mewly check-in #16: the hybrid life

Since we last spoke, we’ve been across to country for some amazing projects in Las Vegas and San Francisco, and many many photos have been waiting for me edit. Is it possible for them to edit themselves? There’s a joke in here somewhere.

the agenda

Can you believe it’s almost fashion week season? I’m still in denial that summer is almost over, and NYC winter is around to corner to taunt my Mediterranean skin. I may not be ready for colder weather, but I sure am so excited to start layering again. Tank tops and shorts are cool and all, but there’s so much more creativity in putting together more complex looks.

Those of you have been following our investing journey, we got some new updates. We flew out to SF to meet some new potential companies, and we’re in the midst of finalizing our potential investments for Ramen Ventures this season. There were so many amazing companies within Y-Combinator batch this season, and we left so inspired and motivated.

what we are watching

Summer time has been so kind to us with so many amazing shows… HINT: WINTER FINALLY CAME. We also have been loving the new season of Suits and recently started watching Ozark. You had me at when they started playing one of my favorite Radiohead songs.

Oh also, listening to Kodal Yellow on repeat.

the outfit

I had the most fun photo walking around Berlin with Svante, who is a local Berlin photographer. It felt to bring out my androgynous yet playful feminine side, just like the beautiful Berlin. Every time I visit this city, I feel like a part of me changes for the better.

I promise to keep you guys updated more frequently. Until next time! x





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