Bryan Maniotakis

Born in Canada with a greek heritage, Bryan is involved with design in various ways throughout his day. Whether it’s designing web and mobile apps with his studio mediumrare, talking about beautiful objects on minimalgoods, or posting daily objects for the home and office on Instagram, he tends to keep pretty active.

What does minimalism mean for you?
Minimalism for me isn’t living in a empty white room with few possessions, but rather being more aware of the objects you do decide to bring into your home and how you interact with them. At the end of the day, most of us need certain things, and I want them to last, and have a beautiful design at the same time.

What topics are you personally curious about?
Besides the obvious design answer, I find myself lately being curious about architecture, and vintage watches.

Where do you source the images you post on Instagram?
I follow a lot of designers and tend to keep my finger on the pulse when they release something new. Beyond that, I tend to focus a lot on the new projects coming out of Behance in the industrial design category, as well as some of the new product launches on Kickstarter.

What makes you decide on an item to review?
The majority of the objects on my site I’ve purchased myself, so I always want them to fit well inside of my home. I tend to go for simple, timeless objects, with a focus on a quality materials that will last.

Where and how do you work best?
Throughout the day I’m doing design work for my web and mobile clients, so I tend to spend most of the time on minimalgoods at night from 11pm-2am. I’m a bit of a night owl, and I find it peaceful late at night.

What do you shoot with?
My photography setup couldn’t be more simple. I’ve got 2 white plasterboards that I set up in my apartment and only use natural light. I shoot with a Fuji X100s, and so some basic edits in Lightroom.

What would people be surprised about you?
That I’m not actually an industrial designer. I get quite a few DMs on Instagram from people asking to critique their product design, but I can only really offer critique as a consumer.

What tools do you find indispensable?
Since I run on limited time at night, I tend to queue up about 30 Instagram posts at the start of each month with This allows me to do the brunt of the work up front, then just post them to Instagram when a notification comes up on my phone. It saves me so much time.

Beyond that, I’ve recently fallen in love with Things 3, which allows me to manage my tasks for the rest of the site in a simple, organized way.

What is still your biggest challenge?
Finding those 30 products to post every day can sometimes require a ton of digging around. Thankfully the amount of amazing designers is growing every day.

What’s next for you?
I’ve just added a shop, which allows me to start to curate some of my favorite objects on a weekly basis. Beyond that, I’d like to focus more and more on reviews, building my photography style, and bringing in more insight and early sketches from the designers into the review to give more context to the process.

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