Venice Biennale project sees derelict 1980s flat transformed back into family home

A social-housing apartment that stood empty for five years is becoming a family home again, after being refurbished for a Venice Architecture Biennale show. The Unfolding Pavilion was a week-long exhibition inside a triplex flat in the Giudecca Social Housing Complex, which was built by Italian architect Gino Valle in 1986. The flat was in

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Snøhetta to renovate historic Detroit station for Ford innovation centre

Architecture firm Snøhetta plans to transform Detroit’s Michigan Central Station into a research hub for car company Ford, with proposals for a “collaborative ecosystem” of professionals to develop self-driving vehicles. The Corktown Campus project will involve the overhaul of the historic building, which has been in disrepair for 30 years since Amtrak last used the

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A Simple Way to Waste Less Paper Thanks to Who Gives A Crap

I’m glad that themes around reducing, recycling and sustainability are becoming more common stories on the blog. Initially it wasn’t intentionally to talk about this. However the more I have, at home and with the kids, tried to find ways to use less as…

David Chipperfield Architects completes office with “hanging gardens” in Seoul

Korean beauty giant Amorepacific’s cube-shaped headquarters, designed by David Chipperfield Architects, is punctuated with voids filled with trees and pools. Arranged around a central courtyard, three of the building’s facades have large voids that open the building to the surrounding city, and serve as platforms for what the architects describe as “hanging gardens”. The 30-storey building

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Fredericia : Trinidad – An Icon for Living

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Fredericia.To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nanna Ditzel’s iconic Trinidad chair, Fredericia relaunched the iconic chair in a selection of new shades, enhancing the natural beauty of the m…

HilberinkBosch Architects creates asymmetric barn using wood felled from their own land

Several century-old oak trees provided wood for the structure, cladding and shingle roof of this workshop, which HilberinkBosch Architects designed to sit alongside their studio. Annemariken Hilberink and Geert Bosch created the barn after discovering that several trees on the site of their studio in a converted farmhouse, in the Meierij region of The Netherlands, needed to be cut

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At Elisabeth Heiers Bathroom

Spending the afternoon at Elisabeth’s house , best place to work, not just because we are friends, but because her apartment is absolutely amazing ;) While washing my hands in the bathroom I couldn’t help but snap a few quick photos, even though I only…

Yushe Design slots office around existing trees in Shanghai suburb

Trees grow through holes in the concrete floors and ceilings of the Shen Shen Garden office in Shanghai, which was designed to preserve the site’s natural features. Local studio Yushe Design developed the project as a workspace away from the bustle of downtown Shanghai. Located in a suburb of the Chinese city, the building combines offices

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Amidst the summer days we are having in Oslo, there are some local news that should help take some of the heat off..literally! Abate is relatively a new brand on the scene , but the quality is what for me sets them apart. With a 400 thread count, made …

Minimal photography studio in Montreal has plenty of children’s play spaces

A padded playroom for children features in this photography studio in Montreal, designed by local practice Alain Carle Architecte to look more like a minimal home than a workplace. Studio Bluecerigo is located on the first floor of a mixed-use building in the Mile End neighbourhood, an area of the city known for its art scene,

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Inspiration for Your Patio and a Grilling Giveaway!

The spacious deck above features simple vertical slatting that extends up the side of the building itself, giving a very unified look. When you think of summer, chances are you see yourself outside. Maybe you love having a meal with frie…

DSDHA reveals renovation of the Smithsons-designed Economist Plaza

The brutalist complex designed by Alison and Peter Smithson, which was the offices of The Economist Magazine, has been refurbished by DSDHA. The London-based studio has completed the first stage of renovations at the Grade II*-listed Economist Plaza , adding a cafe on the ground floor and refurbishing six-storeys of the complex’s tallest tower. The Smithsons completed

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Scandinavian Scents for this Summer

This beautiful summer that has been bestowed to us is a blessing, all Scandinavians will remember it as the Summer of 2018. But with temperatures this high the need to smell good is bigger that ever and with a huge selection of Scandinavian perfumes to choose from, it feels like match made in heaven. Below I am presenting you some of my favorites, do read on, the choice is yours!

1 :: Byredo was launched in Sweden in 2006 by Ben Gorham at the age of 31 years old, after an inspiring encounter with perfumer Pierre Wulff. The native Swede didn’t have a formal training in the field, but he sought out the services of world renowned perfumers to whom he carefully explained his olfactory desires. Bibliotheque is back in stock and just in time, I had just finished my previous bottle!
2 :: The designer Ann Ringstrand, born in Sweden, has created fashion since early 1990. She teamed up with perfumers in Paris to design her own niche perfume line made in France. The concept developed a fragrance series with ceramic ware for scent diffusing among others that is available now. All 3 perfumes are exquisite, you just have to try them! 

3 :: AGONIST is a Swedish Perfume House launched 2008. Today AGONIST is regarded as one of the most sought after and unique brands within the international niche market of perfumes. The unique and dramatic artistic expressions from AGONIST is derived from the beauty of Scandinavian nature and culture. AGONIST is founded by the creative couple Christine and Niclas Lydeen.

Solaris is inspired by the vibrant midnight sun that never sets during summers in the North. Fresh, citrusy and warm, this fragrance is as magical as refreshing.
4 :: Son Venin is a new Norwegian perfume brand with headquarters in Oslo. With a respectful and discreet approach, Son Venin creates experimental, intimate perfumes that fuse a continental feeling with their Scandinavian background. Le Voleur is an elegant and seductive scent, that mingles together the freshness of a white bouquet and modern iris with sensual incense and gaïac wood.
5 :: A native Icelander, Andrea Maack graduated from the Icelandic Art Academy with a degree for Fine Arts. What began as a series of scent-focused exhibitions by Icelandic visual artist Andrea Maack quickly became a line of unisex, appealing perfumes that walk the line between commercial and Avant-garde. Created for an art exhibition, the theme for Smart comes from an empty white gallery space. At first it emits substance and intimacy but as you spend more time and delve deeper the visceral moods unravel, revealing the sensual and the seductive. Smart opens with a luxurious line-up of heady jasmine, luscious vanilla, exotic sandalwood and creamy musk blended carefully with a subtle buckskin leather note that holds the white notes in balance.


 Collage by Katerina Dima

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Rafael Viñoly unveils renovation and extension for art-deco car showrooms in New York

Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly has revealed plans to add a glazed extension and rooftop garden to a 1920s building in Manhattan, as part of a major overhaul that will create automobile showrooms and office spaces. Rafael Viñoly Architects is set to renovate 787 Eleventh Avenue, which was built in 1927 by American architect Albert Kahn

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Gridded bamboo framework partitions Beijing office by 0 Architecture

Chinese studio 0 Architecture has converted a traditional courtyard house in Beijing into an office with spaces divided up by screens made from thousands of bamboo poles. Located in the Chinese capital’s Xicheng District, the building is typical of the traditional Siheyuan properties found throughout this neighbourhood. Siheyuan houses feature a series of connected buildings

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Beautiful Petite Apartment Studio in Gothenburg

I happened to run across a few days ago this amazing petite apartment in Gothenburg while perusing Entrance makleri, for a super small space, it is packing with amazing style. I could not possibly live in here of course, I definitely need a separate be…

Earth Layers by Erik Jørgensen & Pernille Vest

The showroom of Erik Jørgensen at Bredgade 76, 1260 Copenhagen K has turns one year old this month. One the one year anniversary however they have opened their doors to share a new holistic experience with visitors that feels earthy yet artistic.The fo…

June Wishlist

It feels kind of crazy to type this but I’ve gathered my JUNE wishlist for you, and time is just flying by! With both kids home for the summer, truly my biggest wish is for a little peace and quiet throughout the day, but I’d also take any one of these…

An Arched Mirror

On Saturday I shared this corner of our living room with a new arched mirror. I received a lot of questions about where I found the mirror so I wanted to share with you on the blog as well. The arched mirror was found here and it’s a nice piece to add …

Sunday Sanctuary: Summer House

  The recent cold front that has been apparent in my normally warm corner of the world is starting to take its toll… (dramatic) All jokes aside right now the sound of a summer house sounds more than appealing. This summer house is located on a forested cliff, deep into one of the more spectacular fjords

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Trunk Hotel is “a completely new concept for Tokyo” says creative director

Hiroe Tanaka, creative director of the Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, explains how the building was designed to become a hub of activity, in this movie filmed by Dezeen at the AHEAD Asia hospitality awards. Trunk Hotel is a small boutique hotel located in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. It won the New Concept of the Year prize at the AHEAD Asia

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A Minimal Spa and Retreat That Features Archways and Plastered Walls

Willow Urban Retreat in Melbourne, Australia has all of the essential elements you could want in a relaxing spa environment. Pale, smooth walls, high ceilings and beautiful rounded archways throughout. The minimal design gives the visitor an immediate …

New work for Bemz

New work for my dear client Bemz. Styling by Linnéa Salmén. Advertisements

Cloud Blue

I turned 30 in December and wanted to do something special together with my friends. I booked a trip to this deamy hotel, Cloud Blue at Mykonos. It was hard to capture this beautiful place but here’s some of my photos. Except that our villa and studios were beyond our expectations, we also had the […]

The OGK Chair is a Danish Classic and Also the Easiest Lounge Chair for Summer!

I’m sure at some point you’ve seen a photo of our OGK daybed, whether here on the blog or on my Instagram. If you’re a fan of this simple but beautiful daybed then you’ll probably be glad to know there is a chair version! Ok, maybe you already did know…

Olafur Eliasson’s first building is a castle-like office in a Danish fjord

Danish artist Olafur Eliasson has completed his first building – a fortress-like office in the Vejle Fjord in Denmark, called Fjordenhus. Fjordenhus is the headquarters of Kirk Kapital, which is the holding and investment company for three brothers who are direct descendent of the founder of Lego. But it also features a publicly accessible ground floor. It is the

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Ryuji Kajino converts simple shed into studio for flower craft

Architect Ryuji Kajino converted an 80-year-old barn in Kurashiki, Japan, to create Tiny Atelier, a studio for a designer who makes accessories from dried flowers. The small building is located on a hillside site that also contains the owner’s house and a warehouse, which faces out over a valley towards Japan’s Seto Inland Sea. Kajino’s studio

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Sunday Sanctuary: Zicatela House

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Zaha Hadid Architects to build “iconic” office on world’s most expensive site

Zaha Hadid Architects is set to build a 35-storey office tower on a £2.2 billion plot in Hong Kong, reportedly the most expensive site in the world. London-based Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has confirmed that it is working with Henderson Land Development to design an office block on Murray Road, on a site currently occupied by a multistorey

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Enjoying the Summer Outdoors

I am participating in an influencer program on behalf of Claritin®.This program is paid for by the makers of Claritin® and I have received compensation for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own.We could not be happier that the frigid mont…

A Danish Brand to Watch

If you haven’t already heard of Klip Klap, this may be a brand you’ll want to keep an eye on. Their beginnings stem from a child’s foldable play mattress which was conceived in 2011 when owner Pia Lauritsen wanted to help her son develop motor skills. …

Sunday Sanctuary: Amangiri

  This weeks Sunday Sanctuary vast expanse of desert terrain is making me feel like a mid year holiday should be on the books, a holiday that evokes a sense of land before time. Located in Utah, Amangiri is a paean to architectural elegance, with low set rectangular buildings matching the colours and textures of the

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David Chipperfield Designs Ssense’s Flagship Store

British architecture practice David Chipperfield has renovated a 19th-century building in Montreal, creating an avant-garde concept fashion store that is to be the first physical store for Ssense, the leading e-commerce platform which stocks luxury bra…

3 Tips to Achieve Soft Minimalism From This Quiet Home in Berlin

The bedroom overlooks the architect’s garden from the desk, framed by floor to ceiling curtain accented a Fritz Hansen desk lamp. Owner by a Spanish/Danish couple living in Berlin, this home has all the necessary elements to to achieve that soft minim…

A Light Filled Home in Copenhagen Styled With Warm Earth Tones

The home of designer Caroline Feiffer is bright, natural and sunlit home, full of geometric pattern that contrast the earthy tones throughout. Caroline lives in Copenhagen and designed her space to be a mix of old and new, style and form and most of al…

Mondays and To-Do Lists

You might have already seen this on my Instagram and morally I try to post different content to the blog & Insta but I thought I’d share here to as it’s nice to update the blog as frequently as possible. Our dining room right now with our Muuto dining…

Sundays Office

I came back to Oslo yesterday night and today I spend either on the balcony or right here, trying to catch up with everything work related. And as always, being the great blogger that I am, it took me all day to decide if I was even making a blogpost t…

Sunday Sanctuary: Union

Familiar to the union of old and new, ancient and modern this Sunday Sanctuary dates back to the 17th century. An old oil mill in Soglinao Cavour, a small village in the province of Lecce, Italy. The raw spirit of the home is still intact where ancient stone floors, walls are arches speak. The old

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A Day in the Life of Camilla Vest from Objects.NYC

Camilla Vest moved from Denmark to New York City with her husband in 1995 after starting her modeling career as the face in Guess, Revlon and J Crew campaigns. Now thought she is bridging the Atlantic Ocean to bring Scandinavian design to the US with O…

Have a Look at our New and Bigger Family Sofa!

If you didn’t already know, we are a family of four! Obviously that isn’t a large family but it’s still important to me that I make sure everyone has room enough around the house. Each of the kids have their own bedrooms and places to sit at the table …

My May Wishlist

Jonas Wagell has designed the Julep sofa for Tacchini which was inspired by the Avant-Hard furniture of the fifties. The sofa is distinct by its soft, enveloping shape and romantic allure. Skagerak’s Georg stool, designed by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm, …

Aesop Westbourne , Notting Hills first store

While yesterday I was writing about my favorite Aesop products, luck had it today I stumbled upon the new Aesop store in London in Westbrourne Grove. London already has several Aesop stores, but this one is quite special. Going back to working with loc…

Where to Stay in Edinburgh for Design Lovers and Why You Should be Staying in a Home For Your Next Trip

As a family with two children we love renting homes when we travel. Some of the benefits of renting a home rather than staying in a hotel when you’re traveling with kids is that you can shop at the local markets and cook your own food. Most places come…

Aesop Deodorant love

A few weeks ago I received the newsletter about the new Aesop Deodorant, and as all new Aesop things go, I was really curious to try it. The smell is very familiar , most Aesop scents have a relaxed friendliness aura, you know what I mean if you have e…

Sunday Sanctuary: Vila Tugendhat

  In the midst of an Instagram scrolling vortex, I stumbled across this master piece of beauty and simplicity. With an instant save and a quick google search, a perfect Sunday Sanctuary was in my horizon. And here we are now at Vila Tugendhat, designed by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and built

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TACO creates its own pink-toned architecture studio on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

Mexican architecture firm TACO has designed the Portico Palmeto studio to act as its headquarters, with pink walls, local materials, and tall shutters that open up the interior to its tropical setting. The 1,453-square-foot (135-square-metre) rose-coloured building serves primarily as an architecture studio in Mérida – a historic city on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The two-storey structure

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My favorite brass details

Last few months I think you might have noticed I am loving nickel coated and silver surfaces, but you will also notice that my love for brass is still going strong, even though it is not as pronounced as last year. Key pieces here and there will make a…

Norm Architects Creates a Seaside Home Inspired by Nature

Continuing to embrace dark interiors this week, this newly remodeled project contains dark features and natural colors to compliment its surroundings.

“Boasting all-natural, rich materials, the house gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nature while inside,” says Norm Architects who applied sand-colored walls and earth toned furnishings to an existing coastal home. The residence is situated along a rugged costal landscape in North Zealand, not too far from Copenhagen. Zealand is home to scenic lakes, forests and sandy beaches, which served as inspiration for the home’s interior colors.

“The existing architectural structure was well carried, functional and harmonious – therefore the project was a refurbishment and a challenging exercise to incorporate the wild nature outside on a refined level,” said interior architect Laura Bilde.

In order to keep the full height windows focused on the scenic grasses and deep blue water, restrained colors were used throughout as well as dark stained timber in the kitchen cabinetry, not dissimilar to another dark kitchen Norm designed. The living room’s gabled wall and used to construct a bunk beds in one of the bedrooms.

The earth toned interior palette is intended to give the occupants a feeling of being in nature even while inside.

Solid wood plinth table, similar to one made by Dry Studios, serves as a minimal bench in the corridor.

Cashmere wrapped pendant lighting from Artilleriet hangs above an antiqued timber dining table.

With minimal decor hanging tapestries like this one from Ferm Living, large ceramic pots and collected artwork from the owners’ travels, the overall feel is kept very minimal.

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DJI’s headquarters designed by Foster + Partners will feature drone-testing skybridge

Foster + Partners has integrated a skybridge into its design for new headquarters for Shenzhen-based robotics company DJI, allowing it to test out its latest drone technology. The Foster + Partners-designed building, which is currently under construction, will operate as an innovation centre for DJI – a company specialising in producing “quadcopter” drones used for film and photography. Its equipment

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Dark & Romantic, a Sophisticated Villa in Black

While bright and clean interiors will always draw me in, every so often I come across a darker but still minimal interior that almost persuades me to go over to the dark side. With flat black walls, black kitchen doors, concrete surfaces and deep dark …

Schemata Architects plays with materials and movable furniture at Tokyo record label offices

Pastel-coloured walls, industrial finishes and sliding furniture create a playful atmosphere inside this office for a Tokyo-based record label by Schemata Architects. The studio headed by architect Jo Nagasaka was asked by record company Toy’s Factory to design an office occupying an entire floor of a building overlooking a five-way road junction in the Shibuya

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A brick-walled home enclosing a secret garden

If you’re love gardening and/or houseplants, what would be better than a garden of green in the middle of your home? This residence in Melbourne, Australia has just that, a gland encases courtyard dividing the bedroom and living spaces of the home. Ritz&Ghougassian are the architects responsible for the design and extension, which include exposed concrete brickwork walls and eucalyptus-fronted joinery.

Photos by Tom Blachford.

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SOM converts century-old Chicago firehouse into Optimo hat factory

Architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill has paired blackened steel with warm-toned wood at a new headquarters for hat maker Optimo, created inside a historic firehouse in Chicago. The offices and production facilities are situated within a 100-year-old decommissioned firehouse in the Beverly neighbourhood on Chicago’s South Side. Founded 25 years ago, Optimo has developed

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Conscious Cleaning at Home

I get really excited to find brands who are making an effort to make better use of our resources or consider their impact on the environment. As I’ve shared, myself and our family have been talking more and more about how our choices have an impact on the planet. As a parent I’m not only trying to inform and teach my kids about things like recycling and reducing but I’m also spending more time reflecting on my own decisions, you know, lead by example! Over time we find more and more ways to do more for the environment and although it’s not perfect, we’re heading in the right direction. So when I was asked to try out these cleaning supplies from Open Nature at home, of course I wanted to play a part to try them out and help share a common message about being more conscious about the products we use.

Open Nature™ household products are created to be safe for family members and your home. They use 100% recycled paper, which is wonderful since so much paper is wasted, in general. They also offer dye, fragrance and perfume free options, but are also powerful cleaners to wipe up household messes. 

My favorite of the items sent is the glass cleaner, which is scentless but still manages to remove all the kids’ fingerprints from the bathroom mirror and our shiny mirrored table in the living room. Most glass cleaners smell awful, either very perfumed or smell strongly of ammonia, so having this scent free option is basically pure magic!!

In case you’re wondering, Open Nature™ is easy to find as it is available in the family of Albertsons stores, so if you’re in the US, there should be one in your area.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons Companies. The opinions and text are all mine.

Danish Architect Per Holland Bastrup’s Triangulo Chair, Now in Black Steel

Frama, who currently distributes this chair design from 1989, has just released the Triangulo chair in a new black finish. The chair, with a triangle seat and three legs can be used as any other ordinary chair would be or it can stand along as a piece …

My bedroom pendant and a recent living room addition

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Pholc.For a while now, one of the most frequent questions I receive is about the beautiful pendant that is hanging above my bed (photo below). I first saw the Mobil 100 pendant by Pholc a few m…

Sunday Sanctuary: Calming Space

    In a world-wind week which involve launching our very own collection of custom t-shirts and bespoke art prints a bit of R&R and calm was definitely in order.  The architect and owner behind this beautiful calming space, Vincent Van Duysen,  is an advocate for the elimination of excess, and creating serenity in throughout all

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Mexican research facility El Humedal designed by TAAR to be completely self-sustaining

An environmental research centre in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, designed by Taller de Arquitectura de Alto Rendimiento, produces all of the resources it needs onsite. Mexico City-based Taller de Arquitectura de Alto Rendimiento (TAAR) built El Humedal, or The Wetlands, from a mixture of natural and recycled materials according to the principles of zero waste and

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My travel wishlist part I

I have been thinking a lot about getting away, about life on the beach, sun on my face, the wind in my hair. Honestly, I think about this constantly and not only recently! So, of course, I have a growing list of places to see and visit, stuff I want t…

Oppenheim Architecture completes concrete GLF Headquarters along Miami riverwalk

Miami-based Oppenheim Architecture and Design has built offices in the city for an Italian construction company, with rectangular concrete volumes offset from one other and covered balconies extending from the units. Spanning 20,000 square feet (6,100 square metres), the new GLF Headquarters was designed by the local firm for a site along the Miami River. Comprising

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10 pieces to create a beautiful outdoor space

One of the best parts of the warming weather is being outdoors. Planting flowers, grasses and even vegetables in our garden is one of my favorite ways to enjoy spring. Whether you have a small patio like me or a large yard with a big wooden deck, here …

Martin Fenlon completes expansion of his own Los Angeles home and studio

Expanding a remodelled bungalow in Los Angeles and connecting it to an adjacent commercial building has allowed architect Martin Fenlon to create more living spaces for his family and offices for his studio. Completed over the course of almost five years, the architect conceived the Fenlon House in three phases, and built it with a

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New bookstands from Livrest

A new interior-focused Scandinavian brand called Livrest has arrived with a collection of walnut, cherry and black stained ash bookstands. All of the solid wood stands are handmade in Sweden with careful consideration to aesthetics and craftsmanship. L…

A+I designs New York City school with colourful panels and tiered seating

New York studio Architecture + Information has completed a school in Manhattan, using colour to differentiate between public and private spaces, and create an environment that is “playful, not childish”. AltSchool is an educational startup that was founded in 2014 with locations in New York and San Francisco. Its teaching methodology is intended to respond

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Sunday Sanctuary: Light Fill

  A long time fan of anything and everything tonal, this weeks Sunday Sanctuary is no exception. This somewhat minimalist apartment has just the right amount of character catching our interior eye. Located on the top floor of a centuries-old townhouse in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, sits this bright, woody naturalist’s dream space. The

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Foster + Partners completes BBC headquarters in Cardiff

Foster + Partners has completed a new headquarters for BBC Cymru Wales in Cardiff, which features a broad metal canopy supported on slender columns. The building designed for the Welsh division of the broadcaster has now been handed over for internal fit out by Overbury and Sheppard Robson in time to welcome 1,200 staff in 2019.

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Sunday Sanctuary: Casa Modesta

Welcome to Portugal and the magical Casa Modesta, which might I add speaking from personal experience is a pure slice of heaven.  Recently my team and I travelled to the south of Portugal to photograph this instal-drool worthy location which has long been on our travel buck list. Casa Modesta is not like any other

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Favorites from Lyngby Porcelain

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Lyngby Porcelain.Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark – Lyngby Porcelæn was established in 1936 in Kgs. Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, as a manufacturer of porcelain service sets, vases and other designer …

DE SMET is moving the fashion industry towards a more mindful future

Have you heard of DE SMET yet? If not, now’s your chance to become familiar with this beautifully minimal label with a conscious. I spoke with DE SMET’s owner and designer, Christina De Smet about sustainability and her tips for streamlining your close…

NBBJ completes “vertical campus” for Tencent’s headquarters in Shenzhen

At the Shenzhen headquarters of Chinese tech giant Tencent, twin skyscrapers are connected by sky bridges designed to help employees meet. Architect NBBJ designed Tencent’s Global Headquarters specifically to prevent the 10,000 workers of the technology firm from getting siloed in their different departments. Two glass and aluminium towers rise to 50 and 39 stories respectively and are

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