WEARING: Topshop Coat, Zara Knit, H&M Pants, Adidas Gazelle, Le Trop Bag Rachael Ruddick, THP Rings and Wylden Rings.I have slowly added white and off-white to my wardrobe, from crop tops to denim; but I had not yet committed to a coat. I was afraid of all the possibilities, of what could happen to a white coat on my outings. I have finally done it and it is FRESH, I've worn it once already here. I will probably have to make a few extra trips to the dry cleaner than usual but why not? This was an aesthetic decision not a practical one, sometimes it's ok to choose beauty over practicality, or even better - find a balance between the two.I am really excited to say that by next week or so I will be launching the new BASICS line on my website: Melissa Araujo! Think comfort and luxury (all made from bamboo jersey) for your everyday life. I really can't wait to share the photos with you all! I am proud of the work Carmin Edwards and I did together yet again. I always have these weird ideas and she is always up for the challenge, we definitely empower, support and test each others' abilities.Photography by Carmin Edwards.