Kjær Weis organic makeup

I like organic makeup as much as the next person but often time the packaging isn’t very nice, especially for the price. Danish brand Kjær Weis was created to give women a makeup choice that wouldn’t have negative reactions due to their synthetic chemical ingredients. The packaging is also healthy, refillable cases that contribute less to waste.

Also, just look at these colors!

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monochrome makeup look

The hotter the weather, the less “paint” on my face. Luckily, it takes minimal use of makeup to still attain a presentable, chic look. Spring & summertime bring colorful sunsets and fresh breeze, which undoubtedly paint a pretty inspirational canvas in my mind. Warm, but soft tones are what I’ve been playing with the past […]

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My Wedding Day Make-Up Guide

Eyes Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy in 02 Ivory Power | Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft Brown | Chanel Le Crayon Khôl in Noir | Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy in 04 Rebel Metal | Sephora PRO Allover Shadow Brush in Large 12 | MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly | Sensai 38° […]

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inspiration from Dior A/W 2016

Excuse my partial silence this week, I’ve wanted to blog but when I get free time to do so I’ve been so tired and opting for a nap sounded better. Hey, I haven’t been on vacation yet this year so I don’t feel so guilty for napping. Next month we are ta…

navy smokey eye

I substituted my green eyeshadow lovin’ with an equally fun alternative. In between having some rarely used shades in my make-up palette and stalking runway beauty looks, I fell for the navy smokey eye. There’s a fine line between the glam grunge vibes of the deep blue shade and the so called “just-got-punched” look but […]

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In The Matte Nude

Not that I’m ashamed of admitting I follow the Kardashian – Jenner clan and sometimes even get inspired by them (I seriously considered dying my hair platinum blonde after Kim K’s crazy Givenchy stunt) but I’ve been fancying matte lipsticks way before Kylie’s headline grabbing lips or lip kits that were sold out in 3 minutes. Frankly, my love for matte lipstick was limited to red and burgundy tones (I tried a pop pink one summer but it was too much for me) and it wasn’t until recently I started wearing lipstick again, only this time they are all nude, mauve or taupe. Since MAC is my go to place whenever I’m looking for a new product, I’ve been using Mehr over Men Love Mystery but the internet agrees that NYX is the best matte lip product in the market right now, and considering the unbelievably reasonable price tag, I’ll be getting a couple of colors and start experimenting soon. image sources: harper and harley, totokaelo, linda hallberg, the impression, vogue uk, refinery29, byrdie, c’est …

The File

It’s not often that I open up my beauty cabinet (ha.. let’s be honest .. it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing cupboard in my house), but recently fresh from my trip to Europe, I caught up with my friends over at The File  to share all of my secret beauty obsessions and maybe a little too much information […]

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4 tips for perfect winged eyeliner

Everyone agrees there are far and few things in the make-up world that are considered classics. One of those things has to be winged eyeliner look. On the flip side – the greatest struggle of womankind is precisely keeping those eyeliner wings sharp looking and even. I’ve got just a few easy tips to keep […]

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RE:P Toning Pads / SON & PARK Beauty Water / BENTON Aloe BHA Skin TonerFavorite K-Beauty toners. FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / PINTEREST / BLOGLOVIN’ 

top fall lipstick colors

Bright coral lipsticks and creamy nudes aren’t exactly considered your fall lipstick colors, but I have to disagree with that notion. Risking sounding like an emo teenager – I rarely label things. Just like I don’t have “winter” and “summer” handbags (hi mom), I don’t have winter and summer lipstick colors either. I’ll wear deep […]

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real love for fake freckles

I wasn’t naturally blessed (or cursed, as some natural freckles owners often feel) with those beautiful miniature skin marks. Sure, I do get them on and around my nose during the summer but that show is usually over by the time September rolls around. Luckily, there is this thing called make-up, which manages to do […]

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2-step fresh skin routine

Don’t you love that feeling when you wake up, quickly wash your face with warm water, slap on some moisturizer and run out the door? Yeah, me neither. If we’re going to be completely honest here – most of us aren’t blessed with that supermodel complexion and usually we need a little pick-me-up from the […]

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DIY lip tint

What better time for DIY projects than summer vacation? If you’re feeling bored these days and have some free time on your hands, definitely try this one out! As it’s always the case with all my DIY projects, this one is pretty simple, quick and very inexpensive to make too. I’m so pleased with how […]

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bare all

Long time, no see! How have you been gals? I truly apologize for my 5-month absence, I have been swamped with work on my theses and life in general. Now that it’s all over, I can devote my time to this space. I missed blogging very much so today there is a lot of chatting […]

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Stowaway cosmetics launched last year with a unique collection of traveled sized of essentials. My favorites include the Effortless eyeliner, and the Creme lipstick or you can try them all with The Stowaway Kit. All formulas ar…

& Other Stories Make-Up Basics

A couple of new additions to my make-up bag from & Other Stories. The Tolle Peach eye shadow I’ve been using for ages as my base eye colour, it’s barely noticeable and has a yellow tone which matches my skin tone. The Puzzle Pink lipstick I’ve bought to wear on holiday, it’s pale pink on […]
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HOURGLASS Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in InfinityIt’s been a while since I tried a Palette this good. The colors are highly pigmented and blend effortlessly. MORE COLORS JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.


Drunk-looking face and overall a slightly disheveled look always go hand in hand with deep berry tones. At least in my book they do, as evidenced by the blindingly overexposed shots above. There is a certain magic in the air this time of year – the shades (and taste, obviously) of mulled wine are undoubtedly […]The post berry-toned appeared first on moiminnie.


It must be the Holidays, but I’ve been wearing lipstick almost every day for the last few weeks. I especially love the pink one, that just adds a soft colour on to my lips. Nothing flashy. The orange/red one is – of course – for those days that I do want to wear something flashy. Perfect for tomorrow night, right? Photo 1: make up applied by Meghan

DIY make-up palette

The reason for me being away for a week is nothing more than a simple desire to just relax. October was a busy month for me and the past week was all about packing for my trip and running last errands before departure. Some time off was much needed. Now that I feel recharged, I’m […]

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GLOSSIER Phase 1 SetThe skincare set includes a Soothing Face Mist made of rose water and it’s hydrating unlike a lot of facial sprays out there. Smells great too. The Priming Moisturizer is probably my favorite out of the…

black & nude

These days I’m really into the all natural look. I still have a bit of tan left from the days spent in France, so I’m using that as an opportunity to go bare-faced (or with as little foundation as possible). Liner/eyeshadow is optional but a few swipes of blush, bit of nude lipstick and two […]

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