finding inspo in Berlin street art

Fashion is literally IN Fashion Mews, but we love to venture outside of the space for inspiration from time-to-time. It’s not everyday you’re spraying stencils in an abandoned Lichenberg district butter factory spinning disco house.

We were checking out Alternative Tours, a local artist group that wanted to show “respectful and open-minded people the raw and artistic side of [Berlin]. To support the places we love and which we felt needed our help before they were swallowed up and changed forever.”

Fashion Mews has a natural inclination towards street art for a few reasons. 1) It’s a genuine act of rebellion. 2) It’s art that gives to the public, free of charge.

Is graffiti art? We think it reflects what the youth and local artists are seeing and feeling. Hearing the stories of the causes behind some of these enormous (and quite hidden!) murals made us felt we saw a secret social code out in the open. The sheer rawness of the street expressions and neighborhoods traveled in was art voyeurism at its best.

For anyone looking for a half-day to explore the Berlin street art scene, we’d definitely recommend Alternative!

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