Louis Vuitton Spring 19

Nicolas Ghesquière is one of our favourite sartorial story tellers.  This Spring 2019 collection saw Mr Ghesquière take us on a deep voyage to the outer world of futuristic discovery.  Zipping in and out of realities that bridged between worlds based on fantasy and the reality, the designer and his team did not disappoint.

Silhouettes with oversized astronaut like shoulders and technical fabrications were meshed together with 80’s style prints, creating a feast of visual forms.  Shoes and bags also reflected elements of the old and the super new to come together in the perfect paradox representative of this new dimension.
We loved the textures and clashing prints, and cannot wait to get our hands on the orbital evening bags, zip up booties and space odyssey vibe mini dresses.  Thank you once again Nicolas Ghesquière and Louis Vuitton for taking us to another planet.. beam me up Scotty, we’re ready for landing..

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