mewly check in #15: finding authenticity

We’re back to NYC, but I still many many photos to post from Berlin, stay tuned! I feel like, every time we travel, my mind gets blown away over and over again. I need to dedicate a separate post on my thoughts on Berlin. In the meantime, we’re way over due for a mewly check in.

the agenda

I guess my agenda this week, and every week really is finding my unique voice and style. Authenticity is so rare to find in saturated market like blogging scene, where lots of people are trying to make something out of nothing.

So note to self: don’t get lost in someone else’s path.

Trust that it will pay off dividends at the end.

Oh and we’re headed to Vegas for a fun project, so stay tuned for lots of updates soon!

what we are watching

Game of Thrones, for obvious reasons – winter finally came, and no more spoilers on our end. And we finally started watching the new Twin Peaks series, and it’s more abstract than ever. It’s like LOST and X-Files had a baby. Worth it.

the outfit

Where can I begin with this outfit? I feel like this is as “Melis” as it gets. Mini skirts to survive summer? Check. White oversized shirt turned into a duster coat? Check. White sneakers? Check check check. I call this one athleisure meets luxe meets edgy meets Kreuzberg.

Until next time! x






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