Healthier Lifestyle Choices : Your Tea

I have a soft spot for teas and especially when their ingredients are organic I just can’t say no. When I was little my mom would treat me with chamomile that is found in the mountains where she grew up. My parents would gather it then dry it in order for us to have fresh organic chamomile all year long. I firmly believe chamomile can soothe you and even today it is my preferred tea before I sleep during winter. 
Herbs and different teas can help our bodies in various ways and tip the scales towards a healthier lifestyle, least of all their benefits they will help with drinking more water during the day!
Today I am trying Tiny Tea, a special blend detox tea from Your Tea. I am reading that it is packed with herbs that are designed to nourish and cleanse the digestive system. While I don’t think any herb can alone change an unhealthy body to a radiant healthy one I do believe it is a step to the right direction to eat less processed food and drink more tea. So here’s to the start of a healthier lifestyle with lots of tea, exercise and a healthier everyday diet! 

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