museum date at the Broad

If you haven’t heard by now the hype is gathering around downtown LA’s The Broad, a contemporary art museum by the philanthropist Eli Broad. Though you can get reservations on their online ticketing system, it’s booked out for weeks. We ended up waiting for about an hour strolling in 10:30am on a Sunday. From the infinity Room (get there early) to their Warhol/Hurst/Koons scattered through the rooms, it’s a VERY pop art-heavy collection. You can call it the Whitney equivalent of LA. But you just have to see it to see the amazing shots you can pull off across its humungous “honeycomb like” exterior. Inspired by the funky architecture of The Broad, I put together a look with volume and structure. Thank you for reading, hope you had an amazing holiday weekend! xx Melis Photos by Abel. the outfit: Fashion Bunker tunic (c/o) | Shopbop culottes (on sale here) | Saint Laurent booties (similar here) | Levis Denim jacket | Bag: Chanel

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The No Fuss Festive Outfit

Two no fuss festive outfits for comfort and style this festive season Wearing: Jumpsuit & Dress – Third Form | Blazer…

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Straw bales insulate monochrome house in Ontario by Nicolas Koff

This house near Hamilton, Ontario, relies on a combination of fireplaces and straw walls to keep it warm, with a rooftop meadow adding to its green credentials (+ slideshow). Toronto-based architect Nicolas Koff gave K-House 40-centimetre-thick prefabricated straw-bale walls, creating a layer of insulation that helps to reduce the property’s energy consumption. The house is heated by a set of fireplaces, […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Planets Align

It seems as though there is a surprise around every corner in this beautiful, bright space… and I’m happy to keep exploring. Sometimes the planets just align and provide us with the perfect interior, so for now this interior obsessive is happy to rest, I can’t think of a better place to put my feet up.. x Anders Bergstedt […]

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Give way to the rule of a certain sophistication over classic and minimalist pieces: Successfully experimented here by uniting the perfect maxi slit dress from Third Form with the tailored details of a blazer. The sleek and clean lines of … Continue reading


You’ve probably guessed by now that red and green aren’t really my colours… so this year I think black and gold are the way to go. Here in Australia, it isn’t christmas time unless you’re sweltering under the summer sun, craving an afternoon Capriosca and eating as much seafood as you possibly can. All the sun kissed […]

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Lasting Impressions

It’s officially the weekend and it’s hot, so if there’s ever a day to wear your underwear as outerwear, today is the day.  Not for the faint hearted the ‘going biggie smalls’ look, requires a brief that isn’t too..aghhh.. brief.  Confidence and a stiff drink will help to pull this ensemble off, however rest assured you’ll leave a lasting impression, […]

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Bag: Givenchy  .  Book: Anna Bauer  .  Notebook: Lucky 44  .  Sunglasses: Céline  .  Bracelet: Balenciaga  .  Cuff: Givenchy  .  Necklace: Topshop  .  Nailpolish: Nars  .  Mules: Balenciaga  .  Marble Earrings: Amber Sceats  .  Silver Earrings: Balenciaga (affordable options here)

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As temperatures begin to drop, find comfort muffled in delicate and warm garments. The turtleneck is a timeless classic and an essential piece of one’s wardrobe. Let it reappear every year by infusing upon it a touch of modernity. Whichever … Continue reading

Fall Issue

Tone on tone outfits on the front stage. White on white, black on black, grey on grey: The monochrome thematic is tightly anchored in Lines/Manner. My associate of the week, Lily, founder of The Demeler blog, also opts for a … Continue reading

Inspiration Gallery I Enticing

Inspiration GALLERY S A N  F R A N C I S C O, July 2014

Goodness & Honesty

  Amsterdam | September 2015 “Treat those who are good with goodness, and also treat those who are not good with goodness. Thus goodness is attained. }Be honest to those … Read More

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The World Belongs to You

  “Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” Lao Tzu Hummel x Atmos … Read More

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Spotlight On

Ibiki, the reference boutique of Montreal. The conceptual environment of this boutique, dominated by a black and white aesthetic, tends to plays with our notions of art and fashion: a true reflection the owner’s identity, Jonah Leslie. A perfectly pure … Continue reading


In sync with this capsule wardrobe of black silk dresses; with these qualitative staple pieces staged in an immaculate space of the Lines/Manner closet. Semi-long sleeves, short sleeves, thin or large suspenders, round-neck, V-neck, shawl collar, each cut and finish … Continue reading

Right Impact

The simple midi knit dress: versatile, modern, and tainted with a refreshing bright grey. A must-have basic. The minimalist trend is much more complex than it seems. You must master and perfect your look essentially by playing with the slightest … Continue reading


When style meets a certain level of practicality. Layer your dress and flowy blouse made out of one and only fabric: weaving silk with itself. Think straight cuts, versatile, and timeless garments as we once again rely on the ultimate … Continue reading

House and office complex by J Mayer H features monochrome facades and false shadows

J Mayer H Architects has completed a housing and office complex in Germany, covered with graphic patterns that extend down from facades to create the impression of elongated shadows (+ slideshow). The four buildings that make up the Sonnenhof complex range in height from five to seven storeys, and are clustered around a central courtyard. All four buildings feature […]

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Red Brick, White Walls

Photography: Jonas Berg 55 kvadrat (55 square) work with the best interior decorators, stylists and photographers to sell homes in Gothenburg. This is one of several I’d up sticks and move into in a heartbeat. The simple monochrome palette forms the backdrop for many beautiful details. The glass plant pot and old cigar box on […]

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Whether it be for a well-studied design, fine details, or a perfect finish we should never hesitate to invite revisited basics into our looks. They vary in shapes, make use of bi-materials, or can even be subtly adorned. Coat – … Continue reading


You see there’s this thing with Dion.. Dion Lee that is.  Not only is Dion one of Australia’s foremost innovators in women’s wear, creating architectural silhouettes that we line up for again and again, but Mr Lee is one of those people that when you meet you will never forget. There seems to be this […]

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monochrome home

A new book has been released by stylist Hilary Robertson and photographer Pia Ulin that looks fantastic, and I must admit I already bought it! Of course I have a fondness for monochrome spaces and this preview looks just fantastic.

Sunday Sanctuary: The Dreamer

 Monochrome and timber sit against the perfect white backdrop all in the one place, this home seems to tick all the boxes if you ask me… Chanel bags in the closet included.. x Stylizm0  .  Domaine Home  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr
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Sunday Sanctuary: Easy Does It

If you ask me, sometimes the best things come in the simplest of packages and this incredible Swedish abode is no exception. Clean lines, an effortless colour palate and the perfect choice of tiles make this dream home one to remember… I can definitely see myself putting my feet and enjoying the surrounds here at the end of […]

Femme Fatale

I have a sister from another mister and her name is Barbara Bui.   You see Barbara isn’t just one of Paris’ favourite contemporary designers but her laid-back rock chic vibe speaks to girls like moi all around the globe.  Since I was recently in Paree I thought it only too fitting to team up […]

LFW SS15 Street Style II

More of my #streetstyle photos from #LFW #SS15

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