A New Wave

I like to keep it on the down-low but I do like to surf, not just the net but in the ocean on a surfboard, the original form of surfing.. the saltier kind. Films like Bill and Ted’s excellent adventures conjure images in ones head of shaggy haired grommets rambling off catchy one liners about

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Louis Vuitton Spring 19

Nicolas Ghesquière is one of our favourite sartorial story tellers.  This Spring 2019 collection saw Mr Ghesquière take us on a deep voyage to the outer world of futuristic discovery.  Zipping in and out of realities that bridged between worlds based on fantasy and the reality, the designer and his team did not disappoint. Silhouettes with oversized

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On Boyfriend Watch

OK so let’s be clear here, I may not be on the watch for a boyfriend anymore (BTW proof of my marital status can be found here) but I’ve been on the watch for a boyfriend watch since, well since I got hitched. Until now … that is. Thanks to my fabulous friends at Louis

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Peachy Keen

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Louis Vuitton Spring 18

  On your average Tuesday evening at the Louvre, where history and art run deep,  Nicolas Ghesquière’s Spring 2018 collection for Louis Vuitton came to life. The ever so clever Ghesquière combined the modern with the historic. The medieval ground floor of the Louvre, contained walls lined with exposed bricks, highlighting the aspects of a fortress […]

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Les Parfums

Earlier in 2016 when I visited Tokyo with Louis Vuitton for the ‘Volez, Voguez, Voyagez’ Exhibition there were whispers in the air of a possible perfume launch, the first time in nearly 90 years that LV would return to the fragrance realm. As we were taken on a private tour around the exhibition there were subtle hints throughout […]

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Boot Camp

You don’t need to be Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz to prove that a good pair of shoes can change your life.  To be honest I’ve always been a shoe person, just take a look inside my wardrobe and you’ll see that if you’re anything like me, shoes take a priority over most things […]

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Lineal Diversion

Considering the current state of my wardrobe .. (note to self: colour co-ordinated piles of clothing heaped over various pieces of bedroom furniture does not clarify as tidiness), I do not deserved to be welcoming more garments into the stable.   However 2 things .. firstly .. a tidy up of the ‘said’ above disaster zone is currently […]

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Contrasting Stitching

On so many SS16 catwalks contrasting stitching was used to effect. Above are some of the looks from Chloé, Edun, Altuzarra, Christopher Kane, Lanvin, Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton; and if they say three is a trend, well then I think I might be on to something here. The Chloé pieces top the bill for me […]

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In Transit

Exploring Tokyo on foot is the only way to go, all you need is a pair of Louis Vuitton flatforms and an appetite for Katsu chicken curry and one of the most beautiful cultures on earth .. grey coat: Rag & Bone or affordable option here .  black turtle neck knit: Rag & Bone – on sale  […]

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Louis Vuitton In Tokyo

In the words of Nicolas Ghesquiere himself .. ‘Never forget that what becomes timeless was once truly new’.   As we all know, creating something new, inventive and luxurious that will soon become a timeless classic, a collectors item by those who covet the bespoke, is a Louis Vuitton speciality. The past, present and future are […]

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Volez Voguez Voyagez

Deep in the heart of Tokyo currently lies a treasure like no other.   A pale blue timber rectangular structure, not much larger than the ground floor of one of your favourite French departments stores, nestled amongst the towering Tokyo skyline.  The woody aroma from within may seem generally unfamiliar in a cityscape such as this, but makes […]

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Lace Up

It’s safe to say that you can forget everything you once though of lace.  The imagination has previously conjured images of Victorian style dramas the minute the thought of lace had entered our minds.  Recently however thanks to the likes of Riccardo Tisci’s lace wrapped Givenchy warriors, lace has received a contemporary overhaul and with […]

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The trans-seasonal wardrobe, in my opinion, should consist of a crisp white shirt, a good pair of denim jeans and let’s be honest a comfortable pair of ankle boots for all of those miles we walk girls.  Thanks to this trio, you’re set for any occasion .. 3 is always the magic number .. white […]

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Make A Promise

Fashion they say.. isn’t just about the clothes.  It’s not often enough that we receive the opportunity to manifest something we love into creating positive change, the kind of change that can save lives and alter the pathway to a future generation. Over time I’ve been fortunate enough to grow a close relationship with Louis Vuitton and 2016 […]

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Pont Marie

In the precursor to Paris Fashion Week this season,  my office was a frenzy.  If co-ordinating a fashion week schedule is not stressful enough, show confirmations and appointments included, the most obvious other issue is what to wear.  Sadly the Libran in me seems to have difficulty with this somewhat standard necessity and somehow or other […]

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The Home Of Louis Vuitton

     Tucked away deep in the winding streets of Paris, set discreetly amongst lush leafy gardens, between rows of quintessentially historic Parisian abodes, lies the heart and home of Louis Vuitton.  It’s not surprising that the atelier and private residence, fundamental to the very DNA of the brand, sit so humbly amidst the hustle of Paris,  notably one of Europe’s most iconic […]

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Louis Vuitton SS 2016

As the lights dimmed signalling the beginning of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2016 show at the brands eponymous Foundation on the outskirts of Paris, it was clear to see that this show would  pack a serious cyber punch. Wall to wall electronic screens depicting digital landscapes in high speed visions became the backdrop for Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest […]

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The Statement Earring

Blame it on Phoebe Philo for instilling in us our current obsession .. the statement earring.   Referencing the oversized baubles of the early 80’s, a’la Diana Ross circa 1984, but taking on a more modern artistic twist, the statement earring needs to hit the red on your ‘must-have’ barometer this season.   Best accompanied with a […]

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Shape Shifter

Never under-estimate the power of the crop-top.  I know just the thought of the word has most of us conjuring images from Little Britain featuring too much skin, flammable material and maybe a scrunchy or two for good measure, but you’ve got to trust me on this one.  It’s all about layering and knowing how to work a crop over […]

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    This Australian fashion week the ‘bell’ was back, although the Aussie’s weren’t the first to toll that bell.  Funnily enough while I’ve been discussing bell trousers this week with some of my friends, they’ve expressed their doubts that bells aren’t for them, mainly because they’ve been worried that they’re not tall enough.  You don’t have to opt in […]

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Louis Vuitton Fall 2015-2016

Under a series of  geodesic domes set out like a space station outpost in a faraway galaxy at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, we saw this season’s Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 Collection marched out by it’s other worldy counterparts.   Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton girl this season was strong, cool and confident as ever before but now with the added twist of technology […]

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Taking the Parisian chic to the street thank you very much Andreea Diaconu and Vogue Spain .. model: Andreea Diaconu  .  photographer: Benny Horne .  stylist: Sara Fernandez  .  Vogue Spain



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