Casa La Quinta: A Home In Mexico Designed Around Voids

In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City-based architects Pérez Palacios and Alfonso de la Concha Rojos have designed ‘Casa La Quinta’, a home where swimming is a main attraction.
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Inspiration for Your Patio and a Grilling Giveaway!

The spacious deck above features simple vertical slatting that extends up the side of the building itself, giving a very unified look. When you think of summer, chances are you see yourself outside. Maybe you love having a meal with frie…

10 pieces to create a beautiful outdoor space

One of the best parts of the warming weather is being outdoors. Planting flowers, grasses and even vegetables in our garden is one of my favorite ways to enjoy spring. Whether you have a small patio like me or a large yard with a big wooden deck, here …