Vaidila wearing
Photos by Valentina 

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Weekday men sweater | Zara quilted leather skirt | Nick Cabana watch | Converse sneakers     After some man repelling outfit’s – I suddenly felt the need to show more of the woman inside me. This is me being girly. … Continue reading

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This autumn is all about planning and setting goals for the future. I have a dream I want to fulfill, the way towards it is long but rewarding and exciting. Looking forward to a intense autumn with exciting meetings and challenges. Let’s go.Filed under: HOME DECOR, INSPIRATION, PHOTOGRAPHY

abiding essence

Abiding EssenceA beautiful Fashion Story for Nasty Magazine. One of my favorite magazines of all time in collaboration with the amazing Alexandra Von Fuerst. Nasty is a printed and online quarterly magazine which showcases fashion, art and culture with…


Just a quick style update before I resume writing my final paper. This ensemble took me 2 minutes to throw on and I feel like that’s exactly why it has that effortless ‘french chic’ vibe. That and breton striped shirt, of course. I spent my day wandering around the streets of Toulouse, with a cigarette […]

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palms and bad b*tch boots

Sooo since it doesn’t look like this insanely gross heat is letting up any time soon, I’ve been rocking this little palm print tank dress daily. Its a little girly for me, but the shift-cut keeps it hella cool. Paired it with my favorite bad b*tch boots and a denim shirt layer for late afternoon breezes. Super into this look because I could literally wear it all day and still fit right in at night. 
Rima Vaidila wearing
The Fifth Denim Shirt 
Saint Laurent Boots (previously here & here)
Photos by Valentina

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1. Vancouver, Canada / EVERLANE Top and Sandals, Palm Springs, CA2. MANSUR GAVRIEL Bag, JOSEFINA Flats / Vancouver, Canada 3. SATOMI KAWAKITA Earrings / Parker, Palm Springs, CA4. MIRLO Rings&…


WEARING: Zara Knit Top, Sandals & Cuffs, Vintage Leather Bermudas, Calvin Klein Bag and H&M Rings.NYFW is in full force; most designers have already shown, but there are still a few more to go. Once again I am watching from the sidelines, appre…


My jewelry collaboration with Mirlo on Vogue.fr. The collection is available here.FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / SHOP / BLOGLOVIN’ 


    Showing off my new Reebok Classics here. They are the perfect combination between sporty and casual. I’m gonna be paranoid keeping them white. Wish me luck. Blessed Are The Meek jumper // H&M dress // Reebok sneakers // … Continue reading

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AYR design the sort of clothes I love and would happily live in, especially their denim.

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current essentials

I know that summer is long gone for some, but for me – the ultimate summer child – it’s still very much present. The last two months have been very exciting, fun and a tad stressful. In between enjoying the sun by the pool in the South of France and taking tons of photos of […]

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leather weather?

Alley, denim, boots and leather. Shocker. Maybe if I dress like it’s Fall weather it’ll cool down faster. For now I guess I’ll just use the jacket as a prop for now. I’ve been super into these rad, waxed skinnies by Paige Denim. They look like perfectly worn leather and are comfy as F. Been wearing them with basic tees, tanks and oversized crew neck sweatshirts at night. Here I paired them with my favorite Finders Keepers tank, boots and a varsity jacket for some casual-cool vibes. Heres to hoping it cools down fast so I can start actually rockin my favorite outwear pieces. 

Rima Vaidila wearing
Photos by Valentina 

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Image The Styledevil

Today’s inspiration.


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pristine ˈprɪstiːn,-stʌɪn/ adjective in its original condition; unspoilt. “pristine copies of an early magazine” clean and fresh as if new; spotless. “a pristine white shirt“     You can expect more random photos such as these in the future. It … Continue reading

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01 FRAME Jeans (Similar here)
04 LADY GREY Earrings (Similar here 

Everyday uniform.


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Minor witchy vibes from this past holiday weekend. I paired a cool, oversized tunic with super cute little chambray, pull on shorts. I’ve also been super obsessed with this amazing Lack of Color label hat, and honestly haven’t taken it off all weekend. Rad cowboy-ish leather boots from the Solestruck babes to finish it off. Let me answer your question. Yes. Yes this was my Labor Day BBQ look. Black and blue 4ever. 
Rima Vaidila wearing 
Blessed are the Meek “Break Tunic”
Lack of Color Hat (similar here)
Photos by Valentina 

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WEARING: DIY Tank Top, Melissa Araujo Asymmetric Skirt, Splendid Leggings, Nike Free, Alexander Wang Marion Bag, THP Bound Cuff and H&M Rings.Summer for me is the best time of the year, I cannot believe that today is already Sep…


Was going to title this post “goth weekend” but then realized that’s applicable basically every single weekend. Wore my favorite black pieces and found a semi-grungey alley with Adria. Hey, at least my sunglasses are blue. Not a total goth/emo child. 
Rima Vaidila wearing
Ripped Knee Skinnies (similar here)
The Fifth “Beautiful Sunset” Top (previously here)
Photos by Adria

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Maison Martin Margiela Heritage

Maison Martin Margiela Heritage

If you are a lover of simplicity and minimalism, you’ve probably already seen the images of Maison Martin Margiela’s Heritage Collection. The ‘Héritage’ collection recasts the conventional symbols of wedding and heirloom pieces, blending uniqueness with luxury in an unconventional way. This collection is divided into 4 themes: ‘Solitaire’, ‘Alliance’, ‘Chevalière’ and ‘Pompadour’. I’m not much into fine jewelry but that astonishingly beautiful sapphire and white gold ring is quickly making me change my mind.


Rima Vaidila wearing
Photos by Valentina

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TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE Dress (Similar here and hereLINDA FARROW Sunglasses / BIRKENSTOCK Sandals / MANSUR GAVRIEL Bag

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Zara knit and leather jacket // Mango pants // Daniel Wellington watch // Nike benassi slides   When last summer arrived, my style got more bohemian. I was so inspired by metal-colored bohemian jewellery, feathers, cactuses, palm trees (who wasn’t actually?), … Continue reading

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live in levis

Classic with a twist. Like coca cola in a glass bottle with a turquoise bendy straw. Did I lose you? Levis. A classic denim company with reinvented styles. I was super excited when asked to be apart of the Lookbook x Levis #liveinlevis collab. After heading to the Levis store in Santa Monica and trying on lots of styles, I decided on these high-rise, grey skinnies. I styled the jeans with a cutoff sweatshirt and laced ankle boots for an unintentionally (wink wink) monochromatic look. Check out the post on Lookbook here. This is how I #liveinlevis
Rima Vaidila wearing 
Bronx Shoes Boots (similar here)
Photos and Video by Valentina
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  Smile More top // taoofsophia.tictail.com I’m wearing the same outfit as in my previous post, but I think these photographs are different enough to put them in a new post. Same outfit, but a different perspective. I’m wearing the … Continue reading

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WEARING: Club Monaco Shorts & Leather Clutch, GX by Gwen Stefani Tie Ups, THPShop Bound Cuffs and 8 Other Reasons Undefeated Rings.As I am sure you have all noticed by now, if I am not wearing all black, I am in all white o…

fifty shades of saturday

Sweatshirt: Wood Wood Hat: Lack of Color AusClutch: ParabellumRings: Wanderlust+Co 



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romp around

Literally squeezing every last playsuit look in before sweater-leather season hits. I may have actually come around to summer dressing this year, even if it was mostly *surprise* black. I underestimated how nice wearing something simple and skimpy, like this romper, would be. Added some (poser) tough girl vibes with my bad a** YSL boots and cinched the waist with a studded belt. Wait. August is almost over? Please hold on while I fake cry because it’s almost fall. *million emoji heart eyes*
Rima Vaidila wearing 
Vintage Belt (similar here)
Photos by Valentina

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H&M TREND Top (Similar here and here/ THEORY Shorts (Similar here) / BIRKENSTOCK Sandals / LINDA FARROW Sunglasses (More here) / MELI MELO Bag / GJENMI Ring / MIRLO Ring LARSSON JENNINGS Watch 

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HAY / _______ gym

Somehow I’ve always had this passion for sporty gymnastics environments, and it has not decreased after my daughter started at gymnastics. Therefore, these gym hooks /Hay designed by Staffan Holm was true love at first sight! You can not find more uniq…

a style post: fall

Autumn is probably my favorite season, for the weather but especially for the clothes. Boots, long sweaters and jeans are my ideal things to wear but obviously all wrong for hot Summers so it’s always quite a relief when Fall comes. A few things I’m cu…


MELI MELO Backpack (More here) / H&M TREND Top (Similar here) / 3.1 PHILIP LIM Shorts (Similar here)FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / SHOP / BLOGLO…

shades of cool

Gimmie a white walled studio, a rack full of Jaggar pieces and some late afternoon light and I’m like a kid in a candy store. Played around in the studio with photographer Valentina, aka Tuna Boon, last week and finally had time to edit them. Of course…

Agata Bielen

Agata BielenToday I’m all over the genius that is Agata Bielen. Her brand clearly represents her minimalistic view and her story is equally heartwarming and inspiring. The photos above are part of her Light Collection and I’m infatuated with every sing…

wannabe NYC’er

Rima Vaidila wearing 
Striped Tee Dress
NSF Denim Jacket
Saint Laurent Boots 
Photos by Nicholas Maggio

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Dasha Denisenko shot by Arno Frugier and styled by Jason Rider for T Magazine.Monday inspiration. FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / SHOP / BLOGLOVIN’ 


WEARING: American Apparel Leather Skirt + Bra, Unif Mesh, Club Monaco Sunnies and Adidas Superstar II.I don’t think that I have expressed my undeniable love for leather, cotton and anything mesh. I live in these materials, constantly mixing a…

weekend vibes

Clearly I’ve been super into overalls of all varieties. My current go-to is this little pinafore dress by Res Denim. It’s the perfect weekend staple and looks equally cool over a tee, tank, bikini or baggy sweater. Although tempted to wear my birks, I paired the look with leather high tops to avoid farm girl vibes. Happy Saturday!
Rima Vaidila wearing
Jaggar Sweater 
Photos by Adria

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random inspiration

A few things I liked this week/wanted to share include these beetle bar stools from Gubi.

Sleek twisted loop hairstyle from Céline F/W show.

COS new A/W 14 magazine is out and looks amazing, bring on Fall!

Beautiful, geometric Shapes mirrors by Sylvain Willenz.

Dark details from blog, Gingerbreadhouse.

Padiglione Luceplan

I added some ready-made marble dome rings to my shop. Get them in black/white or nude pink/white here.

A perfect bedroom with big, bright windows.

PEPE HEYKOOP ___________ design matters

One of my Formex favorites this year was the beautiful Paper vase cover by designer Pepe Heykoop. The vases are cooperation with Tiny Miracels that provides the poor people education and workshops how to produce highend design. Design matters when a pr…

think less

When the lovely Sophia, blogger of Tao of Sophia (and the founder of the Blog and The City network) asked if I’d like to have one of the shirts from her mini collection named “Steps to happiness”, I simply couldn’t say no. She chuckled at my response and said she knew I’d go for the […]

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pew pew

Then…THESE boots happened. Oh, it’s summer you say? Don’t care. Excuse me while I retire my entire shoe collection. Game. Over. Saint Laurent Ranger Ankle Boots


MAXBOOST Battery iPhone Case / MIRLO Rings / LINDA FARROW Sunglasses and here / LARSSON JENNINGS Watch / FUJI X100sIn love with this new iPhone case, it’s one of the first battery cases that can transform into a slim case.FACEBOOK / TWIT…


Images: Style 

Todays inspiration.

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 Rima Vaidila wearing 
Cutoff Denim Shorts (similar here)

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ferm living A/W 2014

The upcoming collection from Ferm Living is warm, dark, moody and sophisticated. Basically it’s fantastic! They’ve introduced more textiles including rugs and lots of beautiful new candlestick holders and ceramic dinnerware for soft, quiet moments and …




WEARING: Melissa Araujo Vest Dress, American Apparel Crop Top, Vintage Leather Bermudas, Vintage Prada Bag and Zara Sandals.Something I have not done enough of, is let my readers know that not only am a blogger, but I am also a fashion designer. F…

Yvonne Koné’s new store

Nude pink, fig tree, iron and brass with worn wooden floors are the sophisticated elements that compose Yvonne’s brand new flagship store in Copenhagen. I can personally attest to the quality and beauty of her bags as I own a travel sized version of her design and it is an heirloom piece that I’ve already used multiple times. Now her store is the perfect display for her goods, with romantic colors and deep hues and a pink that’s similar to one I’ve been working with already, so I’m definitely a fan.

The space was designed by Studio Oliver Gustav, read & see more about it (including ‘before’ shots) here and if you’re in Copenhagen, won’t you see it in person for me?