Studio KO’s Moroccan Villa Overlooks The Snowy Atlas Mountains

Situated just a half-hour drive from Marrakech outside a small town called Tagadert is ‘Villa K’, a five-bedroom retreat designed by French firm Studio KO that sits softly on the land.
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Casa L4 Features A Rooftop Pool With Ocean Views

In Costa Esmerelda, a holiday area overlooking the South Atlantic Ocean in Argentina, architect Luciano Kruk and his partner Ekaterina Künzel designed ‘Casa L4’—a concrete home set amongst a grove of maritime pines.
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Casa La Quinta: A Home In Mexico Designed Around Voids

In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City-based architects Pérez Palacios and Alfonso de la Concha Rojos have designed ‘Casa La Quinta’, a home where swimming is a main attraction.
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Casa Xólotl, A Home On The Yucatan Peninsula

Previously a run-down property, ‘Casa Xólotl’ is the result of an ingenious renovation by Mérida-based firm Punto Arquitectónico’s, that links earth with water.
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Panorama By Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados

The swimming pool inside ‘Panorama’ — a house designed by Brazilian studio Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados — is a giant human aquarium that is the highlight of the home.
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Serpentine Slides For A 19th-Century English Manor

In collaboration with London’s Purcell architecture firm, Manhattan-based architect Rafael de Cárdenas has designed an addition for a manor-house — an atmospheric pool pavilion with a set of sculptural slides.
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The Wall House By Guedes Cruz Arquitectos

Located in a region known as the Portuguese Riviera in the west of Lisbon, this luxury residence named Wall House is set on the edge of the premier Oitavos Dunes Golf Course amongst natural sand dunes and pine trees within the Sintra Cascais National P…

Inverted Solo House Pyramid By TNA Architects

This upside down concrete pyramid is one of 12 ‘Solo House’ projects located in Matarraña, a mountainous area in the eastern part of Spain. That broader project is an attempt by French developer Christian Bourdais with the aim to populate the landscape with small resort-style dwellings. Tokyo-based architecture firm TNA, led by Makoto Takei and […]

El Palmar By David Cervera

Designed by architect David Cervera, El Palmar is a summer house located in the Yucatán peninsula of southeastern Mexico.
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A Modern Villa In Spanish Mountains

Situated in the charming Spanish town of Borriana, the ‘Cs House‘ is a modern villa, coherent in its vision and execution.
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AN House By Guilherme Torres

‘AN House’ is situated in a condominium in the south Brazil state of Paraná. It was designed by Studio Guilherme Torres to house a family with three teenagers, whilst embracing the hot weather characteristic of the region.
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Minimalist Fobe House By Guilhem Eustache

Built by architect Guilhem Eustache, the beautiful minimalist ‘Fobe House’ with its whitewashed forms and columns reminds more of a sculptural complex, rather than a home. Located south of Marrakech, in Morocco, the complex is in a seamless synergy…

Contemporary House By Abandoned Railway

Architects at ONG&ONG have designed a contemporary villa, imagined as a prototype of modern tropical living. The house borrowed the views from the next-door greenery of abandoned railway; while simple lines and features like lush corridors, blue wa…

The Edris House By E. Stewart Williams

Built in 1954 by a prolific modernist architect E. Stewart Williams, ‘The Edris House‘ became an immediate phenomenon. Today, the property stays true to its original design, offering a journey back in time.
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Hotel Hubertus · Valdora, Italy

Located in the famous ski and hiking area of Italian town Valdaora at an altitude of about 1350 m, Hotel Hubertus blends the old family property with the new part, offering the visitors a high-level relaxing space with a feeling of a mountain chalet.

A Swimming Pool Inside A Sunken Pavilion

Architecture firm Act_Romegialli designed a swimming pool inside a pavilion that hides in the ground of an early 1900 property in Alta Brianza, Italy. The clients requested a modern pool house that wouldn’t clash with the old residence and the surrou…

Villa Clessidra By LAAV Architects

Named ‘Villa Clessidra’, the unique concept home is hypothetically located in a pine forest in the Netherlands, featuring an exceptional interior layout that involves its entire second floor being enlarged to a swimming pool.
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A Summer House In Sant Mori

Spanish architecture studio Mesura brought to life the dream of a couple with a redesign of their holiday home and pool in the village of Sant Mori, Spain.
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Schwimmhalle Finckensteinallee · Berlin

Elegant architecture can be hard to reconcile with the darkest era in a country’s history. Yet this was precisely the challenge faced by Veauthier Meyer Architects with the restoration of the ‘Schwimmhalle Finckensteinallee’, a swimming pool loca…

A Parisian Pool Based On Feng Shui Principles

Mikou Studio’s ‘Fort’ swimming pool near Paris was designed following principles of Feng Shui: fluidity, openness and flow.
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