Do we choose particular flower colours for a reason?

No matter the occasion we choose flowers to celebrate, show appreciation and fill our hearts and homes with joy, our flower colour choices communicate a deeper meaning to what we may have first thought. Each flower carries special traits and meanings which are associated with every month. The birth flower is closely connected with the language of flowers (Floriography) which began in the 1700’s as a method of communicating secret messages… Flower associations…
January – Carnation – Love / Distinction February – Violet/Iris – Faithfulness / Hope March    – Daffodil – Spring / Rebirth April – Daisy – Youth / Purity May – Lily of the valley / Allium– Appreciation June – Rose – Humility / Sweetness July – Larkspur – Levity / Lightness August – Gladiolus – Moral integrity / Honor September – Aster/Myosotis – Patience / Daintiness October – Marigold – Warm / Fierce November – Chrysanthemum – Compassion / Friendship December – Poinsettia – Success Does gender inform what types of bouquets we choose to buy?  In a recent study by Serenata Flowers the most popular flower colour choices for both male and female flower senders by budget were revealed.
(Each circle is a mathematical analysis of the most dominant colour choices within each bouquet, each ring represents one bouquet).  Overall, low spend flower senders in the UK tend to opt for a simple mixture of colours, but these tend to be the more brighter and bold of the bunch, whereas high spenders tend to opt for a more varied bouquet featuring a wide array of colours and these tend to be on the more neutral end of the spectrum. Can your partner’s personality or career affect our flower choices? So gender and budget can affect our choices when it comes to flower buying for loved ones, but what about personality and career? The study also uncovered the traits associated with the birth month flowers and correlated this with key traits from the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. The findings uncovered that indicators introversion, sensing, thinking and judging found in personality type ISTJ correlate with the traits of the birth flower Aster / Myosotis. A calm, reserved and formal character, they share the birth flower traits of patience, love and passion. People who have careers as doctors, civil engineers and property managers tend to have this personality type. This flower is a vivid and vibrant violet known as the royal colour which is signifies tradition, success and admiration. Those born in December have the birth month flower Poinsettia which carry traits that match with the ENTJ personality type. They are extroverts and natural thinkers who call on their intuition to judge a situation. A logical, driven and successful character, they share the birth flower traits of drive, success and extroversion, whilst those born in January have the birth month flower Carnation which share the INTP personality traits of curiosity, love and care. Many factors can attribute to our flower colour choices so when you’re next picking out a bouquet whether for yourself, a loved or a colleague why not try the new flower generator tool by Serenata Flowersto help you make the perfect match taking into account either the personality or career of the receiver. The post Do we choose particular flower colours for a reason? appeared first on Blog and The City.