Best Street Style Looks of PFW Spring 2019

I have to admit that even though I’m tired of fashion month just by sitting on my couch (attending the craze for even just a week was enough for me) and that I don’t really enjoy seeing the same faces over and over again on the street styl…

Best Street Style Looks of PFW Fall 2018

Almost as if everyone knew of the importance of being at last fashion week that will host a Céline collection that came out of hands of Phoebe Philo (it was an interim collection but you could see Phoebe all over it), the streets were like a homage to…

Best Street Style Looks of PFW Fall 2017

Fashion month is finally over and despite not getting off my couch for even a second this whole time, I’m exhausted. But luckily it all ends with Paris so we are left with lots and lots of Balenciaga and Céline in our minds, to keep it going for the months to come. My one trend takeaway from the whole thing though: if you ever bought two different colors of the same shoe just because you like it so much and have always felt guilty, now is your time to flaunt both of them at the same time with no guilt. For more inspiration (because we won’t be getting a new batch of street style looks until June) here are my favorite 90 looks from Paris Fashion Week. image sources: the impression, harper’s bazaar, the cut, collage vintage, style du monde, vogue es, vogue fr Save Save Save Save

Best of Couture Week Street Style

Normally I find the fashion calendar deeply disappointing every year in the sense that couture week comes after menswear fashion weeks – street style vise – because I don’t like the transition from real street looks of natural menswear styling to over the top couturesque looks. However this year Demna Gvasalia effect was so dominant even the couture week streets were filled with puffer jackets. In fact puffer jackets were all there is, to a point of absurdity, but no complaints here. sources: collage vintage, the cut, harper’s bazaar, the impression, style du monde Save Save

Best of PFW S/S 2017 Street Style

Please let me know if it had the same effect on you as it did on me but ever since the beginning of Paris Fashion Week with fantastic street style looks and even more amazing collections (such as Céline, Louis Vuitton, Jacquemus, Balenciaga etc), I’ve been shopping (and therefore selling) more than ever. I felt the immediate need to update my entire – too classic, too minimal, too comfortable – wardrobe and get plaid jackets, long sleeved sweaters, heeled boots, stirrup trousers (yep, they’re back), asymmetrical skirts as far as the eye can see and basically anything metallic or knit that will help me layer the shit out of my clothes. Anyways here are 130 of the best looks from PFW streets because if I’m going down, I’m taking everybody with me. image sources: vogue,, collage vintage, harper’s bazaar, fashionista, the impression, the cut, wwd, style du monde Save Save Save

Best of Paris Couture Week Street Style

Every fashion week has its own “thing”, just like how every other city has its own, and for me couture fashion week is the most widely inspirational in terms of street style. I can hear you telling me to make my mind and decide if I like menswear street style better more or this, and I can’t lie but admit that menswear inspires me more on a daily basis, but the couture fashion week street style gives me tips on how to dress where I’m most uncomfortable and least inspired getting dressed for: fancy events, night outs, weddings where you don’t want to look like a prom queen etc. Looking chic whilst maintaining your cool is a hard task so here’s to women who had done one heck of a job with it. image sources: the impression, vogue, harper’s bazaar, the cut, w magazine, vogue paris, vogue spain, style du monde, j’ai perdu ma veste Save Save

Spotted: Everyday Sequins

I’m usually not that good with noticing details in a pile of “something” at first glance, I know what I like and don’t like but that’s pretty much it, which results in me having to check that said “something” over and over again with %110 attention to figure out styling tricks, accessories, lengths etc. Though that was not the case this time, probably because it was so dominant and obvious, sequin pieces put together with casual everyday clothing is like a much too literal yet ironic representation of “street style at a couture week”. Especially Miroslava Duma and Yasmin Sewell’s sequin & oversized blazer combos gave me serious style chills, making me dig up old photos for inspiration too. Here are my picks for the best everyday sequin looks, and a butt load of inspiration for how to wear them. image sources: the impression 1 & 2 & 3, fashionista, vanessa jackman, anine’s world 1 & 2, harper’s bazaar 1 & 2, vogue, glamradar, a pink dream, refinery29, the chic department Save Save

Best of Paris Men’s FW Street Style

For many people Paris is the most beautiful city in the world because of it’s architecture, culture and history but for me its fashion, more so the style of the city itself is one of the main reasons Paris stands above everywhere else in the world. Without the fashion weeks it has the utmost laid back vibe where everyone looks effortless but during fashion weeks the whole city swings into high gear with outfits that look so simple yet well-thought, hiding the charm in the details. Here are the final batch of Menswear Fashion Week street style looks with 65 of my favorite looks from Paris. sources: vogue, w magazine, the imprint, style du monde

Best Street Style Looks of PFW Fall 2016

This season will be remembered, more than anything, as the season of the street style. No, it’s not the first time people dressed up for the cameras, not the first time bloggers flooded the shows (or at least the entrance of the shows) nor the first time people cared more about street style more than (some) runway shows but this was the season the power of streets was finally confirmed commercially and creatively. The most buzzed about and celebrated collections of the season were Vetements and Balenciaga, both in the hands of the same creative director, both all about the “streets”. Things finally turned the other way around, from streets to runways, now it’s time to wait for the next thing and meanwhile enjoy this new era, starting with the (many, many) best street style looks from Paris Fashion Week. sources: harper’s bazaar, the impression, vogue, the cut, w magazine, wwd, style du monde, collage vintage

Pre-inspiration Board

Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Kiev, Paris (couture) and New York (menswear) were *some of* the cities that hosted fashion weeks during the month of January (and a little bit of February) and hand in hand they eventually provided us with a lot of serious pre-fashion month winter street style inspiration. Lessons learned: colorful furs, long overcoats, cropped pants, classic blue jeans, Chanel and Celiné heels & Gucci loafers are in as ever but the bomber jackets are literally having the time of their lives. source: a love is blind, vogue, harper’s bazaar, w magazine, j’ai perdu ma veste, the impression, style du monde


Image NY Mag by Im KooLove this look from PFW, the bomber and pleated leather skirt (More here) with those Céline oxfords. So good.SHOP THE LOOKJavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.