how to stay zen in the city

Stay zen.

One thing Abel and I promised ourselves before our move back to NYC was to maintain our California chill even in NYC. If you already have been to NYC you’d know that this city can get intense at times.

With the city’s hustle bustle and constant need to keeping up with the Joneses, you may find yourself all overwhelmed and unsatisfied. Rihanna’s Work is our city soundtrack.

So here are some tips we’ve been practicing to keep ourselves centered in this concrete jungle.

  1. Reflecting is key. With social media taking over our lives, we find little time for ourselves to reflect on where we are in life. The constant struggle of keeping ourselves “busy” on our phone during downtime can get toxic. The best way to live a balanced life is to keep a clear mind.
  2. Take a walk. Walking is one of the best things you can do to your body and mind. Not only you’re getting a healthy amount of exercise, it also promotes creativity. Try to go for a walk at least 30 minutes a day without looking at your phone and you can thank us later!
  3. Journal. Keeping a journal is a healthy way to put your thoughts down and clear your mind. This one really goes hand in hand with #1, reflecting and journaling will help tremendously to not only look back on what you’ve accomplished but also move on.
  4. Work out. Working out is one of the best ways to be present. With a vigorous exercise, you have no option but to pay attention to now. Healthy body, healthy mind.
  5. Breathing exercises. Because meditation is really at its core breathing exercises. Pay attention to your breathing and take five minutes a day of your time to practice breathing exercises.
  6. Self awareness. One thing that helped me a lot is to pay attention to my body when I’m stressed. Are my shoulders tense? Am I pushing my tongue against the roof of my mouth? These are signs that my body is showing serious signs of stress and I know that I need to something to make sure it is back to its relaxed state. Because you really can’t get done much when your body is a fight or flight mode, can you?

Lastly, what’s more zen than to present this post with an all white look?

Thanks for reading xx

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