Darker Evenings

Anna Pirkola from Dada A. created a beautiful story in Iceland for Residence magazine together with photographer Katri Kapasen and her assistant Jaana Niittysen and it is out now. In her own words :

“A true autumn feeling for which I have love and hate -relationship. Love for the Darker Evenings and Cozy “hygge” feeling with the candle lights and hate for that same Darker evening and mornings with no light at all and pouring rain.”

I think she captured these feelings perfectly, the light in the photos and the mood illustrate exactly how I feel about living in Scandinavia so well. To wake up when it still dark even at 9 in the morning, the cold days near the stove, the candles on the windows and hot cocoa, wrapped in woolen clothes and socks. Pure bliss. 
You can read more at Annas blog here.

//Styling and Concept by Anna Pirkola  |  Photography by Katri Kapanen 

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