Sara Medina Lind

The mixed Canarian Spanish and Swedish descent, Sara Medina Lind, does a range of different things for her living. From being a art director to webdesigning. Her utterly gorgeous all white interior had caught our eyes, and we got the chance to ask her some questions about her love for light and whites.
What does minimalism mean for you?

For me, minimalism is about focusing on the details and to get rid of the unnecessary. Minimalism creates clearness and calmness.


How does minimalism influence you as a art director and photographer?

You can clearly see that I’m influenced by minimalism in most of my work. I want my work to be as clear as possible to my clients viewers. As an photographer it’s important to focus on the right things, it will quickly get messy if you don’t. As an Art Director I want to bring the trademark ahead and (most of the time) I think that minimalistic layout and design really helps doing that.

Do you have the typical Scandinavian style in interior and fashion?

Yes, I would say so. I’m very influenced by the Scandinavian style both in interior and fashion. I think that most Scandinavian design is timeless and classic but at the same time modern. To create a timeless design that is contemporary really inspires me.


How would you describe the style of your own home? How does this influence the feeling of coming home?

I would describe our home as Scandinavian and minimalistic. It’s a mixture of timeless and modern design. We have a light base with the floor, walls and the ceilings all painted white together with some mixed materials to make the home feel soft and cozy. The light base creates a feeling of more space and helps during winter when the daylight only last for a few hours in a dark Stockholm.

The style is aimed to make our home calm and cozy when coming home. Most people would maybe describe a our home as a bit cold och bare. But to me it’s the opposite. I love it.

Are you as simple-minded as your minimalistic style would suggest?

I think minimalism is not about being simple-minded. I actually think it’s harder to subtract than to add, especially in terms of your home. For me minimalism is reducing as much as possible, focusing on a few details and by doing so you bring clearness and calmness. I try to be as minimalistic as possible in all aspects of life but I have to confess I might buy a dress more than I need occasionally.


How important is light for you?

Light is everything to me – both in work and free time. I never use flashes when I shoot, therefore I need natural light. And I love waking up to a bright home, it gives me energy. Sweden is a dark country which I guess is one of the many reasons to why I want to have a white and bright home.

Thanks Sara, for your interesting words on minimalism!

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