I See You 90’s

90’s have always been my favorite era (and when I say 90’s I’m also thinking about early 00’s), not just because I lived my childhood in it but also because it’s the time that I resonate with everything the most. The music (open one of my playlists and you’ll see where I got stuck), the minimalism, technology we grew up with… Everything I remember from 90’s and can’t remember but find out now is fascinating to me, everything but the sunglasses and the eyebrows.

I know you weren’t expecting me to bash 90’s sunglasses in the first paragraph of a post about 90’s sunglasses, but it’s true (I’ll get into the eyebrow point in a separate post, when thin line eyebrows become a thing again in a couple of years). I’m usually uncomfortable with any super trendy sunglasses trend, huge or small, and prefer wearing classic models year after year. That’s why it really irritated me at first when I started seeing super thin rectangles all over Instagram, to the point I felt worried for those eyes not getting enough coverage from the sun.

But I guess no one is immune to this perpetual motion we call fashion, so yes I bought an estimate of 5 pairs of 90’s sunglasses (4 vintage, 1 may or may not be Gucci…). The “let’s not spend a lot of money on trends” plan is off to a great start this season.

Balenciaga Fall 2017

image sources: dansk, vogue, daily mail, sita abellan instagram, unsourced pinterest photo