La Femme Française


Bonjour mes amours and as Caroline de Magritte so politely put it in the book ‘How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are’ .. ”It’s the personality of a woman that should sparkle and nothing else, that’s the true sign of personal wealth”.
When we sit and wonder what it is about the French woman that we love so much this quote sums it up for us in one punch, and I guess ‘she eats four cheese pizza for dinner but insists on fruit salad for breakfast’.. also might resonate.. speaking from personal experience, not really.
To be French, does not mean to the rest of us living outside of Paris that one must reside in the place, it truly means we just want a teeny tiny bit of that French appeal.  We want to feel as though we can convert our crowded 2 bedroom flat into an intimate Parisian apartment, we want to order croissants for breakfast even if they are a little dry and we want to dress as though we are not putting in too much effort even if it means taking 3 attempts at an outfit before walking out the door.

Therefore today’s Journal editorial may have been photographed in Paris, but it was moi this happy little vegemite who photographed the pictures, and Aussie expat super babe Ash Walker nonchalantly doing her best interpretation of Parisian girl and who could forget my lovely friend Penny Antuar working her magic in the makeup department.

Unashamedly we celebrate our own personal ideas of what we think it is like to be Parisian, creatively produced by a team from the land down under and featuring mostly Australian designers, although a little bit of Celine never goes astray … we hope that you enjoy.

A special thank you to Ellery for look 1
A special thank you to Strateas Carlucci for look 2
A special thank you to Celine for look 3 
And a special thank you for Holly Ryan for the jewellery

model: Ash Walker  .  photography: Amanda Shadforth  .  hair & make up: Penny Antuar   .

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