Frama Releases the 9.5° Chair in Natural

Danish brand Frama has debuted a new version of their iconic 9.5° chair in a new, natural wood finish, exclusively available in their online store. 9.5° was designed by Rasmus B. Fex in 2014 and joined the Frama Permanent Collection the same year. Fex’…

Faina’s Toptun chair is perfect geometry

Available at Perspective Studio in Stockholm, this Toptun chair is part of Faina’s collection of bed frames, sofas and chairs. They describe the collection as having “soft geometry” and while perfectly symmetrical and composed of straight lines, this c…

Dimore Studio

In one of my late night Insta scrolls I came across a furry chair… A furry chair that I have not seen before. All thanks to DIMORESTUDIO, a name that has become synonymous in the design word. Blurring the lines between art, design and fashion, DIMORESTUDIO interprets memories and creates dreams according to founders Britt Moran […]

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Crown Easy Chair form Mass Productions

Chair love, from Swedish Mass Productions.


Inspiration for the weekend from Ilmari Tapiovaara’s 1960 Kiki line, now produced by Artek.