Melissa Araujo

We are keeping a close eye on minimal blogger and designer  Melissa Araujo lately. As a true minimal art lover – she expresses herself in her own brand – named after herself.  She displays an ability to combine structure and fluidity; and a linear quality that is clean and minimal which illustrates her vision and imagination. We had a chat with her about the new collection and her love for minimalism.


Did you study fashion (design) or are you a self-teaching designer and brand developer?
I went to university for a Commerce Degree in Marketing, but once I was finished I started having second thoughts about my choices as it wasn’t as creative as I thought it would be. That’s when I decided to take a chance and attended Fashion Design School. Business and Fashion go hand in hand and I feel my vision for my brand is stronger because of it.


A cliche but relevant question. What inspires you mostly? How do you put it into your work?
What inspires me the most is architecture and geometric shapes. I love the structures, the angles, the thought and detail that goes in to creating a building. That translates in to my clothing by adding geometric shapes into them, using linear lines and beautiful curves. I think of the human body as an outlet, I imagine my pieces are also a part of the structured architecture surrounding us.
Is your current collection based on a certain philosophy? 
My current collection is called Linear and it is based on the same philosophy that I have for all my clothes. The Melissa Araujo brand incorporates a minimalist and modern approach with a muted palled in the designs. They are season-less, versatile and functional. MA does not follow trends and believes in individuality, keeping in mind both sleekness and comfort.

Melissa wearing pieces of her new collection ‘Linear’
How would you describe your brand’s appearance? 
I think my brand appearance is minimal, modern and timeless. I hope the person who shops for MA items is looking for something unique and wants to be different than the girl next door. She also understands her style and can see my pieces easily incorporated in her existing wardrobe.


What does minimalism mean for you?
Minimalism to me is a way of life. It is in any design or setting that the intentional display of things or designs we value, and the removal of anything that distracts us. Minimal design is uncomplicated to the eye, strong and fresh. Minimalism is trying to achieve simplicity but not mediocrity.


Besides having a minimalistic personal style, do you also have a minimalistic lifestyle?
Yes I have a minimal lifestyle. What you see in my designs, clothes also translates in my interior, and life. “Less is more” has always been something I have lived by. I don’t like over design, I enjoy seeing things for what they are, to let each piece surrounding me speak to its purpose. I love monochrome styles in my outfits as well, my interior also reflects muted pallets.

Melissa often wears her own designs on her blog 


Thanks for your inspirational words Melissa! Be sure to check out her website and blog – and follow her on instagram @melissa.araujo.