DOMO table at home

We have been without a proper coffee table for most of the year. I had looked all over and found several that I liked but there was always something not quite right. The shape, size, color or material would be just off enough that I couldn't commit.
At long last though I found this one from DOMO, with its timeless geometric shape and broad top, thin thin silhouette and matte black finish. All my coffee table dreams had come true!
The kids like to pile it with their toys and water cups but at night when they're both in bed I can spread out my books and magazines or laptop on top. I am also one who appreciates the detail, a recessed top and seamless edges keeps it a perfect cube shape with no "extras" that don't need to be there.
They also make a thin framed console table and a trolley, among other designs in thoughtful neutrals like white and grey.