It All Began At Bedarra

Please excuse me if it seems as though I’m not paying attention, and just a warning that if you speak with me it may seem as though I’m a world away or even thinking of something else. The truth is my body may be back in reality, but my mind is lying on a sunny day bed, sipping cocktails on an island at the Great Barrier Reef.
Ladies and gents, welcome to Bedarra Island, a home away from home if I’ve ever seen one and if you ask me, the true definition of paradise.
When my team and I recently had the opportunity to visit, we were on offical business shooting our Nobody Denim ‘Holiday Blues’ campaign, but it certainly didn’t feel like work shooting on white sandy beaches with the ocean lapping at your feet.  Working hard and then hardly working after wrap time, I mean, we were in paradise after all. As soon as we arrived discussions began amongst the crew on the best places to hide so that there would be no returning to the real world.
There are so many things that make this place special; the crystal clear waters, the focus on sustainability, world class villas (complete with plunge pools, of course) and the most delicious food that you can ever imagine.  But it’s the little things and attention to detail that really take your breath away – How the staff treat you like you family from the moment you arrive, how everyone knows your name and your favourite treats, how you can you can sit on your balcony and feel like you’re truly a world away.
We loved every minute of our time on Bedarra… as you might be able to tell by this photo diary of a girl literally skipping down the beach with joy, and the basking-in-the-sunshine theme of our Nobody Denim shoot. Thank you to the incredible Bedarra Island team for hosting us, we haven’t stopped talking about you since we left.  And in case you’re wondering we’re still looking for my photographic assistant, word is she hid upon departure and that she’s somewhere under a palm tree working on her tan..
A very special thank you to Sam & Kerri-Ann for not only hosting us, but for treating us like family from the moment we arrived. We miss you and can’t wait to come back soon .. x

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