Mix and Match

Various qualitative layouts for a well-balanced mix and match. Striped Linen Blouse composed of its ballon cuffs and adjustable tie. Associating it with ripped jeans, fringed wool plaid scarf, and leather chelsea boots will create a delicious textural …

Fewer, Better Things

What Is Slow Fashion? Slow fashion is the antithesis of fast fashion, it’s a backlash against cheap labour, poor quality, environmental damage and unnecessary consumerism. It’s about buying well-made products that will be used again and again until they finally fall apart and can’t be mended, or (with beauty products) you have scraped the last […]

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Military Mood

I love a military coat and they’ve been so popular this season. My favourite is this long version from Theory, a brand I’ve been in love with for a very long time. Their look and style is minimal and smart, and their pieces are always very good quality. I’ve teamed their Jonmik coat with a simple […]

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