Iona Brown

We got hooked on the minimal jewellery brand Iona Brown a while ago. The designs are simple, but quite unexpected. That is exactly what caught our eyes, and what makes the designs really interested. We had a word about this with Iona Brown, the designer of her own brand.

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How would you describe your brand’s appearance?
The idea behind the brand appearance is to celebrate beautiful design that focuses on form and quality, the surprising pleasure that comes from the unexpected details that use the design process to create subtle and tactile features. This comes from the influence of the design, art and architecture industry as a whole, taking a similar approach to an architect but using it to create jewellery. For me it’s about the way you approach the process and design perspective that adds a whole new approach. This is key for both designing and also building the aesthetic of the brand.

Your designs are really simplistic but always reveal an unexpected detail. What inspires you to add these features?
The designs are simple, incorporating clean lines, using contrasting shapes that create unexpected details, almost hidden, to surprise the wearer. Details that are revealed, and sometimes noticed only after the initial impression.
I love the idea of simple, clean lines merging and also exploring how to join parts beautifully, in ways that are not so obvious. Focusing sometimes on just tiny contrasts between rounded shapes and perfect angles that fit into one another perfectly. I want to create pieces where your eye will sometimes be drawn into the details, but not every time because they are so subtle. I am interested in ideas of merging that simplicity of form using metal but I also want to introduce other materials that have diverse and varied properties.

What does minimalism mean to you?
It means designing something that shouts quality by using pared-down design elements, where the structure and line of the object is striking and often not anticipated. For me this means that pieces can be layered and worn together in interesting combinations that will never look fussy, never look cluttered or as if it is too much. Minimalism also focuses on the connection between two perfect planes and void spaces, using light to interact with an object or surface to emphasize detail or give it a different perspective. It also highlights the purity of the design process making us value the detail and an approach that has been scrutinized.

When designing new pieces/collections do you have specific type of women in your thoughts?
I want my pieces to be available to powerful, modern women and men. The fact that the detail can be valued regardless of gender is interesting when designing. I look up to certain women and men in the design industry because of their approach and vision. I want to encourage the fact that a variety of people can get pleasure from the timeless quality and the detail, that the shape and the feel makes them want to wear these pieces specifically because of their design.
For me it’s important that the pieces become an investment, a key piece in the person’s collection, becoming part of their style and bringing out their personality.

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There are a lot of different jewellery brands out there. What is the difference between IONA BROWN and the other brands?
The brand communicates a strong and classic identity in the message it sends out, achieved by a commitment to purity of design with an emphasis on the quality of the materials. There is a rigorous attention to detail obvious in the pieces. This belief in simple design that contrasts form and stands out powerfully will ensure the pieces are recognisable. I want the brand to have longevity and staying true to these design concepts will be vital.

Check out Iona Brown’s collection here.