Valentino Spring 2019

  “I was thinking of paradises, about artists’ colonies of the past,” said designer Pierpaolo Piccioli at the Spring 2019 Ready to Wear show this season in Paris. Pierpaolo began to elaborate on the collection with cues to escapism, highlighting that he doesn’t believe in the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, but

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DROMe Spring 2019

We love the new guard at team O.F.  The designers who are doing there own thing and making a mark on the industry, with a clear and concise voice of what girls like us want.  This season marked my 3rd attendance at a DROMe show and I can safely say that it did not disappoint.

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Loewe Spring 2019

  The stage was set before you entered the building for the Loewe Spring 2019 show.  Set in the backdrop of the Unesco Paris HQ a mid-century modern concrete slab suspended on gravity defiant architectural legs, Alexander Calder sculptures adorning the gardens and all .. tres bien. This was my second very honourable invitation to

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Hermes Fall 2018 Ready To Wear

Under a dusky pink Parisian sunset the audience milled as the anticipation grew for the Hermés Fall 2018 runway show.  Shifts of misty fog drifted between trees grouped around the edges of the outdoor runway paved in cherry red gravel.  This was the first Hermés show that I’ve been lucky enough to attend and the

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Valentino Fall 2018 Ready To Wear

It only feels like yesterday that I was lucky enough to be shaking it on the dance floor at the Valentino Spring 2017 afterparty while head designer Mr Pierpaolo Piccioli cut tracks behind the DJ booth.  The rainbow lightbox dance floor was covered in a sea of men and women, but it was the females

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Loewe AW 2018 Ready To Wear

  Leaving the noise behind and embracing calmness, is what Mr Anderson set out to achieve with the Loewe Fall 2018 Ready To Wear Collection. And that he did. This season the Loewe woman came across as the kind of girl you would meet in one of those chic underground art galleries on the Lower East […]

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Miu Miu AW 2018

  As Elle Fanning lead the the procession of bouffant beehive wearing Breakfast Club-ish bargirls for Miu Miu AW 2018 RTW, it was clear to see the this season Mrs Prada’s intention for the Miu Miu muse was a certain kind of girlish rebellion. Shiny belted puffer jackets in shades of 1980’s drugstore lipsticks were among some of my personal […]

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Valentino Spring 2018

In between the endless deadlines, emails, travel time and general wonderment that is Paris Fashion Week, a select few moments tend to stay with you, so fresh in your memory your that you feel as though they are happening all over again. As I sit here half a world away from the Paris runways, I […]

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Acne Studios Spring 2018

As I walked through an enormous translucent shower curtain, the other side did not resemble the inside of my shower at all, but the Acne Studios Spring 2018 runway show.  As the music began and the shower curtain rose I had a sudden feeling I was about to be taken on a journey of Saturday Night […]

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Chanel Spring 2018

    Walking into the Grand Palais is always an experience in itself,  let alone the location for the Chanel Spring 2018 Show. As I walked through the large entrance I was greeted by the sounds of water gently cascading down the side of a giant, moss laden cliff.  At that exact moment I knew I […]

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Louis Vuitton Spring 18

  On your average Tuesday evening at the Louvre, where history and art run deep,  Nicolas Ghesquière’s Spring 2018 collection for Louis Vuitton came to life. The ever so clever Ghesquière combined the modern with the historic. The medieval ground floor of the Louvre, contained walls lined with exposed bricks, highlighting the aspects of a fortress […]

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Celine Spring 2018

Entering a marshmallow-cloud-like tent within a Parisian Tennis Club felt somewhat comforting. And this comfort was further enhanced by wooden benches covered in Céline printed sleeping bags. Now that’s what I’m talking about, good ol’ fashioned camping…  But I knew this was going to be a camping experience that I was neither previously accustomed to, nor had encounter before.The bespoke Céline […]

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Dior 2018 Ready To Wear

In awe I stepped into a white domed shaped runway, with a roof consisting of shattered mosaic glass. As a long time admirer of the one of the most historic fashion brands, I sat eager at the edge of my seat for what Maria Grazia Chiuri and the entire Dior team had created. Carefully crafted stories have become […]

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Valentino Fall 2017 RTW

Romance may be a quality that resides in all of us, but only Valentino’s Mr Pierpaolo Piccioli can trigger such timeless passion from his beckoning admirers again and again. This season we were transpired into Mr Piccioli’s world once again, but this time with the duality of Victoriana and the 80’s Memphis art movement as inspiration.  As […]

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