mewly check in #6: this one’s optimistic

As I’m writing this to you, Ramen is trying to play with my computer cables, you see how hard it is to get work around here?

April started off with a major planet retrograde fest according to Susan Miller, yes astrology nerd speaking here. While the energy of NYC has been a little off lately, I remain optimistic. The biggest takeaway has always been it always gets better. Because what you seek is seeking you.

Planets aside one of my favorite projects from this month is launching this week, so stay tuned for that.

this week’s agenda

I’m going to be honest, this week is full survival mode as there’s a lot going on so bear with me as I keep this mewly update short and sweet.

One of my main focuses this year has been bringing content to you on a more regular basis (thanks for all your wonderful feedback), we’re doing everything we can do make sure nothing gets delayed. I’m also excited to share more spring looks with you as the temperates in NYC are finally rising.

what we are watching

This week was all about binge watching The Get Down. A Netflix series based on the late 70s, is all about the birth of hip hop, end of disco era, and the gritty lifestyle of the Bronx. The 70s of NYC is such a special time in history which I find very fascinating, and The Get Down didn’t disappoint. Plus Jaden Smith is in it!

We also had a chance to catch the second to last episode of Girls – can’t believe it’s finally ending. But, it’s probably a good thing.

the outfit

With the temperates rising, I’m opting out to lighter, warmer hues with black. Blush has become a closet staple for me since this winter, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. As I look over to my closet even now, I see lots of neutrals and blush (with black of course). Time for a new closet edit, maybe?

Photograph by Gabriel Brandt
 i’m wearing
sheer blush dress

Aritzia skirt (similar here)
leather jacket (similar here)
OTK boots
vintage Chanel bag

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