Oracle Fox For Versace

So girls meet your new best friend, the Versace ‘Palazzo Empire Bag’.  The kind of best friend who is happy to lug your personal belongings around even though you only ever use half of them, the kind of best friend who loves to stand by your side just to make you look good and the […]

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Double Agent

The double agent, mysteriously capable of outwardly appearing to serve a single purpose when in fact it can serve several.  Feeling rather like a spy I recently roamed around Paris for an afternoon in one of my new favourite pieces this winter/fall.  Originally when I came across this structured military number it seemed that it’s […]

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Versace Studio

There are girls and then there are VERSACE girls .. or should I more appropriately say Versace ‘Women’.  Versace, a brand notably applauded for embodying bold feminine beauty (well with Donatella at the helm, we would expect no less) is moving into the future, think contemporary, clean and strong. The kind of silhouettes that your everyday tomboy […]

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When most of us think Italian, we’re thinking pasta, good wine and let’s be honest  well dressed men looking for love.  However ask me personally and I may answer the later (I won’t lie),  but firstly my allegiances will go to Versace, fashion first always right?  Donatella and her team understand women like no other, how to dress […]
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The Enigma

If only my wardrobe could talk .. ohhhhh the secrets it would tell.  Stories of how at least once every year my closet gets so messy that you cannot see the floor, how some new things still hang with the price tags still attached, and even more embarrassingly how there has been the odd occasion […]