3 Lazy Girl Style Tricks Learned from Parisians

3 Lazy Girl Style Tricks Learned from Parisians Shot by Hannah Roche for MYER and Anna Quan Label. Along with Anna Quan Label We celebrated four of the best of Australian design during Sydney Fashion Week, see the full piece on at MYER.com.au. Look 1: Anna Quan Trench, Miss Shop Jeans, Innovare Boots, M2M Bag,

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Vested Interests

This season I might be all about the flare but I’m hear to tell you that there’s another key player on my radar.  Never shying away from boxy silhouettes, the perfect trans-seasonal piece, both functional and yet with a hit of Parisian cool is the oversized vest.  In my recent collaborations with Myer, I’ve had the honour of trawling […]

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New Romantic

There’s a little romantic in all of us, well that’s why I like to remind my man of anyway.  When I met up with this beautiful lady not that long ago, we had our own chat about romance, boys(we hope you’re reading this), clothes and the obvious fact that she is one of Australia’s most […]

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The Finders

It’s only once in a blue moon (thanks to the month that we’ve just had) that you’re asked to contribute your creative energy to one of Australia’s most distinguished brands.  You might have noticed that over the past 12 months that I’ve been involved with several projects with Australia’s leading department store Myer. Since the early […]

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Wrapped Up

Well it’s a wrap, MBFWA or Australian Fashion Week has finally come to an end and this year I was lucky enough to be honoured with the role of  ‘Official Myer Correspondant’.  The privilege of working with one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious retailers, stocking some of the best designers both Nationally and Internationally came […]

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Shape Shifter

Never under-estimate the power of the crop-top.  I know just the thought of the word has most of us conjuring images from Little Britain featuring too much skin, flammable material and maybe a scrunchy or two for good measure, but you’ve got to trust me on this one.  It’s all about layering and knowing how to work a crop over […]

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Running On Empty

Well my friends it’s been a crazy week!  I’m sure that if you’ve been following me on Instagram that you would have seen that I’ve been attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia as the official Myer Correspondent, a role with more than one or two perks.  One of my favourite parts about the role other […]

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