The Dawn of Romanity

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A Woman Of Art With Jaeger-LeCoultre

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How To Cruise With Chanel

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Notes From Milan

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The Art Of Precision

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It All Began At Bedarra

Please excuse me if it seems as though I’m not paying attention, and just a warning that if you speak with me it may seem as though I’m a world away or even thinking of something else. The truth is my body may be back in reality, but my mind is lying on a sunny

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So Frenchy So Chic: Part 3

Bonjour and welcome to Paris, one of my favourite homes away from home.  After several years of visiting Paris for Fashion Week you would think that by now that I’d almost be part French .. no?  But alas mes amours.. ce n’est pas ainsi …(sigh) it is not so. The most Frenchy So Chic that

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A Lazy Weekend In Byron Bay

I’m just going to put it out there, change is great but a getaway to Australia’s eastern most destination, dripping in white sandy beaches, artisan markets and healthy gourmet bistros has got my vote any day.   Whoever said ‘change is as good as a holiday’ has possibly never travelled to one of my favourite

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So Frenchy So Chic: Part 2

Eat, Sleep, work repeat, eat, sleep work repeat… Welcome to Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2018. For those not on the ground PFW looks like a magical fairy tale broken up with long lunches at insta-worthy restaurants and the kind of fashion shows that one would swap a kidney to attend. Well let me clarify,

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So Frenchy So Chic

Honey I’m home… and the reality of what was Paris Fashion Week SS 2018 is slowly fading, although thankfully some memories will last forever.  Take for instance that moment when I walked into the Céline show on my birthday into what looked like a giant marshmallow, how did Phoebe Philo know that marshmallows are my favourite […]

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The Peninsula Paris

When you’re half way around the world, have just stepped off a 24 hour flight and a broken luggage carousel holds your suitcases hostage upon arrival… There’s no better feeling than finally arriving at your accommodation and knowing that your home for the next little while happens to be one of the most beautiful hotels in […]

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Maldives Holiday

Future predictions for 2018 Pantone Top Colour Trends … Maldivian Blue.  In the last month a considerable chunk of my instagram feed was taken up with images of friends and fashion people frolicking in the balmy tropical waters of the Maldives, and yep you guessed it as the saying goes .. ‘if you can’t beat […]

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New York With Tiffany & Co.

  This girl loves jewellery, tiny chains with charms collected from travels afar, signet rings, chunky singular statement earrings, I’ll take the lot.  Diamonds may well be a girl’s ‘best friend’, but never being one to discriminate, I’m happy to hang out with the ‘whole gang’.  It once took my bestie 3 hours, half a bottle of rosé and […]

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Halcyon Days

I’m not going to lie, I still felt my bones thawing from the freezing temperatures of Paris as I walked through the doors of Byron Bay’s Halcyon House for this balmy little getaway.  It was a no-brainer to me to accept the offer to join friends Saasha Burns and Sam Leetham, for the launch of their latest […]

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The Weekender

So you might have noticed that this weekend I snuck away to one of my favourite hide outs.. Byron Bay, on the far north coast of New South Wales.  The past few weeks have been a little crazy with several big projects going into the production fazes with my team, including a national campaign for […]

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Volez Voguez Voyagez

Deep in the heart of Tokyo currently lies a treasure like no other.   A pale blue timber rectangular structure, not much larger than the ground floor of one of your favourite French departments stores, nestled amongst the towering Tokyo skyline.  The woody aroma from within may seem generally unfamiliar in a cityscape such as this, but makes […]

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Peninsula Hotel Paris

I really don’t think that there is any better view in the world than this.   Any social media fiend will recognise this view of the the Eiffel Tower and it’s no surprise why, when you walk into a glass atrium with an intimate view of one of the world’s most recognisable icon’s it’s something […]

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The Home Of Louis Vuitton

     Tucked away deep in the winding streets of Paris, set discreetly amongst lush leafy gardens, between rows of quintessentially historic Parisian abodes, lies the heart and home of Louis Vuitton.  It’s not surprising that the atelier and private residence, fundamental to the very DNA of the brand, sit so humbly amidst the hustle of Paris,  notably one of Europe’s most iconic […]

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Any Excuse

I must admit that I’ve been very bad.  Although I may be in Santorini shooting a project, I also have a very good list of pathetic reasons why I haven’t been able to post ie. ‘there is no internet on Santorini’ (ok not really), ‘the hours that I’ve been shooting here leave no time for posting'(ummm, that’s […]

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A Lazy Weekend

In the modern era of accessibility luxury has become personal.  Take my guy Sammy for instance, luxury for him is waking up at 5am on a Saturday to find an un-interrupted surf spot with head high glassy barrels.  Luxury for myself however, has recently become more simplistic, a sleep-in immersed in soft white sheets.. although sounding relatively mundane this […]

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Fashion Week Insider

  Fashion Week .. it’s always one big crazy adventure, 18 hour days filled with an over indulgence of world class designers baring their heart and soul’s worth of pieces, for the next great season ahead.  Recently I travelled to Sydney as part of MBFWA – Sydney fashion week, to cover the week for not only […]

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Vitamin Sea

  It’s been one long crazy month starting with Paris Fashion Week followed by way too many projects to count.  I like to believe that there’s a little bit of gypsy in all of us so with some much needed R&R I took the opportunity to head to Bali to work on an upcoming project and […]

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PFW Show Highlights

Every season Paris Fashion Week seems to know how to step it up just that little bit more and this Spring Summer 2015 was no exception.  With the added honour of being the MATCHESFASHION Guest Buyer for PFW 2015 this season was going to be a big one, not just in the amount of appointments but […]

Paris Rooftops

Is there no better rooftop in the world than the rooftops of Paris?  If you’re answering yes then I strongly advise that you climb those B&B 10 flights of stairs the next time you decide to visit Paree.  Let’s be honest it’s always quite a climb to get to the top floor of any Paris […]

Michael Kors Escape

ESCAPE or to ‘Escape’ and break free from confinement or control as per the Oxford Dictionary, is a term that Michael Kors knows best.  Who else but MK and his band of jet setting devotees would have a better handle on escaping reality to get away from the everyday rat race.  When I was recently approached by this eminently […]

The Getaways

When the going gets tough the tough go to Byron Bay.  I don’t know how it could be possible but this year seems to have gone faster than any year before and it was time to make a run for it.  With the end of the year not nearly close enough in site, I recently […]

Island Lux

Let me begin by divulging that even though it may not look like it, this trip for me was all about work.  No seriously I promise, there was a lot of late nights enjoying fine wine  working late on my computer, sweating under the cabana with a cocktail  from all the stress, and basically trying to make the most […]