Halo Silver Bangle

Renné Jewellery – Halo Silver Bangle* | Maison Standards – Oxford Shirt in White* | Levis – Vintage 501s

I’m somewhat obsessed with jewellery lately, I think it’s due to the fact that I like to wear fairly masculine clothes and I use jewellery as a way to balance that out. I’ve been wearing this Halo silver bangle from Renné Jewellery non-stop since it arrived, it’s so simple, quite minimalist (as usual) and a little bit rustic with the marks from where it’s been beaten flat.

Renné Jewellery is run my a mother-daughter duo in North Yorkshire, their minimalist pieces are heavily influenced by Scandinavian design and are intended to be worn by all ages. The Halo bangle was my favourite piece but I may have to buy a few others, like the matching Halo ring, another bangle I have my eye on, the Oolana bangle (perfect for stacking) and some great hoop earrings.

*sent to me to review and featured because I love it!

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