Elegantly creepy Halloween table

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For this years Halloween table, I wanted something that would feel elegantly creepy, with a few muted color touches. Today I will show you a sample of how I imagined my table to look like, of course you can always add or remove props depending on how full or minimal you want your Halloween table to be. Lets start!

1. A spindly branch :: 

Choose a skinny branch with twigs that pop out reminiscing of a strange bonny hand. If there are leaves remove them , and if the branch is not dark enough you can always spray paint it black!


Small multi colored pumpkins :: Here there are many choices, but try to find small pumpkins that their colors are a little faded. You can always spray paint them of course but it is best for this look if they are natural colored. I am not a fan of orange so I chose soft green, yellow and pale blush pink hues.

3. Very drippy black candles :: All you need is a candleholder that will allow the candle to drip on it in a natural way, as if it was standing by a breezy window. I found the perfect black one at Ellos on their Candleholders category.

4. A few dark touches ::  Here we can finally add something that a lot of people might be looking for for a Halloween table, I chose to use a dark linen tablecloth and ceramic cutlery against ceramic light plates while for napkins I used an organic cotton for Nuno felt piece that I cut into squares and placed under the cutlery. It gave a light touch while at the same time its light weave resembles a fine spider web, which fits perfectly with the theme! The black ceramic cutlery can be found at Ellos, from the line Mimou Pure, which also has the small black and white small bowls I used as decoration but also as side plates. The tablecloth is from the Ellos Home line and can be found here, color dark grey.

Add some more touches, like wine if you drink or an extra candle or pumpkins on the window, another branch on the floor, and this years Halloween elegantly creepy table is set! 

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

for the weekend & things I liked…

image from Kråkvik&D’Orazio

This weekend is already half way over but I still hope to get several things done before Monday, including to finish painting in our bedroom, and make sure the kids are ready for Halloween. My son has known all year that he wants to dress up as Kylo Ren and my daughter wants to be a princess. I tried to suggest a few other ideas to her but she was quite adamant that she must be a princess. Thankfully she received this really beautiful Tutu du Monde dress recently so both kids are basically waiting for Monday to come. I’ll try to take and share some photos too.

If you need a last minute costume idea and a more sustainable one at that, I thought this campaign by Zara about recycling their shipping boxes was clever. Scroll down a bit to the mask/black swan DIY section.

I share this on my FB page recently but I thought I found it to be so inspiring. It is a video for Bugaboo however I loved seeing into the lives of CEO’s Kasper and Sofie Egelund as they’ve moved continents to pursue new markets with VIPP. A leap I’ve often wanted to take in the opposite direction but with young kids I’m too nervous to follow through with.

Currently I’m searching for the perfect-for-me ankle boots. I have a long wishlist but realistically I’m not looking for an investment piece, just something chic and comfortable enough to, you know, be a mom in. These from Jennie-Ellen are seriously tempting me!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my Story yesterday of a new book called Scandinavian Dreaming. It has some of the best interiors and if you love Nordic design or just simply interior design half as much as me, this is pure eye candy.